Yiwu wholesale market

Yiwu wholesale market as the name suggests is a wholesale market in Yiwu, china. It is a massive marketplace and there are sections for every product (clothing, jewellery, toys, sports goods, and unlimited other commodities). 

Yiwu international trade city or Yiwu wholesale market covers more than 100,000 suppliers who exhibit 400,000 different kinds of products. The best thing about Yiwu wholesale market is that it can cope up with the purchasing needs of universal customers within their price range. 

If you are not a native then hiring a translator and sourcing agent is the best option to get benefit from this massive marketplace. A sourcing agent can guide you to source or purchase the best product from the market.

The Yiwu fair is held twice a year and it is a great attraction for merchants, traders, and wholesalers mainly from Africa and Asia. They can get a vast collection of products from the fair. 

What is the Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu wholesale market is located in Yiwu, the central city in the province Zhejiang of China. Yiwu international trade city, or Yiwu wholesale market, is a complex wholesale trade center for businesses and professionals. On the whole, there are many small commodity markets, professional markets, or specialized streets in Yiwu. 

All these markets are combined under a single aspect, which we call the Yiwu wholesale market. The World Bank has declared it the ‘largest small commodities market’ in the world. Yiwu’s whole market is open the entire year other than national holidays.

You can get almost every product from the Yiwu wholesale market that you can think of. Hence, the abundance of suppliers fosters a competitive pricing option and variety of products for buyers.

Yiwu wholesale market is a vast trading point for buyers mainly from Africa, India, and Asia. Many e-commerce companies also buy products from Yiwu wholesalers. The market serves the customers with affordably low prices. However, the products are worth your money.

Can you buy small quantities in the Yiwu wholesale market?

Yes, you can buy small quantities in the Yiwu wholesale market. Yiwu wholesale market is the biggest trade center for buying commodities in a small amount having 75000+ shops. It is a super friendly wholesale market for small buyers as they can purchase one or two cartons at wholesale price. 

Furthermore, you should first understand the best sourcing methods from the Yiwu wholesale market so you may be able to grab the best products out of the market.

However, the Yiwu market cannot claim to be a single solution provider. But you can get several products at wholesale prices from the market. The list includes bags, textiles, watches, children’s toys, building materials, hardware tools, motor spare parts, daily necessities, and other accessories.

 The sellers can rebrand the products under their name and logo and sell them to the retailers according to their price range. 

Is it important to use a sourcing, export, or purchasing agent in Yiwu?

In most cases, you need to use a sourcing, export, or purchasing agent in Yiwu. When you enter a gigantic wholesale market like Yiwu to find a quality product, you may face difficulty in understanding their tactics, payment methods, and dealing with people related to diverse cultural backgrounds.

Finding a supplier with a variety of products is entirely different from negotiating the prices, payment methods, and shipment of products.

The agents assist you in arranging the visit to the market, accompany you in browsing, inspecting, collecting orders, and ultimately shipping orders to your destination. The agents also help you get fair discounts as they are familiar with the suppliers. 

They help you get connected with the required supplier in a short time within a limited budget. The sourcing agent gets you connected with the supplier who can fulfill your purchasing demands. 

Since several small shipments can cost you considerably more than a single large shipment, they coordinate the procurement process, particularly when you are buying from multiple sellers. They let your cargo be collected in a single shipment. 

The agent’s primary role is to negotiate and manage the order terms. But for your convenience, you should first visit the market on your own to administer quality requirements of your product, labeling requirements, and its safety standards in your market.

Yiwu shopkeepers display an amazingly calm attitude towards their customers. So they won’t mind your several visits to their shops. Hence, you should visit quite often on your own to have an insight of the market before buying any product. 

Several visits before purchasing are advantageous for you in many ways. It may save your time and money and avoid any culprit or inexperienced transactions carried by the agent.

However, the sourcing agents charge you 3-10% of your total purchase from the market. Sometimes they make a clever deal by claiming only 1% commission of total investment. But to our utmost surprise, how can such agents survive in the market with a 1% commission and provide unlimited free services. 

