With a short, dense, and soft pile, velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics on the market. Natural fibers, such as cotton, are used to weave the softest velvet.

Since silk was initially used to make velvet, the words “softness” and “luxury” are often used interchangeably. Velvet was once reserved for royalty and the aristocracy because of its high cost of production. 

There are a variety of velvets on the market nowadays, depending on how the fabric is created and whatever fiber it is made from.

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The several types of velvet include crushed, panne, embossed, and stretch, as well as patterned, in which the individual piles are trimmed to a different length.


1. CenturyImports 2010

By combining the highest standards of craftsmanship with a keen eye for aesthetics, Centuryimports 2010 offers a superior level of customer care in the delivery of high-end bedding and china designed specifically for you. Their goal is to help you develop a look that will last a lifetime.

In order for your home to be a true reflection of your personal style, the company’s mission is to curate a diverse and esthetic collection that includes everything from rare antiques to high-end designer furniture and home decor.

Century Imports’ narrative is unique since it was born out of a strong sense of value, style, and quality, as well as a deep desire to collect. As a result of the public’s fascination with the founder’s sense of fashion and interior design, the company expanded rapidly.

Women began to inquire about where to purchase the products they wanted. The Saturday morning ritual of gathering around a cup of joe to obtain advice from each other on how to update their home decor has grown into a business partnership with merchants. 

In 2001, informal sharing of knowledge and connections grew into online sales, and then into the firm that Centuryimports is present.

Century has cultivated long-term relationships with a variety of manufacturers and wholesalers. As a result, they are able to provide their customers high-quality velvet, linen, and tableware at reasonable pricing.

Every day, new things are put on sale. To inquire about specific items, such as discontinued designer bedding or china, please feel free to contact them at any time. It is important to them that you are satisfied with their work. 

Contact Info:

Address: PO BOX 604872, Bayside, NY 11360, United States of America

TEL: 646-573-0105

Website: https://www.centuryimports2010.com

2. Cotton Incorporated

Since its inception in 1970, Cotton Incorporated has been a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of worldwide cotton production. Research and development, as well as promotion of cotton, is sponsored by cotton growers and importers in the United States.

Cotton Incorporated is a non-producing, non-selling corporation. In other words, not even basic cotton t-shirts are allowed in their Shop Cotton area. However, they are pleased to share shops and businesses that sell things that are at least 60% cotton rich.

This century’s cotton business in the United States shows little resemblance to that in previous ones. Cotton manufacturing in the United States now is a high-tech, ecologically friendly sector that produces textile fabric, animal feed, and food for the world’s expanding population.

As an EOE, they’ve worked with racially and body-diverse Influencers on social media, as well as casting for video projects, to represent the various populations of America in their marketing.

Contact Info:

Website: https://thefabricofourlives.com/

3. brrr

Founded in 2014 by Mary-Cathryn Kolb, brrr° is a company dedicated to the research and development of revolutionary cooling fabric technology. brrr° currently has a library of more than 500 fabrics that can be created to your exact needs.

brrr° is always innovating in the field of cooling technology. Brrr° Pro, the company’s most advanced product to date, was released in 2020. brrr° Pro’s improved cooling minerals, hyper wicking, and performance drying make it a superior choice. 

More than 1,000 kg of yarn were tested over the course of more than three years of research and development to create brrr° Pro. brrr° Pro routinely surpasses the competition in impartial third-party testing.

By EY, CNBC’s Upstart 100, Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s “Backed by ATL” Accelerator Program, and countless other respected publications they are thrilled to be recognized as a prominent innovator and fast-growing startup.

Contact Info:

Address: North America, 550 Pharr Road NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, Georgia  30305-3244

TEL: 731-434-brrr (2777)

Website: https://www.brrr.com/

4. Silk Resource

From Scalamandre to Brunschwig & Fil, Lee Jofa to Coraggio, Old World Weavers to Cowtan & Tout to Kravet and the rest of the major design firms, they carry only the finest designer fabrics and wallpapers. 

Discounts of 30 to 90 percent off the retail price and exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

Contact Info:

Email: silkresouce2@gmail.com

TEL: +1-215-720-6235

Address: PO BOX 890, Redway,CA  95560

Website: https://silkresource.com/

5. B&J Fabrics

Each image is carefully color-corrected to match the fabric’s color and quality as precisely as possible, as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence. So even if a fabric appears flawless on the screen, it may not be. No returns will be permitted once the cloth has been cut, thus they strongly recommend getting samples before placing an order.

Contact Info:

Address: 525 7th Ave New York NY, corner of 38th / 2nd floor

Call: 1-212-354-8150 / 1-240-434-0249

Website: http://bandjfabrics.com

6. BIG Z Fabric

They guarantee fantastic prices, flawless quality, and sincere service based on their many years of experience. Their website was created solely to provide their consumers with a visual representation of their products from thousands of kilometers away. 

By creating clear fabric descriptions, providing client photographs of fabric creations, and offering reasonable samples with free shipping, they take the hassle out of ordering fabric online.

Fabric buying has never been easier, more pleasurable, or more accessible than it is with Big Z Fabric. Take a look around their website and look through their huge range of life-changing materials.

They learn more about their clients and their changing needs by responding to inquiries.

Contact Info:

Call: (844) 244-9322 

Email: bigzfabric@gmail.com

Website: https://bigzfabric.com/

7. Fabric Planet

At myfabricplanet.com, they are dedicated to safeguarding your personal information. For whatever reason, they do not sell, trade, or otherwise share your personal information with anybody.

Fabric Planet has a 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days to request a return after receiving your order.

Contact Info:

Email: customerservice@myfabricplanet.com

TEL: (310) 310-3049

Address: 423 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice California, 90291 United States

Website: https://www.myfabricplanet.com

8. Luxury Fabric

Luxury Fabrics has grown into a well-established firm in the heart of the fabric district in Downtown Los Angeles. Their two-story retail store, which features never-before-seen quality, pricing, and selection, has been praised by LA’s finest designers across the board.

Hand-picked and inspired by the newest European trends, their broad selection of the freshest and most exclusive textile designs. 

They have it all, from linen and silk to jacquards and chenilles, in a wide selection of colors and designs.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.luxuryfabricsla.com/

9. Fabric Empire

Fabric Empire is a Los Angeles-based company that is regarded as one of the greatest suppliers for all fabric and textile needs for both homes and businesses. 

Their company has been in the textile and fabric market for over 30 years, and they are known for bringing only the highest quality textiles and fabrics that are both stylish and inexpensive.

Their objective is to use E-Commerce to serve more families and businesses, making their products more accessible to practically everyone, which is why the online fabric store was created. Fabric Empire is a fantastic place to get all of your fabric requirements met!

Contact Info:

Address: 729 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Tel:  213-670-0002 / 213-670-0003

Email: sales@fabricempire.com

Website: https://www.fabricempire.com/

10. Blue Moon

When Blue Moon first opened its doors 20 years ago, they made it a top priority to offer the best textiles at the best pricing to its consumers.

Blue Moon Fabrics has revolutionized the way you shop for textiles by being able to collaborate with both large and small designers.

Contact Info:

Address: 933 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90015

TEL: (213) 892-0401

Website: https://www.bluemoonfabrics.com/


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