Wondering where to find quality Wholesale Socks Suppliers And Vendors in the USA? Answer: Fashion Manufacturing.

By browsing through our List of Bulk/Wholesale Socks Suppliers And Vendors in the USA, you can get a chance to connect with some of the most reputable suppliers in town!

List of Bulk Wholesale Socks Suppliers And Vendors USA:

  • The Sock Manufacturers
  • Socks Bulk Wholesale
  • Backpacks USA
  • Sock Club
  • Boldfoot Socks
  • Primitives by Kathy
  • Wholesale Sock Deals
  • Everbright
  • Socksn’Bulk

1.      The Sock Manufacturers

In the United States, The Sock Manufacturers is a well-known wholesale socks manufacturer. Hundreds of large retailers and wholesalers trust one of the most well-known American sock manufacturers to supply the highest quality custom wholesale socks.

Their large in-house team is working to redefine the sock manufacturing industry in the United States by offering unmatched quality at unbelievable wholesale prices.

They blend the best fabrics with cutting-edge technology to manufacture the bulk socks to perfection, understanding the value of convenience for people in general.

Contact Info:

Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills,California 90210, USA

Phone No: + 1 855 525 2642

Email: info@thesockmanufacturers.com

Website: https://www.thesockmanufacturers.com/

2.      Socks Bulk Wholesale

Women’s and men’s dress socks are always the pick of the well-dressed professional, from the boardroom in the morning to the bedroom at night. When we cross our legs and sit, our pants creep up.

A shin or a hairy calf must always be covered in etiquette; displaying a shin or a hairy calf is a fashion faux pas. Women’s and men’s over-the-calf dress socks ensure that nothing except smooth, dark fabric is seen. Women’s and men’s dress socks with bold colors and patterns scream “unsophisticated.” They should be dark and plain; show off your fashion sense with your necktie and pocket square.

Women’s and men’s over-the-calf dress socks are meant to stay up during a busy day, whether you’re sitting across from a customer or hurrying to catch a train. For many years, distinct materials for winter and summer dress socks were chosen. Wool is warm and cotton is cold.

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However, thanks to advancements in synthetic textiles, we no longer require a summer and winter sock wardrobe. Modern polyester socks drain moisture away faster than wool or silk socks and dry faster than cotton socks. There’s no need to be concerned about sweaty feet when taking the elevator.

Socks Bulk Wholesale’s women’s and men’s dress socks are made of the best light-weight polyester and are machine and hand washable, which is essential for the busy salesman on the road.

Contact Info:

Email: info@bulksockswholesale.com

Website: https://www.bulksockswholesale.com/

3.      Backpacks USA

A.M.D.A. – David’s Wholesale of Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida owns and operates Backpacks USA. They specialize in importing high-quality wholesale products at reasonable prices. Backpacks USA has been in operation for almost three decades.

To meet their clients’ needs, they carry the best style for the money, as well as a large assortment of wholesale backpacks and accessories. Backpacks USA provides outstanding service at a low cost, bringing hope and smiles to their clients, humanitarian missions, schools, and their own staff.

Contact Info:

Address: 401 Hardy Ave, Corsicana, TX 75110, PO Box 550175, Davie, FL 33355

TEL: 305-400-9040

Email: support@backpacksusa.net

Website: https://www.backpacksusa.com/

4.      Sock Club

Sock Club oversee the entire process, from sourcing high-quality cotton to supplying socks to your door, by working with several American companies. Having complete control over their production ensures not just the highest quality product, but also that their methods are environmentally sustainable and that their workers are compensated fairly.

This also allows them to leverage feedback from their customers to help them grow and create socks you’ll enjoy.

A Sock Club subscription allows family and friends to enjoy the American knitting industry’s legacy and competence with one another. They promise to send a new pair of high-quality socks to their members every month, which will surprise them, make them smile, and remind them that they are appreciated.

Contact Info:

TEL: 512.981.6437

Email: support@sockclub.com

Website: https://www.sockclub.com/

5.      Boldfoot Socks

Owning the company that makes wonderful socks is the only thing better than owning a nice pair of socks. Being the son of a Vietnam veteran, running a 100% American-based company like Boldfoot Socks that gives back to their military heroes seemed like a natural fit.