There can be two possibilities for charging 1% commission, they might be inexperienced having no warehouses and incapable to make connections. Secondly, they might tell lies or make mistakes and cost you additional prices and, waste your time.

Are shops in Yiwu all manufacturers or traders?

The majority of the wholesalers in the Yiwu international wholesale market are not manufacturers. These are trading companies that work in cooperation with the manufacturing industries in different provinces of China, such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

It is not a big issue, but sometimes, the traders may fall short of demanding products. So, first, they have to place the order with the manufacturers to meet the requirements of buyers. 

Are all products in Yiwu Fake or real?

It’s pretty bewildering to answer the question that all products are fake or real in Yiwu. There are hundreds and thousands of suppliers in the wholesale market selling a lot of products that vary in their qualities. 

As you know, International brands focus on maintaining their quality and standard. They never rely upon and work with the vendors in the wholesale market. Hence, any brand name or product you may find in the market can be the same in design or shape but cannot be authentic.

They claim that the Yiwu wholesale market is not a fake goods selling market. That means selling counterfeit products is not allowed at all. But, sometimes indecisive transactions can take place in this complex marketplace. 

Hence, it will be challenging to buy the best products from a variety of merchants. China has solved the issue by making the products with similar features and also, they can supply within your price range. The suppliers might deal with the copy of brands. So, probably you can say that commodities are not real but resemble real products. 

How do you pay the wholesalers in Yiwu?

The payments must be carried out through a bank payment method with the established accounts of wholesalers and suppliers matching their beneficiary names. 

If you are dealing directly with the wholesalers, you should refuse to pay in cash or private accounts. Make sure that the payment is distinguishable to the right dealer.

On the contrary, if you deal with the buying agent, then you don’t need to pay each wholesaler. Instead, you should pay directly to the buying agent. Again, you should follow the same rule and pay via a bank account.

An important thing to note here is not to declare the full payment until you have inspected the finished item.

How to ship products from Yiwu to your country?

There are multiple methods for shipping the products from Yiwu to your country. You can send through sea shipping, air shipping, railway shipping, or cargo.

Either directly contact the freight forwarder for the purpose, or you can ask the agent to ship your order on a commission basis.

Also, you can ship the products from several wholesalers in a single container. Make sure that you are buying from each supplier on free on board (FOB) terms. 

At Yiwu, local suppliers usually do not lend a hand in shipping for you. Therefore, you have to select a reputable freight forwarder or shipping provider on your own. 

If the suppliers agree to ship products to your country, you should ask each of them to arrange transport to your freight forwarder’s office. All your products are packed in a single container and delivered according to terms and conditions such as DAP (Delivered-at-Place) or DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

Is it necessary to use a translator when going to the Yiwu wholesale market?

One of the significant problems you can encounter while visiting the Yiwu wholesale market is communication with local suppliers. Since most of them speak Chinese or may command Basic English, it would be best to speak or understand Chinese when you go to the Yiwu wholesale market. 

Otherwise, taking a translator with you can save you plenty of time. Also, they can help communicate the prices, order terms, and quality options with the manufacturers and shopping guides in a professional tone and help you identify high-quality goods. 

There are many interpretation and translation communities located in china. So, by investing a little buck in the translator, you can avoid a hard time of miscommunication with Chinese sellers. 

How to buy products from the Yiwu wholesale market?

To buy products from this huge marketplace is definitely a challenging task. If you think you will visit the market, talk to the dealer, and easily import the products, you are at a great mistake.

First of all, 95% of suppliers do not export directly; either they do not have export licenses, or they don’t even know FOB prices. Another major concern is the communication problem as the majority can’t speak or understand the English language.

Usually, the factory owners have a shop in which they showcase every product they produce. They deal with local customers and avoid exporting overseas. So, when you aim at buying something from the Yiwu wholesale market, use a sourcing agent.

The agent can help you visit the market, make connections, and place orders. Sometimes they have good relations with wholesale suppliers, and hence they can earn you a profitable discount. 

