Face Towels are a small item but are in major demand. Face towels are products that have just recently shown a boom in sales. 

This product is not only in demand but also a fashion accessory for many. 

Hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, and departmental stores are just a few places face towels are needed. 

Many of these businesses need a variety of face towels.  Different sizes, colors, textures, and materials are required. 

Down below, are the top five suppliers of wholesale face towels.  


1.    Axis Hometex

Axis Hometex is a wholesale supplier of face towels with skills in OEM and ODM. They were founded in 2008. Located in India, Axis Hometex offers exceptional quality cotton with the best loom of thread count. Their main categories of products include majorly face towels, but also include textiles, fabrics, and clothing.

Axis Hometex provides its services to many places which include Africa, Australia, Central, and South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and many others.  Their name is a trusted and appreciated name in the supplier of wholesale face towel business.

Contact Details:

Address: 91 Sec-29 Part-1, HUDA Panipat 132103

Find the link to their page here.



2.  Zhejiang Yanchu Brand Management Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yanchu Brand Management Co., Ltd. is also known as Yerona Towel, was founded in 2015.  They have 18 years of professional experience in the towel manufacturing and supplying business.

They specialize in all towels including face towels. They provide wholesale supply in many countries such as Spain, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Italy just to name a few major ones.

Yerona Towel also is found on many websites such as Alibaba.  Customers and long-time clients can change the towels’ details according to their desire. They can also change the color, size, and packaging.

This major wholesale supplier is bringing in annual revenue of 4600000 USD.

They have been part of many trade shows as well such as the Hong Kong Gift Show and the Canton Fair.

Zhejiang Yanchu Brand Management Co., Ltd. is verified by TUV Rheinland. Yerona towel is a wholesale supplier that is known worldwide and is continuing to rise to the top.

Contact Details:

Address: Room 315, Building 1, No. 2, Zhongliang Rd., Quzhou, Zhejiang, China

Find the link to their page here.



3.  Best Metropolitan Linen

Best Metropolitan Linen carries this family-run business for over thirty years. They have built a rental-based towel company.  Known especially in the tri-state area of the United States, they also provide their services worldwide.

They provide linen services to mainly food and beverage places such as Michelin-rated restaurants.

They carry exceptional quality face towels which make their customers come back for more wholesale orders.

Their customer service is also very on point with excellent delivery times.  There is no minimum order which makes it easy for their clients to order less or more.

The Best Metropolitan linen also provides and promises complete satisfaction. They fight to make sure their face towels meet international standards.

Contact Details:

Call: 888- 71LINEN

Address: Madison Ave, Hempstead, NY 11550-4812



4.  Monarch Brands

Monarch Brands are wholesalers and manufacturers of microfiber, commercial linen, and institutional towels.  They have very good quality towels. The material used is either microfiber, linen, or cotton.

Their value-priced towels are used in hotels, schools, and offices. Microfiber material is more sanitary. It also benefits the environment.

They control the manufacturing process from yarn to stitching. Their knowledge makes it easy for them to be the first step for their customers’ supply chain.

Monarch Brands also use millions of pounds of material due to their high demand. Their consumers also value their honesty in their customer service.

Monarch Brands also offer wholesale rates which make customers come back to them for more face towels.

Contact Details:

Call: (866) 412-4414

Address: 11350 Norcom Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154

Find the link to their page here.


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