It might be difficult for independent fashion labels to find a variety of modest quantities of fashionable and sustainable fabrics. 

To assist you in getting started, here is a list of the top four sustainable fabric providers who may support you in meeting your business needs. All of the suppliers on the list are trustworthy and experienced in their craft.

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List of Sustainable Fabric Suppliers:

  • Ecological Textiles
  • Birch Fabrics
  • The Fabric Store
  • OCC Apparel


1. Ecological Textiles

Ecological Textiles has been manufacturing and processing textiles, fibers, yarns, and dyes sustainably since 2005. Sustainable, in their opinion, is that it is composed of natural fibers, preferably from organic farming. They work with organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen, and silk textiles, yarns, and fibers.

Fabrics for the fashion business is their primary emphasis, but they also work with fabrics for interior design, curtains, and bags. Their organically colored woolen textiles have been utilized by fashion designers as well as fine restaurants. 

Their hemp/organic cotton mixes have been used in shirts and trousers, while the heavier hemp materials can be featured in bags, curtains, and even sails and tents.

Ecological Textiles is a firm that is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and stands for environmental and social responsibility. Only after the GOTS standard was followed in all preceding phases in the manufacturing chain can an item be recognized. 

Because Ecological Textiles is a GOTS certified firm, its clients have the option of manufacturing GOTS certified clothing themselves, provided that their businesses are also certified.


  • Organic cotton 
  • Hemp 
  • Water repellent 
  • Linen 
  • Denim
  • Rib 
  • Chambray
  • Hemp


Marie Curieweg 3C 6045GH Roermond


Telephone: (+31) 475 334073

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2. Birch Fabrics

Birch Organic Fabrics was founded in an attempt to support quilters and crafters with an ecologically friendly cotton substitute. They think that environmental sustainability originates with awareness and can be achieved by concrete action, which is why their fabric is made entirely of organic cotton and printed with minimal impact dyes. 

Birch Fabrics is committed to providing the best quality organic cotton fabrics available, as well as a strong but fanciful design aesthetic. Their cotton must pass a stringent clearance procedure to be labeled as 100% organic. Every stage of the process, from cotton to final items, has been authorized by the certifier. 

From the moment the cotton is cultivated until the time it is transported to the mill for milling, bleaching using oxygen-based bleach (non-chlorine), and ultimately printing with low-impact colors, the process continues.

The fabric must also fulfill an International Labor Organization requirement for safe working conditions.  A certificate is issued after the procedure to confirm that all of these requirements have been met and accepted.


Charley Harper fabric


1745 Riverside Ave Suite A. Paso Robles, CA 93446


Telephone: 805.296.3297 

Fax: 805.296.3298

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Sustainable fabric & Organic Fabric Simple Guide Zeria Textile (Zeriatex)


3. The Fabric Store

The Fabric Store is a sewing and creative community destination, offering a handpicked selection of designer dress fabrics and mill overruns, as well as an excellent in-store experience and devoted, enthusiastic service. The goal is to give an alternate solution in a fast-fashion culture where excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials are sometimes overlooked. 

They are strong proponents of home sewing and value the time and care that goes into making clothing by hand, believing that creative pursuits such as home sewing and crafts have a significant influence on human well-being.

Linens, kinds of cotton, woolen suitings and coatings, as well as a variety of merino jerseys, silk crepe de Chine, chiffons, satins and georgettes, rayons, and specialty pieces like jacquards, brocades, laces, and leather hides, are all available in each of their stores.

Tana Lawn, Lantana, Rossmore Cord, Clifton Jersey, and Bloomsbury Silk Crinkle Chiffon are among the Liberty of London fabrics available for purchase. They are a New Zealand-owned and managed company that began as Global Fabrics in 1995 with just one store and has since expanded organically to nine retail locations throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

Their outlets in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin have been deeply established in the local sewing and design community since their beginnings.


  • Merino Jerseys
  • Silk Crepe De Chine
  • Chiffons
  • Satins and Georgettes
  • Rayons
  • Jacquards
  • Brocades
  • Leather 
  • Liberty of London fabrics


25 Gordon Road, Morningside, Auckland 1025, New Zealand.


+64 9 8150005

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4. OCC Apparel

OCC Apparel was founded in 2004. OCC Apparel is comprised of a dedicated group of ethical, ecological, and organic branded apparel professionals. They focus on ethical business and environment, ensuring that their clients’ apparel is world-class in fit, color, and quality, ethically certified, cost-effective, and always accessible.

Fabrics such as Australian cerrton, organic cotton, jersey, and modal blend are produced and supplied by OCC Apparel in sampling lengths of 1 to 9 meters, as well as in larger lengths.

OCC Garment provides you with the stock of world-class ethically approved blank apparel brands that you may rebrand and design as your own. This allows your brand and company to expand without restriction. It uses 100% organic cotton, recycled materials, bamboo, Tencel, and modal mixes to benefit you.


  • Australian Cerrton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Jersey
  • Modal Blend


489-491 Princes Highway, St.Peters, NSW 2044, Australia.


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