Yiwu Trade Fair

  • What is the Yiwu Fair?

Yiwu Fair is the largest, most effective, and most influential fair in China. The fair belongs to everyday consumer imports that have been held twice a year since 1995 in China. 

The Yiwu international commodities fair is jointly hosted by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China and got its approval from the State Council.

The fair has been rewarded with some of the best titles such as “Best Fair sponsored by the Government,” “Top Ten Exhibitions in China,” “Best Management Fairs in China,” and “Most Influential Brands Fair.”

The Organizers of the fair are the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Technology Supervision, and the Yiwu Municipal People’s Government.

The Yiwu international fair got sponsorship from the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Standardization Administration, China Light Industry Council, China Council for the Promotions of International Trade (CCPIT), and China General Chamber of Commerce.

Very few international flights can get you direct to Yiwu, but you can fly to shanghai and then book a train to go to the Yiwu fair. You ought to have a visa to visit Yiwu fair, but you can ask for an invitation letter from the Yiwu fair official website.

The visa is free of charge but the process may take 3-4 days for approval. However, if you are already in China then there is no need for a visa and you can easily visit the Yiwu fair. 

The Yiwu international fair features a series of meetings and activities. The list includes the opening ceremony of ‘Ten Thousand People Training’, International Commodities Creative Design Competition, and the 3rd SME Standardization (International) Conference. 

In the upcoming Yiwu fair, 10 delegations of Chinese based offices comprising 1600 persons are invited. Along with it, 20 delegations of 1800 buyers are also invited related to domestic professional markets such as superstores or departmental stores. 

Furthermore, how can they forget the most important aspect of trade? To promote trade, 6 online trade matchmaking meetings are also arranged in the Yiwu International fair. 

  • When is the Yiwu Fair held?

The greatest Yiwu fair will be held from 21st to 25th October of the year 2021 at the International expo center in the province Zhejiang of China. It is the 27th annual fair, and it will entertain visitors with more than 3600 international standard stalls and booths.

At the same time, relative trade and socio-economic activities such as the Sino-foreign procurement meeting will also be held. 

  • What kinds of products can one find at the Yiwu Fair?

Usually, many trade fairs only cater to specific buyers and deal in limited product categories; Yiwu fair manages to accommodate the buyers in multiple industries.

As you know, the Yiwu fair is considered one of the most influential fairs in the world, the range of the products in the fair justifies the title. The Yiwu Fair copes up with the requirements of the universal buyers virtually in any industry. 

The list comprises Car & MC Accessories, Textiles, Shoes & Hats, Toys, Office Goods, hardware, Ornament and Accessories, Daily Necessities, Crafts, Pet Products, and Sports & Outdoor Products, and Electronics, etc. 

  • What is the difference between the Yiwu Fair and The Yiwu Wholesale Market?

Yiwu wholesale market consists of the trade center, shops, and specialized streets open around the year. On the contrary, the Yiwu fair is held on particular days of the year. The fair attracts traders, manufacturers, and resellers from the whole world. 

There is no comparison between the two. However, you can compare the Yiwu fair with the Global Sources China Sourcing Fair or canton fair.


List of 15 wholesale suppliers in Yiwu (socks, towels, clothing, fabric, bed sheets, textiles)

Some of the best wholesale suppliers of the world can be found in the Yiwu wholesale market. They have come up with an extensive collection of fabric and textile and produce unlimited routine accessories.

Yiwu and its neighbor Zhuji are producing over half of the total production of socks. Can you imagine that a single socks production company can make 1.8 million pairs of socks every day? 

The world’s top 5 socks production companies are located in Yiwu, and one of them supplied the product to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Also, the wholesale suppliers in Yiwu are sourcing socks to some of the leading brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Gold Toe, and Kettenbech.


1st Floor, District 4, International Trade City.



1. Shifeng Socks Firm

Shifeng socks firm is a huge socks supplier in Yiwu. It supplies pantyhose, ice sleeves, leggings, thermal pants, underwear, integrated pants, leggings, home wear, ship socks, etc. 






