Fabric quality is significant since it contributes to a pleasurable experience when wearing an outfit.

The use of high-quality fabric ensures that the cloth is long-lasting and easy to care for. Even after washing, the fabric is still in good condition and the clothing are of good quality.

List of Wholesale Fabric Dallas Vendors And Suppliers:

  • eFavorMart
  • Fabrictopia
  • Cutting Corners
  • Uptown Fabrics
  • Ultrafabrics

1. eFavorMart

At efavormart, they follow the “golden rule,” which states that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. It is crucial to them that everyone is treated with respect, from customers to manufacturers to their team members.

This concept explains why they’re so focused on giving the best customer service you’ve ever had. Their courteous, knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you in making the most of any special occasion. They hope you will give them a chance so you can see firsthand how eFavormart handles customer service.

When you choose to put your faith in them, you will join the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who rely on them to realize their dreams.

They can confidently state that they’re here to stay, with fulfillment centers on both the west and east coasts, almost 20 years of history serving their consumers, and some of the top ratings of any online retailer.

Contact Info:

Email: sales@efavormart.com

Website: https://www.efavormart.com/

2. Fabrictopia

Wherehouse Fabrics has been one of the best discount and wholesale fabric retailers in the DFW area since it was founded in 1991 by Mike Cohen.

Rick Cohen, his son, bought one of the stores in 2014 and renamed it Fabrictopia. Since then, he has extended the company to include offices in Houston and San Antonio.

Fabrictopia’s one-of-a-kind selection of inexpensive fabrics and accessories is popular among crafters, sewers, dressmakers, and apparel designers, as well as event planners and interior designers and the vehicle upholstery sector.

Contact Info:

Email: info@fabrictopiatexas.com

Website: https://fabrictopiatexas.com/

3. Cutting Corners

Dallas’ Cutting Corners Inc. is a one-stop shop for decorative fabric outlets. This family-owned business, which was founded in 1976, continues to deliver quality products, exceptional rates, and excellent customer service to interior decorators, fashion designers, and ardent do-it-yourselfers.

Contact Info:

Address: 13720 Midway Road #200, Dallas, TX 75244-4345

Tel: 972-233-4503

Fax: 972-980-7838

Email: cuttingcorners.dfw@gmail.com

Website: https://www.fabricresource.com/locations/

4. Uptown Fabrics

They are a tiny, family-owned fabric store that provides a boutique experience with exquisite fabrics, trim, and pillows for all of your home design needs. They also offer re-upholstery services and produce personalized pillows, cushions, and drapes.

Huong Vo, the proprietor of the company, has 30 years of experience in custom window treatments and textiles and is a master at customizing to match the needs of her customers.

Various fabrics and trim are on display in their fabric store and workroom, as well as custom-made home décor designed by Huong and their crew.

Contact Info:

Address: 1230 North Riverfront Boulevard, Dallas, Texas 75207, United States

TEL: (214) 964-0005

Website: http://customfabric.net/

5. Ultrafabrics

They know that no experience compares to seeing their fabrics in action, no matter how much pleasure they have developing them. From a chair’s elegant design to a gearshift’s beautiful wrap. Their exhibition proudly displays some of the greatest Ultrafabrics in action.

Their goal is to be the first to develop socially conscious materials that provide unrivaled comfort and performance. As a result, Ultrafabrics never compromises on quality and never stops innovating.

In each fabric, they are dedicated to providing optimum comfort, long-lasting durability, and greater sustainability.

They are delighted to announce their relationship with Lenzing AG, an industry pioneer in the manufacture of sustainable wood-based fibers and the originator of TENCEL Modal fibers, as they continue their drive to use more renewable and recycled materials.

The TENCEL Modal backcloth, in addition to its botanic origins, allows their items to maintain their soft and natural drape, promote body temperature regulation, and contribute to their industry-leading, long-lasting softness.

Ultrafabrics is committed to sustainability in all parts of its operations. By 2030, they want to have 50 percent of their product portfolio composed of quickly renewable and/or recycled materials across 11 markets.

It’s a big aim, but it’ll help them achieve their wider goal of designing materials for the future in a more circular way.

Lenzing AG strengthens its ethical integrity through transparency, which is in line with Ultrafabrics’ approach to all of its partners.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.ultrafabricsinc.com/


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