Ever wondered how it feels like to be flooded with wholesale clothing websites? If you haven’t, let us tell you that it’s the closest to the heaven you’ll ever get on earth.

To give you a sense of how heavenly it feels, check out our List of Wholesale Clothing Websites. Also, check out my article on wholesale clothing websites in China.


1.      Fashion Go

FashionGo is the world’s leading B2B fashion wholesale e-commerce site, bringing together the fashion industry to purchase and sell the newest fashion trends in one place.

FashionGo has been the top global network for consumers and sellers to uncover new opportunities since its inception in 2002. FashionGo empowers the industry to shop smarter, sell more, and expand faster by providing powerful tools, insightful data, and best-in-class service.

The options are infinite on FashionGo, which now has over 1,400 sellers and over 740,000 shoppers.

Website link: https://www.fashiongo.net/

2.      Style Pick

Stylepick is an online wholesale fashion marketplace that aims to inspire manufacturers and the greatest wholesale women’s apparel suppliers by combining trendy styles with an easy-to-use web interface.

It serves as a virtual fashion district for all sellers and stores across the world. Stylepick, based in Los Angeles, provides unique wholesale surroundings as well as a diverse selection of the latest and most popular wholesale women’s clothes from brands such as J.nna, Blue B, Day & Night, Hers & Mine, Davi & Dani, Spotlite, and others.

Website Link: https://stylepick.net

3.      LA Showroom

The premier online wholesale fashion clothing marketplace is LA Showroom.

They connect consumers from all over the world with designers, garment manufacturers, and distributors by supplying pre-screened wholesale boutique clothing and accessories through virtual showrooms.

Every week, new fashion designers, manufacturers, and distributors are added, so check back frequently for the most up-to-date wholesale fashion apparel and accessories.

Website Link: https://www.lashowroom.com/

4.      Boulevard Apparel

Over the last 15 years, Boulevard Apparel Group has formed ties with a number of renowned manufacturers, garment contractors, and importers. They are able to purchase things at large discounts as a result of these ties, allowing them to pass these tremendous savings on to you.

Website Link: https://www.blvapparel.com/

5.      Orange Shine

OrangeShine is a full-service e-commerce firm focused on expanding wholesale manufacturers’ product lines and raising brand awareness. They’ve created products and services specifically for Wholesale Manufacturers.

They have everything you need to get your foot into the booming online business with minimal effort and costs, from an online marketplace with an exponentially growing number of registered users, new users, and purchases to professionally photographed product images while providing full customer service and order processing for buyers.

Website Link: https://www.orangeshine.com/

6.      Tasha Apparel

Leading department stores, high street chains, boutiques, and online fashion sites all stock Tasha Apparel’s collections. Since the launching of Tasha Apparel in 2005 and the introduction of tashaapparel.com in 2008, their ‘work smart’ ethic and marketing know-how has resulted in a quick expansion of their customer base globally.

Website: https://www.tashaapparel.com/

7.      Wholesale Fashion Square

They know what your boutique needs to prosper at Wholesale Fashion Square! They have everything you need for women’s clothing, accessories, and makeup, as well as trendy, high-quality fashion items.

Wholesale Fashion Square collaborates with its partners to reduce design and production expenses, allowing you to pass the savings on to your customers.

While they prefer bulk orders in bundles of six in order to keep our prices low, they have some great news for their smaller shops!

Wholesale Fashion Square has added smaller bundles to their purchase options, whether you want to try out some new products or just need a lesser shipment. Purchase three bundles instead of six to take advantage of their incredible wholesale prices.

Website Link: https://www.wholesalefashionsquare.com/

8.      CC Wholesale Clothing

CCwholesaleclothing.com is the finest shopping site for wholesale clothes purchasers. They’re your one-stop store for all things closeout, discount, and wholesale clothing.

In 2009, CCwholesaleclothing.com was founded in Los Angeles, California. Their family’s business history dates back around 15 years, when they began with a single retail store and grew to ten locations in the Los Angeles area.

