A wedding is undoubtedly the most important event in any person’s life. The bride and groom aspire to look fabulous on their special occasion. Everything about the couple is keenly observed, including looks, pace, smile, and most importantly, their attire. 

Wedding dress is the biggest headache for any couple, and they make tireless efforts to select handpicked clothing apparel for their big day. The trends of wedding dresses are dynamic as designers keep on introducing new styles and designs. 

These styles are pretty expansive to adopt or follow. Still, certain wholesale wedding clothing vendors and suppliers worldwide aim to bring exclusive wedding dresses at the most affordable price range.

They justify their prices as they own a specialized team of expert designers, skilled seamstresses, tailor masters, and quality control. The unit uses superior quality fabric and high-end embellishments with detailed finishing to provide the couple with a flawless guise for their special day.

They supply directly to buyers without the interference of the middleman who otherwise would cost them so high leading to the markup prices of wedding dresses. 

This article provides the list of the top 5 wholesale wedding dresses vendors and suppliers who supply stylish dresses for choice in the latest trends with Customization, labeling, and outsourcing services.

If you looking get custom designs made in bulk. Finding well-reputed dress manufacturers who provide high-quality products at reasonable prices in the USA can be a hassle for someone new in the fashion industry. To help you in the sourcing process we have compiled a list of the top clothing manufacturers for startups who not only provide quality products but also provide consultation services. Check out our article, Top Clothing Manufacturers for Startups right now!

List of Wholesale Wedding Dress Suppliers and Vendors

  • Monroe bridal
  • Brydealo
  • Elena Morar
  • Marybride
  • TBDress


1. Monroe bridal:

Monroe bridal is an Irish company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company took its inspiration from the romantic golden era of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monro from Hollywood. It aims at providing stylish, elegant, and beautiful bridal wear in the most accessible price range.

The dresses are made with the finest material that can be clearly seen through their bridal gowns. The entire collection integrates Swarovski crystals with hand-made finishing on the premium quality fabric with full customization services. 

Monroe bridal proudly claims that their wedding garments and dresses are produced in the same factories where high-end brands in the world get their apparel stitched from. They don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising. Instead, they use the revenue to deliver the highest quality at the lowest prices.  

All the pictures on the site are from the USA Bridal store fully stocked by the Monroe Bridal factory and supplied at super wholesale prices under the brand’s name. The quality control team never fails to assess any production stage that ensures the accomplishment of exceptional standards of the production facility.


  • Bridal gowns
  • Wedding dresses
  • Headbands 
  • Belts and accessories 


  • Bridal style and fabric guide
  • Dress size and color guide
  • Wedding services directory
  • Personalized customer service


Herbert place Dublin 2 Ireland

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2. Brydealo:

Brydeaoo started as a group of custom dress studios in 2010 on a small scale. With continuous hard work and dedication, they continued to flourish and expand from a small store to a sizeable emerging factory of wholesale suppliers and vendors of wedding dresses.

Brydealo broke new ground in the China clothing industry by the end of 2010 with their ever-expanding team of skilled tailor masters and expert designers. They are a specialized trendsetter in wedding & formal dress customization in the Euro-American market.

Several small boutique owners, early-stage entrepreneurs, and independent designers work in partnership with Brydealo to support their designs and create their product line using a variety of fabrics like tulle, chiffon, satin, crepe, lace, and many others. 

Brydealo offers samples in bulk to its versatile customers, and if they fail to handle the massive stock or pile up the inventory with outdated items, Brydealo discontinues business deals with them. 

They want fair discounts with fair prices and profits for everyone. Brydealo offers you high-quality formal dresses in the most sophisticated designs on the finest material within your budget. 


  • Wedding dresses
  • Flower girl dresses
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Formal dresses
  • Prom dresses


  • Customization, labeling, and outsourcing services
  • Shipping services 
  • Return policy 

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Lili Bridals has the best selection of wedding dresses in Los Angeles, California


3. Elena Morar:

Elena Morar has been one of the leading wholesale wedding and formal dresses manufacturer and suppliers in Ukraine for many years. All their prototypes comprise unique and trendy designs with excellent quality.

Elana Morar keeps hunting for innovative ideas, advanced technologies, and stylish trends. They are making efforts to connect with new partners, offering them the most comprehensive collection of top-quality wedding dresses at affordable prices. 

They never fail to grab the latest trend hitting the market and instantly updates their stock to amuse the customers. The company produces not only wedding dresses, but you can also find evening dresses, children’s collections, and accessories.

While talking about fashions and styles, Elena Morar creates a diverse product range comprising the most extensive collection in styles such as curvy designs like a mermaid and fish-like fitting, short flowing, or aircraft A-line dresses.

Elena Morar works with universal customers and offers fast shipping services anywhere in the world. The entire production process, right from paint skating drawings to end-product, depicts their impeccable craftsmanship, perfect performance, quality, and, most importantly, accessibility for all.


  • wedding dresses
  • evening dresses
  • children dresses
  • bridal accessories 


  • Custom products
  • Shipping services

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4. Marybride:

Marybride is located in Chernivtsi and has been successfully manufacturing and supplying wholesale wedding dresses and jewelry for ten years to the markets of Europe, Russia, and other regions around the globe.

Marybride is rightfully considered an expert in the fashion industry on behalf of trendy models, exclusive designs, and the highest quality. The company produces elegant, bold, and stylish sewn wedding outfits according to the sketches made by expert designers. 

Marybride keeps an account of the latest trends and accommodates them into their production line. The company believes that brides should look confident and feel comfortable in their wedding attire. 

They use expensive decorative elements on the finest material in their entire collection to serve the customers with original and trendy apparel with luxurious finishes.


  • Wedding dresses
  • Evening dresses
  • Formal dresses and veils
  • Wedding fur coats


  • Shipping services
  • Multiple payment methods

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5. TBDress:

TBDress is a wholesale supplier and vendor of wedding dresses situated in the USA. It supplies more than a 10million product listings from their factory to their far-reaching customers in countries, including Europe, Australia, the US, and Asia. 

Global buyers can purchase a vast range of wedding dresses at wholesale prices. The company also offers special discounts and VIP services if their order value exceeds US$ 2000. 

The discounts sound great for newly established brand owners as the greater their order, the greater will be their profit margin. TBdress also provides a detailed men’s collection and plus-size clothing added with a size guide and student discounts along with delivery services.  


  • Wedding dresses
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Christian gowns
  • Ball gowns
  • Quinceanera dresses 


  • Shipping services
  • Return and refund policy

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