Cut and sew manufacturers like the ones in Canada, formulate dresses and apparel from basic designs, tracing them on fabric, cut and sewing the custom pieces into attire. Custom cut and sew manufacturers are a great place for newly established clothing brands as they can create apparel through their sewing contractors working in a network of their sewing factories.

Finding the appropriate cut and sew manufacturer paves the way for successfully launching your clothing brand as you can meet the MOQ. They offer a full package to newbie brand owners, including creating their patterns, sourcing the finest fabrics, and assembling boxes and poly bags for shipping your parcels.

In this article, we have provided you with the list of the top five cuts and sew manufacturers in Canada who are the perfect apparel producing partners for start-up clothing brand owners and companies.

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List of Cut and Sew Manufacturers Canada:

  • Isa designs
  • Stealthwear protective clothing
  • In house
  • O’Neill
  • Knight Classic Bodywear Inc


1. Isa designs:

A wedding is probably the most memorable event of your life and you want to make it even more extraordinary by wearing something striking. Isa designs are always ready to make amendments in the pre-sewn dresses of your mothers according to your fit or create new apparel according to the latest trends and styles.

Isa designs are led by a professional bridal makeover artist who specializes in bridal gown manufacturing and ideally transforming the dresses that you envisage both in terms of prices and the right fit. They are also a versatile adaptation shop for men’s suits. 

Isa designs offer free guides for cutting and sewing for bride-to-be gowns. The customers keep coming back for bridal gown alterations and get their dream bridal gowns. The founder has ten years of fashion design teaching experience, and expertise in remodeling dresses and redoing wedding gowns.


  • Bridal wedding gowns
  • Men’s suits


  • Bridal gown alteration
  • Re-doing wedding gowns
  • Remodeling dresses
  • Free consultation for dream wedding attire


18424 Hurontario St, Caledon Village, ON L7K 0Y3, Canada

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2. Stealthwear protective clothing:

Stealth wear is based in Toronto, Canada and they are a specialized and committed cut and sew manufacturer of streamlined protective clothing that are both integrated and safe. Initially, they started as an answer to the universal clothing needs of the special education sector, and their Active Aide line was developed in consultation with both special education and health & safety professionals.

They continued to fulfill the clothing needs of the students of the special education sector of Canada for ten years and gradually cope up with the growing needs of education throughout North America and across the schools from Alaska to Hawaii.

The high-impact foam and flexible plastic formulation characterize PORON XRD that offers you extra protection and care while keeping you focused and fully concentrated on the person in your care. 

Industrial PPE using cut-resistant fabrics provide extra cut protection, sports equipment offers you impact protection, as well as Active Aide, protects you from all the behaviours that you may encounter while taking care of the person.


  • Cut and impact-resistant gloves
  • Active aide custom long sleeve t-shirts
  • PPE sizing kits
  • Impact-resistant jackets
  • Tailored suit type


 970 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1J8

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3. In house: 

The three co-founders of In-house made apparel started their journey from a house studio with a sewing machine and one table. The team efficiently comprehends the process of creating branded apparel and merchandise as well as translating these to their clients.

They actively use their expertise and skills to streamline your brand and products development and assist in growing your business. They have created a model-based community supporting the vision of designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners.

They are a specialized branded product development, graphic design, content creation, and apparel printing team for commercial and business use. At In-house they restructure the process of creating marketable products for their clients.

If you are a start-up clothing designer in Canada and looking forward to elevating your business, the In house team is ready to serve you with their entire cut and sew manufacturing services from sample development to product creation.


  • Activewear
  • Streetwear
  • Tailored garments
  • Accessories


  • Product development services
  • Apparel printing services
  • Photography and videography Specialty


167 B 1st street E, North Vancouver, Canada

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4. O’Neill:

O’Neill is the world’s leading and authentic surf wet clothes and snow clothing company. O’Neill’s spirit of innovation always derives them high and fast forward with their wide range of first-ever neoprene and surf leash to the world’s first stitchless board-shorts and other amazing wearable technologies.

O’Neill Jack laid the foundation of this massive surf brand company, being sold in more than 47 countries. The founder set the core values of innovation in technology, and devotion led to the evolution of active sports. 

Although he established the world’s first surf brand company, he laid the notion of the entire surf industry, including the wetsuit, the surf shop, and the culture. The founder always wanted to surf longer and the inspiration led him to the invention of wet suits.

He aims at bringing the most warming and dry outfits into the market that let you drive on the slopes as much time as possible without being frozen by incorporating more technical and innovative strategies into weather fabric technologies.


  • Snow and swimwear
  • Men and women wet suits
  • Kids hoodies, rompers, and dresses
  • Board shorts
  • Neoprene tops 


  • Shipping services
  • Size chart guide
  • Customer services


5800 rue Ferrier, Montréal, Quebec H4P1M7, Canada

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5. Knight Classic Bodywear Inc:

Knights are 100% pure Canadian made-to-order manufacturers of bodywear, dancewear, and activewear. They offer innovative designs, striking details, professional services, high-quality fabrics, and genuine commitment to client satisfaction.

The dancewear production line comprises a huge collection of classic and chic styles apt for any studio. They are a specialized cut and sew manufacturer of recital dance costumes, competitive dance costumes, gymnastic leotards, skating dresses, and dancewear.

Knight classic bodywear is a family-owned and operated company that serves studios of any size with the finest costuming by accommodating professional and recreational orders.


  • Dancewear
  • Activewear
  • Gymnastic bodysuits
  • skating dresses
  • dance costumes


  • Customizable Costume design


35 Robb Blvd #6 Orangeville, Ontario L9W 3L1

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