Finding a wholesaler supplier for your business can be challenging, especially when you don’t know anyone from the market who sells the items you are looking for.

This is why, before starting a small business, you have to check every little detail and decide whether you will be manufacturing your items on your own or whether you will turn towards wholesale.

If you are relying on wholesale brands, then you have to find the best brands on which you can put your trust.

We have listed eight of the best sock manufacturers in the USA, so if you are someone who’s running a sock business in the USA, keep reading to find out about some reliable sock manufacturers.

The Sock Factory

The sock factory is one of the most popular sock manufacturers in the world.

They are a family-owned business and have been manufacturing their products for over 40 years. Their service is truly remarkable.

The brand has its market in China, the USA, Italy, Canada, France, Turkey, and many other countries.

They manufacture and design their items and then sell them on the market.

This brand is one of the premium and high-quality sock brands.

They excel in producing sportswear socks, ski socks, hunting socks, and other daily wear socks.

You can find any socks from this brand that appeal to you.

Check their website for more details.

Sleet and Sole

Sleet and Sole are the manufacturers of American-designed socks.

These socks are designed and produced entirely by American workers in the USA.

They produce these socks all by themselves, which means you are guaranteed to find high-quality socks with unique and artsy designs.

Some of their socks are made from recycled raw materials such as plastic bottles.

They make their yarn from those recycled socks and manufacture sustainable and top-quality items.

Their socks are known to be comfortable and fit every size.

They manufacture everything from baby wear to adult work socks.

On the website, you will find unique and colorfully designed socks that guarantee comfort and style.

Check their website for more details.

Custom Sock Lab

The apparel sold in the United States is usually made and manufactured in third-world countries so that the manufacturers don’t have to spend money on high production costs.

This is not the case with Custom Sock Lab since all its products are manufactured and finished in the USA.

They produce their socks from premium-quality yarn sold directly from the San Joaquin Valley.

The yarn is then dyed in Belmont and produced into amazing high-quality socks.

They also ship internationally to other countries, and lucky for you, their shipping is free after you exceed a set number of orders.

Check their website for details.


This brand was founded in early 2002.

Despite being new to manufacturing socks, it quickly grew popular, and now it is one of the leading international sock manufacturers.

They supply their customers with trendy, high-quality, and unique socks.

Their price range is also less than other well-known sock manufacturers.

90% of Soxnet items are manufactured and finished in the United States, which is why their products are of such high quality.

They also manufacture their products in China and Korea.

You can find comfortable and cute socks from Soxnet that cater to each occasion.

Their products range from child-wear to fancy adult socks and work socks.

Check their website for inquiries.

Profade Apparel

Zee Field was the founder of Profade Apparel.

He came up with this brand in 2011, and his main goal was to manufacture private products for already existing brands and to help start-ups and small businesses form finished products.

They provide full service to various brands, including developing new designs, forming collections, managing logistics, and delivering their products globally.

They manufacture high-quality apparel that includes an amazing sock collection.

They also sell plain socks, which you can customize to your liking, or you can leave the design on their design team, and they will be sure to deliver you the best version of the product that you had in mind.

Check their website for more details.

Mayo Knitting Mill

Mayo Knitting Mill is another famous sock manufacturer in the USA.

They offer a variety of styles that are made from different yarns. These yarns include fine gauge, organic cotton, premium microfibers, and much more.

They also excel in hand-knit socks and can customize any designs and any colors to your liking.

They also have an in-house dying process that can dye any color. It all depends on what you wish to see in the product.

Their market is spread all across the globe; they work in China, Canada, the USA, Turkey, and other countries.

You can buy all types of uniquely designed socks.

Check their website for more information.

Huitt Mills

Huitt Mills is the perfect choice for people who are looking to sell 100% authentic USA-made socks that look and feel designer-made.

They offer great designs at low and affordable prices.

They are also known to manufacture hunting and skiing socks.

All their products are made with care and love, which is why their brand is extremely popular among their customers.

They manufacture their products in the USA but sell them internationally.

You can visit their website to check out their fantastic sock designs, and you can even customize them with your brand logo.

Check the website for more details.

Alabama Wholesale Socks

Alabama Wholesale Socks is one of the most famous family-oriented sock manufacturers.

They have been selling their items since 2002 and continue to sell good quality socks to their customers.

They offer great socks, all at low prices.

They also have a fast shipping policy and sell their items worldwide, so if you are ordering from Canada or Turkey, you will receive your order in a week or so.

The Alabama Wholesale Socks manufacturer offers a variety of socks for both men and women.

On their website, you can find unique and comfortable socks.

Check their website for more details.



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