Shop# 32446A, ST. 10, FL 1, gate no 87, Market International Trade Mart (District 4).



2. Yiwu Guangbang Clothing Co.

Years of hard work and progressive developments have ranked the company among the best suppliers of Yiwu. It focusses on its market and sell the products with real authentication certificates. 

The company mainly deals with female products, including clothes, Undergarments, and chest stickers. The ladies can choose from a variety of products that let them wear fashion with stylish cold-proof slimming pants.


No.17, Yunxiang Road, Tonghe Town, Baiyun District


(86 20) 37255172




3. Butterfly Socks Firm

It is another leading wholesale supplier of socks related products in Yiwu city, China. The credibility of development and adherence to the quality standards, enables it to perform a wide-ranging multiple channel collaboration.

The company is always ready to welcome its universal customers and deal with its long term customers with convenient order and payment methods. You can visit the store or contact online via mail to check their products range.

They mainly supply a wide range of products, including gloves, lace gloves, men’s socks, Socks cuff, mini gloves, male silkworm stockings, three bone socks, fine quality men’s socks, warm socks, fashion socks, sports socks.


Shop no. 32552. Street 12, floor 1, gate no. 85, Market International Trade Mart






4. Xiaoming Towel

The company was established in 1992 and adhered to the policy of quality for development and integrity for production. The professional designers’ team produces premium quality bath towels, square towels, face towels, quilts, and kid’s towels.

They equally deal with leading wholesalers and supermarket suppliers. Buyers can visit their shop or consult an online store.




Shop NO. 42339, street 15, floor 3, gate 3, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4).






5. Yiwu Jinshi Garment Material

Established in 1988, the company is a complex enterprise integrating production, sale, and r&d. The company production house is located in the South China Sea commonly referred to as ‘Capital of Chinese Hardware’. It is well equipped with latest technology, with stamping, alloy, plastic, and mould processing center.

Yiwu Jinshi Garment Material exports its products to over 30 countries and different regions of Europe, Middle East, and the United States. The supplier has managed to offer a complete range of their products and routine accessories with high-end quality at affordable prices and incredible after-sales services.

Due to its attributes as mentioned above, the company has become one of the leading suppliers of the clothing industry and is profoundly trusted by its valuable customers. The main featured products include clothing accessories, luggage, trademarks, back strap clip, hook button, bag accessories, duckbill button, outdoor bag, 

The products list does not ends here. It also produces decorative button, dog button, military bag, bag lock, hardware decorations, leather suitcase accessories, various plastic products and other locks.


Shop No. L3-3066, Floor 3, Gate No. 65, Markets International Trade Mart (District 3)







6. Lanmo textile CO., LTD

The company is a new addition to the list of wholesale suppliers in the Yiwu market. It is offering a wide array of home textile products to buyers for three years at wholesale rates. 

Lanmo textile CO, LTD keeps up the quality of their products. The products range comprises sofa covers, elastic chair covers, plaid universal elastic sofa gloves, bubble lattice sofa cover, cushion clothing, pillow covers, armrest covers, bench covers, and much more.




Shop No. 34134A, 34134B, Floor 2, Gate No. Annex, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4)







7. Zhejiang Jinxianglai Clothing Corporation Ltd

Zhejiang Jinxianglai Clothing Corporation Ltd has extensive experience of 9 years as a supplier of clothing products. It was founded in 1992, and it is located in Yiwu International trade city, Niansanli. 

The company relies on excellent product quality, strict management, and advanced technology managed to win the praise and trust of global customers including Russia, Japan, Korea, United States, Italy, Spain, France, and other countries.

The supplier’s main products include scarves, beach towels, Joe willing towel, herringbone cotton towel, scarf for men, shawls scarf prints, chiffon scarf, women’s silk scarves, Doris long scarf, towel, and small towel, etc.




