A fashion accessory or a simple jewelry item is a must-have to pair with any outfit.

It not only elevates your whole look but also gives you that extra edge of style.

Nowadays, jewelry items are not only popular amongst women but men as well, whether it is just a necklace or a lightweight ring.

This also makes jewelry pieces a great selling item as long as it is stylish and of good quality.

However, as a retailer, sourcing good pieces in bulk is not always an easy task and requires you to possess adequate knowledge related to the jewelry market.

Even after searching for affordable rates everywhere, you may not find the designs and the intricacy you’re looking for.

To aid this issue, we have compiled this list of wholesale jewelry suppliers which are known to supply the best jewelry in town.

1. Mica Jewelry and Beads

Mica Jewelry and Beads promises to provide a unique shopping experience by integrating jewelry with fun events.

They specialize in Swarovski crystal beads and flatbacks, semi-precious gemstones, and Miyuki seed beads.

The brand is all about creativity and freedom in the jewelry-making process.

Therefore, you will find some fantastic rare pieces at competitive prices for sale at Mica Jewelry.

They are also known for their exceptional customer service and team bonding.

Check out their website: Mica Jewelry & Beads.

2. We Silver Jewels

Are you looking for some lightweight, elegant, and stylish jewelry? We Silver Jewels await your arrival!

The store is popular for its stunning silver jewelry, including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and studs.

They take special care in keeping up with the new trends so you can trust them to always have the latest pieces.

The material used in the manufacturing process ranges from Swarovski and sterling silver to surgical stainless steel and pearls.

Though the company is located in the USA, the products are manufactured in Thailand and delivered with maximum safety protocols.

Check out their website: WE Silver Jewels: Wholesale Jewelry | 925 Silver Jewelry Supplier

3. Jane Envy

Jane Envy is everything a wholesaler or distributor could ask for!

With its ever-expanding inventory, the brand goes a long way in taking care of all your fashion jewelry needs.

The company hosts some of the best jewelry brands, such as Canvas, Halo, Camille, Envious, and Amelie.

Their in-house design team is largely responsible for the company’s success in the market, and they also collaborate with top jewelry trend forecasters.

They promise to bring you the latest trends as well as religious, inspirational, novelty, and game day jewelry.

They deliver the products all over America and Canada at great price points.

Check out their website: Jane Envy.

4. Yong’s Trading Wholesale

Yong’s Trading is a family-owned, exclusively wholesale company that only deals with businesses.

They possess a large variety of licensed merchandise, including fashion accessories, clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and bags.

You can find some rhinestone bracelets and charms that are popular among young girls at Yong’s Trading.

They provide a very low minimum purchase amount of just $50.00, which greatly works in their favor of attracting more customers.

In addition to impeccable fashion items, you can also purchase sports fan accessories or self-defense items.

While quality and affordability are a given at Yong’s Trading, they also ensure that your shopping experience is convenient and smooth sailing.

Check out their website: Yong’s Trading Wholesale.

5. Sam Moon

Founded in 1984, Sam Moon continues to be famous for its wholesale pricing of quality stuff.

In fact, their pricing strategy gave the company its competitive edge!

Today, it stands as a leading women’s accessory and handbag superstore and a go-to for all the retailers in San Antonio.

The company prides itself on its artistic jewelry, which includes metal fringe earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings.

Their new collection of Resin Ring Sets is remarkable!

You can also buy hats, belts, scarves, key rings, and charms.

If you are a wholesale buyer, you might want to visit their store as their wholesale transactions are limited to in-store only.

Check out their website: Sam Moon: Jewelry, Accessories & Apparel

6. Diamonds Direct

Diamonds Direct is all about the glitz and glamor of diamonds.

For 60 years, they have aimed to reconceptualize the diamond shopping experience for their customers.

They specialize in premium engagement rings but also deal in fine jewelry for men and women alike.

Some incredible gemstone and pearl jewelry pieces are also part of their large collection.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as free delivery on all their products.

Check out their website: Diamonds Direct – Engagement Rings, Jewelry, and More.

7. Old Mine Jewelers

Old Mine Jewelers is a family-owned and operated business located in San Pedro Ave, San Antonio.

They specialize in designing everything from classic traditional to modern exquisite jewelry pieces.

The company utilizes the waxing method to create beautiful and unique designs. They also offer custom design services.

All their work is completed in-house, using traditional state-of-the-technology.

At Old Mine Jewelers, you are guaranteed to receive exceptional quality products at extremely affordable rates.

Check out their website: Old Mine Jewelers.



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