Jewelry is one of the incredible factions of accessories that nobody gets tired of, and hence they never go out of demand.

In recent years, the popularity of statement necklaces has skyrocketed.

This has led to an increasing demand for wholesale necklace chains.

One of the significant reasons why wholesale markets prefer to keep jewelry in their inventory is the customer need.

Most of these companies offer discount rates on bulk orders so that you can save some bucks on extensive orders.

Retailers can find a wide variety of chains to meet this demand at various online suppliers.

The quality and price of these chains vary, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

To help you out with this tiresome process, we have written this guide to discuss some of the wholesale companies selling necklace chains at cheap rates in bulk quantities.


Despite the trend of bulky, expressionist necklaces gaining popularity these days, simple chain necklaces never go out of demand.

Many retailers look for wholesale vendors from where they can get their desired necklaces in bulk. Halstead is one of these options.

Halstead specializes in silver necklace chains that can be customized in terms of length, shape, and style.

You can select in ranges from 14-inch choker lengths to 30-inch opera lengths.

Apart from silver chains, you can also find 14 karat gold, gold-filled, copper, and base metals in terms of material.

These easy-to-wear accessories come in hand in all sizes and shapes and never go out of style.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Jewelry Supply

Jewelry Supply is your one-stop solution for bulk chains by utilizing the customization options.

You can create your own necklaces and bracelets by putting together a variety of link materials, styles, and sizes.

Among the kinds of materials that they supply, Jewelry Supply has sterling silver, stainless steel, and gold plated chains.

By spending graciously on an ample amount of bulk chains, you will be able to save significantly. Their tiered prices are an asset to the art of jewelry making in modern times.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Sarraf Jewelry

For 50 years, Sarraf Jewelry has been in the business of selling jewelry in bulk, including necklace chains.

Their online store contains the best selection of high-quality materials, including sterling silver chains, platinum, and gold.

The business that was founded in 1986, has always been passionate about making jewelry accessible to everybody and making the rates affordable.

Their customer service is impeccable, and the website allows you to surf authentic customer reviews.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Sonora Jewelry

With a business experience of 35 years, Sonara Jewelry is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality jewelry that can be sold in bulk and at wholesale prices.

The store is located in the most popular city in the USA, Los Angeles. Here you will find on display one of the largest collections of wholesale jewelry.

They are low-cost leaders who are designed to use their competitive pricing strategy in order to make jewelry affordable for everybody.

Their endless new trends are exciting for any jewelry buff.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Design Jewelers

Based in San Francisco, Design Jewelers is a family-owned business with extensive experience of about 40 years in selling the finest jewelry in the state.

Their aim is to make your special moments come alive with ideal gifts such as a beautiful necklace chain on a birthday, engagement, or the birth of your baby.

All of these unique pieces fit for happy occasions are reserved to be sold at wholesale prices owing to the policy of the company.

We guarantee that your beloved will be swept away with the exquisite beauty of jewelry at Design Jewelers.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Element Body Jewelry

Element Body Jewelry believes in keeping your individualism intact.

If you want to accessorize in a way that screams “you” and that makes you feel set apart from others, shopping here will solve all your troubles.

Its aim is to deliver custom jewelry at the fastest rates at wholesale prices. Expert designs at Element Body Jewelry help you bring your dreams come true.

Not only will this jewelry come cheap, but it will also allow you to express who you are and what you like in the most sophisticated way possible.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Chain Gallery

There is no store more singularly dedicated to creating simple necklace chains than Chain Gallery.

They are a leading supplier of quality base metal jewelry chain and jewelry-making supplies that helps out both the customers and the jewelry industry.

They have a wide variety of materials, including antique brass, copper, silver, black, gold, gunmetal, rosary, rhodium, stainless steel, and so on.

Not only does the store come with variety, but they also offer a generous discount on bulk necklace chains that helps retailers save a ton.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry

Based in Rhode Island, Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry is a famous, leading distributor of wholesale jewelry in the USA.

Their aim is to bring the most recent and exciting trends to the market in order to let people enjoy the essence of the fashion industry.

They also offer a volume orders discount, which means if you get a bulk of their jewelry, you will be able to save up handsomely.

Their specialty involves jewelry made with Swarovski Austrian Crystal so keep an eye out for these products.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:

Wona Trading

Wona Trading Inc. is a fast-growing wholesale jewelry store that was founded in 2004.

The company aims to create a platform from which it can sell high-quality necklace chains, among other pieces of jewelry, at competitive prices.

Their professional mission is centered around providing the best customer service and an ideal shopping experience.

Check out their website to see more of their products and services:



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