 Shop No. 50910, Street 7, Floor 5, Gate No. 87, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4)





8. Yiwu Change Commodity Co., Ltd

Aiming for a clean environment, the company deals with a wide range of customers, including reputed large brand wholesalers, 1 yuan stores, supermarkets, brand dealers, and advertising agencies.

The commodities it is supplying to wholesalers include cuffs, aprons, dish towels, bath towels, hair bands, small square towels, sports towels, makeup remover gloves, car towels, microwave gloves, electric glass wipe cloth, and other microfiber products.


Shop No. 36885, Street 30, Floor 2, Gate No. 74, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4). 








9. Honghao Underwear Firm

Honghao underwear firm is enjoying a high reputation due to its high-end products and a stable long-term relationship with established corporations. It believes in little profit and significant turnover to win the trust of global customers.

The firm is mainly producing intimate wear, such as men’s underwear and briefs, women’s underwear, children’s underwear, other series of similar products, including cotton modal milk wire, ice wire, etc.


Shop No. 51567, Floor 5, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4)







10. Xinwu Home Textile Firm

The firm is dealing with wholesale dealers and retailers and offering foreign trade centers. The main products range from bed linen, table runner, tablecloth, pillow cover, cushion cases, placemats, table, and living room decoration kit supplies with five cover pieces.


 Shop No. 62370, Street 5, Floor 2, Gate No. 103, Markets International Trade Mart (District 5).







11. Yizhixiu towel firm

Yizhixiu towel firm is a universal towel production company and registered trademark of ‘one show’ famous brand of towels. The company has a sound management system for its customer support team and supplying wholesalers around the globe.

Yizhixiu Towel firm has a god management team, and the marketing team for customer satisfaction. The sales headquarter is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang province of China. The company supplies the products throughout the country and exports its premium quality towels to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Korea, and other regions of the world.

The main products include towels of all kinds, such as bath towels, small square towels, hanging towels, hand towels, dry towels, and towel gift sets. The products are loved and praised by the customers due to their design strength, diversified packing style, and prototype to production professionals.


Shop no. 42316street 13, floor 3, gate no., markets international trade mart (district 4).





12. Wei Wei hat industry

The company is the wholesale supplier and specialized in a huge variety of hats, scarves, shoes, berets, jazz hats, and bags. You can find almost every kind of hat, including summer foldable sun protection hats, sports caps, men and women new and trendy four-season caps.

Other varieties of hats include kid’s denim hats, baseball caps, children’s cotton peaked caps, sun-proof hats, etc.


 No. 17-1 Wuai Road, Yiwu City






13. Red Cocoa Apparel

Red cocoa apparel mainly deals with clothing and is a wholesale dealer of ladies’ apparel. The products that it caters are pajamas, scarves, double-faced cashmere coats, bottoming shirts, leggings, underwear, skirts, trendy winter high neck, and velvet pajamas.




Shop No. Y4-1017, Street 15, Floor 4, Gate No. 19, Markets Yiwu Huangyuan Market. 



14. Yiwu Mingtai Bags Co, Ltd

Yiwu Mingtai Bags Co, Ltd is a professional supplier of Amoy source, Amoy factory, and cross-border e-commerce. They are a sourcing factory of bags with amazing discounts in prices.

The vast collection of bags includes makeup bags, matching makeup bags, glow in the dark makeup bags, brush bags, PVC gift bags, mommy bags, bag packs, makeup boxes, indentation makeup bags, storage bags, and wash bags, shoulder bags, cosmetic pouches, etc. 


Shop No. 11317, Street 8, Floor 1, Gate No. 32, Markets International Trade Mart (District 2). 






15. Shanghai Xiqiu Textile Co., Ltd. 

Seal ball towels is a self-marketing company that was founded in 1990. It collaborated with the Chinese dream in 2014 and turned out to be the Authorization of Chinese dream enterprises. 

The company is supplying specialized towels, bath towels, microfiber towels, child towels, square towels, advertising towels, gift sets of towels, wedding towels, bamboo towels, beach towels, cotton towels, and hotel towels.


Shop No. 42136, Street 5, Floor 3, Gate No. 87, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4).








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