Socks are deemed a must-have accessory as they complete the overall look of the attire. They’re especially the most sought-after in the winter months.

Different occasions demand a different type of sock.

Hence, a person can never have enough of them!

Not to forget, socks in a pair often end up alone, lost without the other, so it is always wise to own more than a few pairs.

So if you are a business owner trying to cash in on this demand for socks, you have come to the right place.

Since finding the right manufacturer is a time-consuming task, we have enlisted a few places for you where you can purchase quality products from.


1. Bulk Socks Wholesale

Bulk Socks Wholesale are sock manufacturers and purveyors who sell at wholesale rates.

BSW is a brand with a cause; it believes in providing top-notch quality without going overboard with the prices.

Whether you want socks for daily and casual wear or you’re looking for formal or sports socks, BSW will have you covered with the vast selection they have to offer!

They offer the highest quality socks, both in cotton as well as polyester material.

They also produce socks for diabetics to protect them from injuries and improve their blood circulation.

BSW products are breathable, moisture-wicking, and designed for everyday use. Check them out at:

2. US Hosiery, Inc.

US Hosiery Inc. is based in Los Angeles with a manufacturing unit in South Korea.

It has been in the business of manufacturing and delivering custom socks for more than 20 years.

They have worked with several companies as a sock distributor, including Revolve, High Times, Big Baller Brand, etc.

They believe in providing only the best quality products and services to their clients.

While purchasing from US Hosiery, retailers and business owners can choose to customize the socks with their logos and designs.

They have a minimum order quantity of 1200 pairs per design.

For more details, visit

3. Sox World, Inc.

Sox World, Inc. is a sock and underwear manufacturing company that supplies its products in America, the Caribbean, Polynesian Islands, and the Middle East.

They aim to provide quality products to wholesalers and retailers so their businesses can flourish.

They focus on providing quality products with excellent service through vigilant sourcing.

They operate by keeping their quality checklist checked at all times, attracting a vast clientele as a result.

They manufacture socks in the US, Mexico, Pakistan, China, and Korea, among other countries.

Their versatility can be attributed to their many successful affiliations with brands such as Credos, Swag, Millenium, Stem, and ProSpirit under their name.

Head over to their website to know more.

4. The Sock Manufacturers

The Sock Manufacturers is a wholesale sock manufacturing company based in the USA.

It is one of the most notable suppliers of socks in the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the UAE.

They have a huge assortment of socks, ranging from plain and simple to cute and funky.

Their inventory has socks available in several colors, sizes, lengths, and designs.

With their quality fabrics and innovative technology, TSM combines class with creativity and manufactures bulk quantities for their wholesale clients.

If you want high quality at low prices, visit their website now t place an order:

5. Sockprints


Founded in 2009, Sockprints is a custom sock printing and manufacturing company.

It has a quick turnaround rate with no minimum order quantity and delivers top-quality products to its customers.

They are environmentally conscious and use inks that are water-based for printing purposes.

Sockprints has socks for all occasions, including weddings, birthdays, sororities, fraternities, etc.

It has several collections to offer with funky prints and unique texts as well as collections that can be customized as per the client’s request.

They offer discounts on bulk quantities and offer free shipping on orders above $35.

For more information, visit

6. Make My Socks

Make My Socks is based in Los Angeles and possesses vast experience in manufacturing socks for different brands and companies.

They offer quality products and customization services to their clients at competitive prices.

Make My Socks believes in delivering the highest customer satisfaction.

Hence, it only takes an order when there is a 100% guarantee that they will be able to deliver it on time and start the production process when the client approves of the mockup.

MMS produces a wide variety of different styles of socks but makes sure that comfort and quality are not compromised.

Visit them at:

7. Seam Apparel

Seam Apparel is a premier apparel manufacturer that also manufactures and customizes socks, among several other items.

SA is a ‘cut and sew’ manufacturer that provides custom printing services as well as private labeling.

It believes brands should hire a team of professionals that will fulfill the needs of the customers without compromising on the style or quality of the product. And if there is one brand that can achieve that, it is Seam Apparel.

They have a quick turnaround and provide excellent service.

For more details about their products and pricing, head over to their website:



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