They look forward to their military brothers and sisters continuing to assist them through their 5% give back program.

They are thrilled to have you join the Boldfoot family. Their objective is to always provide socks that are grown and stitched in the United States, with quality as a top focus.

They are pleased to be “American Made,” and they believe that quality and hard labor are the only things that have made, and will continue to make, this country great. So, as you put on your Boldfoot Socks, Stride to Greatness and Be Bold.

Contact Info:

Email: hello@boldfoot.com

TEL: (515) 428-2398

Website: https://boldfoot.com/

6.      Primitives by Kathy

Kathy’s began with a difficulty, as do all great ideas: finding distinctive products for her paint studio and retail business in Lancaster, PA, which she co-owned with her mother for over ten years.

Kathy took matters into her own hands, literally, after being inspired by her quest for unique and imaginative items to fill her own shelves.

The product that started it all was born, thanks to her natural inventiveness and entrepreneurial zeal.

Kathy sought the help of the amazing folks at Goodwill Services to help her meet the growing demand for her growing line of socks and handmade products, and she was able to achieve remarkable success. One of the most beneficial philanthropic collaborations was forged at this time, and it still exists today.

Contact Info:

TEL: (866) 295-2849

Website: https://www.primitivesbykathy.com/products/in-stock/?isRefresh=True

7. Wholesale Sock Deals

Wholesale Sock Deals is the most technologically advanced provider of fashion hosiery across hundreds of categories. If you’re seeking to buy wholesale socks by the case or the dozen, wholesalesockdeals.com has a big range of bulk men’s and women’s thermal socks for the next winter season.

If you’re seeking for patterns like hearts, their variety of women’s fuzzy socks is enormous. Wholesale sock offers offer a broad choice of colors and patterns at low wholesale costs, including polka dots, snowflakes, and argyle fuzzy socks.

Cotton ankle socks, cotton sports socks, and cotton athletic socks are available in quantity. In the summer, no-show ankle socks are vital and are worn more than crew socks. Buy no-show low-cut ankle socks in bulk for men, women, and children.

Contact Info:

Address: 2240 East 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Tel: 855-457-6257

Email: sales@wholesalesockdeals.com

Website: https://www.wholesalesockdeals.com/

8.      Everbright

Socks are unquestionably necessary at all times of the year. Socks, aside from being comfortable, protect our feet from disease and harm.

Something of that magnitude ought to be treated with the same respect, which is where Everbright comes in.

They are sock importers and wholesalers with a focus on custom orders with a flexible minimum quantity.

Everbright is a firm that creates a wide range of colorful, bright, exciting, and dynamic designs for men, women, and children, all while maintaining high quality and low pricing.

They can boast that their expertise and attention to detail have resulted in and continue to result in over 25 years of customer satisfaction.

Their sourcing, quality control, and production are unsurpassed, as evidenced by a visit to their office and warehouse.

Contact Info:

TEL: 732-416-8922

Email: sales@everbrightinc.com

Website: https://www.everbrightinc.com/

9.      Wholesale Concept

www.tshirtssocks.com is a website that is made to satisfy your demands and is also cheaply priced! The majority of their customers make purchases directly from their website, eliminating the need to go through a lengthy checkout process. T-shirts, socks, boxer shorts, briefs, panties, and much more are available in bulk.

Contact Info:

Email: wholesaleconcept@gmail.com

Address: 729 East Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL 60148

Website: https://tshirtssocks.com/

10. Socksn’Bulk

Socksn’Bulk offers retailers, wholesalers, and charity organizations the widest selection of high-quality socks, hosiery, and apparel at competitive costs.

They’ve designed their website to make shopping as simple as possible. They work hard to ensure that you have a smooth buying experience.

Contact Info:

Address: 2240 East 17th St. Brooklyn, NY 11229

Tel: 855-457-6257

Email: info@socksinbulk.com

Website: https://www.socksinbulk.com/


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