They shuttered their retail storefronts in 2010 and concentrated primarily on their wholesale apparel business online.

CCwholesaleclothing.com has been in the retail clothes business for a long time and understands what clients want and when they want it.

Website Link: https://www.ccwholesaleclothing.com/

9.      Chase USA International

Chase USA International Inc. is a producer and importer of adult and children’s garments that has served its consumers for over a decade with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their mission is to supply you with high-quality items and outstanding customer service at the most competitive pricing.

Chase USA International Inc., a long-established apparel distributor, sells hundreds of products in adults’ clothing, girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing, outerwear, socks, underwear, and more through its brands ACTIV PRO, Chikny, Junction 8, Chinky Minky, RND, G Minor, and other labels.

Website Link: https://chaseusaapparel.com/

10. Wholesale Central

The premier B2B directory of wholesale providers and products is Wholesale Central. They provide resellers with comprehensive sourcing tools that enable them to connect with thousands of prescreened wholesalers, importers, distributors, dropshippers, and manufacturers.

Website Link: https://www.wholesalecentral.com/

11. Cefian Fashion

Cefian Fashion Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, is a distributor and manufacturer dedicated to giving you the finest in women’s fashion–the best selections, quality, and affordability.

They can focus on creating the best fashions at a high quality for competitive costs because they have their own in-house design and production teams.

They take care in the quality of their outfits, which is why their devoted consumers keep coming back.

Website Link: https://www.cefianfashion.com/

12. Wishlist

Wishlist Apparel is a youthful contemporary wholesale company for women that specializes in putting a modern spin on timeless classics that can be worn all year.

They place a premium on quality and fit, and they prefer to stick to a limited color palette. Wishlist made a name for themselves with their bralettes, and they quickly understood that the average woman wanted a blend of design and comfort.

They want the Wishlist woman to be confident, stylish, and comfortable in everything she wears, from bralettes to shirts to dresses.

Website Link: https://www.wishlistapparel.com/

13. Adora Apparel

Adora Inc. was founded in Los Angeles in 2010. It is a youthful contemporary women’s clothes distributor and manufacturer that has established itself as a major supplier to customers all over the world. Its unique selection draws purchasers from all around the world, including the United States, Latin and North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Adora’s philosophy is to consistently create stylish and refined women’s apparel for all occasions for today’s trend-conscious women. Adora’s creator has over 20 years of experience in the field, providing high-quality designs at affordable pricing.

Website Link: https://www.adorawholesale.com/

14. Wholesale Fashion Couture

They have stayed committed to delivering our consumers the best in clothing since establishing themselves online as a prominent wholesale fashion clothing business in Los Angeles City.

Wholesale Fashion Couture has always sold the most up-to-date and fashionable brands. Customers can choose from hundreds of various cloth styles since they realize the need for variety.

Because it is their responsibility to ensure that clients receive only the finest from them, they obtain their high-quality clothing from renowned brands.

Wholesale Fashion Couture is one of the most well-known suppliers of high-quality clothes to boutiques, online stores, and even multi-retailers.

They provide all of their consumers with information about their new arrivals via their website because it is their responsibility to keep them informed. The online fashion clothes experience has never been easier than with wholesale fashion couture!

You can rely on Wholesale Fashion Couture to deliver your goods right to your door. They offer free shipping on orders over $300 that are shipped within the continental United States.

Website Link: https://www.wholesalefashioncouture.com/

15. Davi & Dani

Davi & Dani is a modern, smart, and stylish wholesale women’s clothing brand.

The line is influenced by the simple, modern, and beautiful style exhibited by trendsetters around the world, and was founded in 2014 in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District.

Davi & Dani has established a reputation for quality and innovation, and the company continues to earn devoted customers.

Davi & Dani’s rapidly growing team of inspiring designers enables them to develop the best, most up-to-date styles that are in accordance with the newest trends and fashion fads.

Website Link: https://www.davidani.com/


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