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Thanks to the untiring efforts of our research team, we have been able to gather the top five Wholesale Organic Cotton T-Shirts Suppliers. Excited? So are we!

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List of Wholesale Organic Cotton T-Shirts Suppliers:

  • Onno
  • Gallant
  • JonesTShirts
  • Royal Apparel
  • Allmade

1. Onno

Bamboo, hemp, pima, and organic cotton are used to create ONNO T-Shirt Company’s eco-friendly t-shirts. With 25 hues and next-day shipping from Boulder, Colorado, they’re in high demand. Their t-shirts will look great in your physical store and are also suitable for screen printing. They are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Contact Info:

TEL: 303-928-7170



2. Gallant

Gallant’s organic cotton tees will be used by your consumers and team members for years, whether you’re a business looking to add sustainably created tees to your line or a corporate looking for high-quality team uniforms.

Your consumers will adore their organic cotton t-shirts, which are smooth and breathable. Fairtrade certified wholesale t-shirts are also available. With a 100 percent personalized option, you can buy them in any color or style—blank, screen-printed, or embroidered—in any color or style.

Contact Info:


Phone: 949-680-4004

Address: 23352 Madero Suite L, Mission Viejo, CA 92691


3. JonesTShirts

Jones T-Shirts, Inc. owns and operates Since 1992, they’ve been involved in many parts of the t-shirt and garment industry.

JonesTshirts strives to provide excellent customer service. Customers prefer them because of their quick service, quick shipment, and high-quality products.

JonesTshirts’ headquarters are in Provo, Utah, and they ship everywhere in the United States. They have warehouses in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas, among other states.

One of the reasons their clients receive their orders so promptly is because of this.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-800-705-1575


4. Royal Apparel

The founders of Royal Apparel recognized a gap in the business and pursued their enthusiasm to learn more. Visiting southern manufacturers to learn more about their skill, beginning with hands-on knitting, dyeing, cutting, and sewing experience.

“It takes a village,” as the saying goes, has never been more true. Mentors from many industries, ranging from styling to production and supply, taught their founder the ropes.

Royal Apparel began in the early 1990s on a desk in Manhattan’s Garment District. The original two-person team began to expand, supplying luxury stores, major fashion companies, and leading merchants with private label quality knitwear.

By the end of the 1990s, almost all of the fashion industry’s production had gone offshore. Royal Apparel kept faithful to the DNA of their made in USA purpose with passion, determination, and sheer force of will and never left.

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Royal Apparel grew with the times and expanded into the blank industry, designing and selling timeless classics.

Royal Apparel has established itself as a leader in the creation of American-made and environmentally friendly clothing in the United States. Top musicians/artists, wellness brands, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 organizations, the IT industry, national parks, museums, breweries, wineries, restaurants, retail chains, and more have chosen their clothes.

Contact Info:

Address: 91 Cabot Court, Hauppauge, New York 11788

Tel: 866.769.2517


5. Allmade

For average folks like you, Allmade was started by ordinary people. Allmade’s ten founders came together to create a better shirt. They began as simple screen printers with the goal of creating a great shirt to print on, but they ended up creating a shirt you can be proud of.

They were no experts when they began in 2017, and they had little knowledge of the apparel industry or its impact, but through research and education, they learned the impact they could have on people and the environment by doing things differently.

Contact Info:



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