Fabric is the key element of any fashion industry and finding the perfect fabric for your designs is a lucky charm. There are now specific fabrics used for specific clothing design, which has led to the fabric industry being so vast.

Finding the right fabric for your clothing is a difficult task, being right doesn’t always mean the fabric will have the quality and purity as well, you have to search hard for suppliers who give you all in one fabric; material, stretch, durability and sustainability.

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If you are searching for wholesale suppliers of fabric, you have come across the right article. The article has discussed some of the top wholesale suppliers of fabric in New York, keep reading to find out more.

List of suppliers and vendors of wholesale fabric in New York:

  • Ron-Tex Fabric
  • MJ Cahn Co
  • Zelouf
  • Lefkovits Co
  • Fabric World USA


1.             Ron-Tex Fabric

Ron-Tex Fabric is a very well known wholesaler of quality fashion fabric based in New York. The brand is a direct importer and wholesaler of fabric. They have a large inventory and a variety of fabrics ready for immediate fast delivery.

Ron-Tex Fabric supplies its fabric to boutiques, sportswear brands, fabric stores, party coordinators, event planners and florists. They have a range of fabrics; chiffon, printed, mesh, lining, fleece and much more.

Ron-Tex is trusted by buyers all around the US. They keep a friendly and professional relationship with their clients and never compromise on the quality or standard of their products.

Contact Details

Call: 212 730 1171

Email: sales@ron-tex.com

Address: 251 West, 39th street, New York, NY 10018.

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2.             MJ Cahn Co

MJ Cahn Co was founded in 1933, they are a third-generation wholesale textile company. They deal in a variety of fabrics and supply them for general fashion purposes, crafts and industrial purposes. They have a large inventory with thousands of designs and materials.

Some of the materials they sell include denim, flannels, broadcloth, corduroy, linen, fleece and a lot more. MJ Cohn offers great deals and prices for their materials while making sure that their products are as durable as promised.

They sell their materials to large businesses as well as the general public, their prices are friendly but are based on the quantity of the fabric bought ranging from 10-10,000 yards. MJ Cohn is a well-established name in the wholesale market of fabric.

Contact Details

Call: 212 563 7292

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3.             Zelouf

Zelouf is a daughter company of a very well established company, Zelouf international that has been serving garment manufacturers with made to order fabrics for over 35 years. Zelouf is a mass wholesaler and retailer of fabric, they immediately supply the ordered products depending on their availability of it.

They have a variety of fabrics that are specifically designed by a team of designers while keeping the ongoing and upcoming fashion trends. They manufacture a huge variety of fabrics ranging from chiffon, cotton, crepe, interlock, jacquard, ottoman and many more.

Their manufacturing goes under strict check and control to ensure quality and avoid errors. They have been supplying bulk and made to orders all around the USA, being the best in business.

Contact Details

Call: 212 221 3131

Email: info@zouffabrics.com

Address: 225 West 37th St, New York, NY 10018.

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4.             J.lefkovits & Co

J.lefkovits and Co is a family business serving the fashion industry for around two decades. They are a wholesaler of fabrics supplied all around America.

They have a vast variety of fashion fabrics including solids, prints, floral, charmeuse and wool. Their fabric is guaranteed to be made with top quality raw materials and is known to be durable. They maintain their quality standards to keep up with their customer base.

J.lefkovits is a trusted supplier worldwide, they supply their extraordinary products to well-known fashion brands at very reasonable wholesale rates.

Contact Details

Call: 212 354 2004

Email: jlefkovits@gmail.com

Address: 257 W, 39th St, New York, NY 10018.

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5.             Fabric World USA

Fabric world is a very well known fashion brand based in the USA, they have been supplying wholesale fabric to fashion brands and boutiques all over the US. They are armed with quality spandex, spandex prints, hologram, sequins, wedding dress fabrics and a lot more.

They keep up with the fashion industry keeping their inventory filled with the latest materials and designs. By considering consumer demand they update their inventory every week with new and latest designs and prints.

Fabric world is one of the leading and most trusted suppliers of fabrics, they specialise in spandex and have a variety of spandex available. In the heart of New York is the most trusted supplier of fabric.

Contact Details

Call: 212 398 3006


Address: 256 W. 38th street New York, NY 10018. It

Find the link to their page here.


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