Varsity Jackets, dubbed the “winner’s uniform,” were typically worn as part of sports, academics, or extracurricular activities uniforms at high schools and universities. Over the years, it has experienced substantial changes.

From being a prestige symbol in any educational setting to becoming a fashion must-have. You’ve probably seen the Varsity Jacket in its natural environment if you’ve ever watched a Hollywood film set in a high school or university.

It all began in 1865 as uniforms for the Harvard Baseball Team, complete with the famous letter “H” sewn on them. Of fact, it was originally a woven sweater or pullover known as a ‘Letterman Sweater aka Varsity Sweater’ that changed through time.

Fabrics, design, and size of the initialing have changed from a large, prominent alphabet to a more subtle but distinctive appearance it has now. What hasn’t changed over the years is the sentiment tied to this famous style, which will go on for years to come.

It would be an understatement to say that its continuous evolution and change has been fascinating. Varsity Jackets have evolved and developed since their introduction in the mid-80s to accommodate a wide range of styles, designs, and personalized engravings while keeping the timeless qualities that have made them famous. For other wholesale clothing products, check out this article.

To ensure you are able to keep up with the demands of buyers, Fashion Manufacturing brings to you a list of wholesale varsity jackets vendors and suppliers.

List of wholesale varsity jackets vendors and suppliers:

  1. Stylewise Direct
  2. Beyond Retro
  3. Augusta Sportswear
  4. EthicStar
  5. Garment Embroidery

Stylewise Direct

Stylewise Direct is on a mission to become your go-to source for wholesale women’s fashion and clothing, and to give you with a level of service that no other wholesaler can match! Their full variety of women’s apparel includes wholesale dresses, footwear, coats, jackets, tops, playsuits, and jumpsuits, among other things, so you can get everything you need in one spot.

Stylewise Direct, founded in Manchester in 2001, has developed tremendously, selling women’s wholesale fashion and clothes to customers ranging from small independents and boutiques to multi-million pound high street and retail businesses all over the world.

Stylewise Direct has a deep grasp of what it takes to make your business succeed, thanks to their significant history and expertise in the fashion industry. Their designs are inspired by the world’s top fashionistas and celebrities, ensuring that you never sell out-of-date merchandise.

Customer service, shipping, and quality control at Stylewise Direct are unrivaled in the business, allowing you to acquire products ahead of the competition and gain a competitive advantage. Every week, they release hundreds of new models and ensure that the prices are the most competitive in the market, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

They work with each client on a one-on-one basis to give them with all of the services they require to expand their company. They are always improving their online and offline services, not just to provide a better service, but also to make things easier for you so you can spend more time building and growing your business!

Contact Info:

Address: Unit 2, 30 Broughton Street, Manchester M8 8NN, England, UK


TEL: +44 (0)161 834 3840


Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro’s one-of-a-kind culture is based on one secret ingredient: their innovative, self-driven people who propel our company forward! They’ve earned a reputation as a forward-thinking retailer with a rock ‘n’ roll heart, specializing in 20th-century fashion in all its splendour. Fearless individuals with bundles of creative potential and a real enthusiasm for distinctive flair are drawn to this reputation.

Beyond Retro has been flying the flag for originality since 2002, and we like to push the boundaries of what we can achieve, from the original fashion we handpick from all over the world to our ever-changing retail experience.

Their unique blend of trend-driven, customer-driven, and sustainable fashion sets them apart and creates a devoted following.

They are certain that the magic spark that creates Beyond Retro is ignited by their creative and brilliant staff. During their time with Beyond Retro, the company assists their employees in developing professionally and passing on any vital skills that will make their work life more pleasurable and successful.

Their teams are full with budding stars, so they keep their eyes peeled for opportunities for advancement.

Beyond Retro operates with honesty and upholds the highest ethical standards. They are trailblazers in the sustainable fashion community and beyond, not followers. In the vintage sector, they set the bar high and challenge fashion shops to develop new and ethical ways to do business.

Contact Info:

Address: 92-100 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB
TEL: +44 020 7729 9001

Augusta Sportswear

The objective of Augusta Sportswear is to promote a physically active lifestyle, healthy families, and connected communities. Their family of brands offers a complete source for performance and athletic gear and uniforms as a premier designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-performance active wear and spirit wear for teams, coaches, athletes, fans, and corporate purposes.

Their method is straightforward. Bring in the greatest people to create incredible things that they can tell the world about in a way that is truly motivating.

Contact Info:

Tel: 800-237-6695




EthicStar Ltd has a large selection of emo alternative clothes as well as a large selection of plain apparel such as varsity jackets, hooded sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, and hooded sweatshirt zippers, all of which are available for next day delivery in the UK and Europe.

They deal with the TRADE and give trade customers amazing deals. They will send you to their retail site if you are seeking for smaller orders for personal use. The goods are sent the same day if you order and pay with a credit card or an online bank transfer.

Orders can be sent to, faxed to (0208 519 1489), or called in (0208 519 1488)

EthicStar Ltd has been dealing and delivering varsity jackets for 25 years, as well as embroidering blank clothes and collaborating with famous merchants and merchandising organizations.

The company is based in East London, United Kingdom, and has just added an Emo apparel line to their inventory. Emo clothing, goth clothing, punk clothing, rockabilly clothing, and Emo Drainpipe Skinny Jeans are just a few of the genres and collections available. The webpage for the Skinny Drainpipe jeans has recently been updated.

Contact Info:

Address: Unit 11, Abbey Trading Point, Canning Road, London, E15 3NW, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 (0)208 519 1488

Fax: +44 (0)208 519 1489



Garment Embroidery

Did you know that if your logo appears on a Varsity Jacket or other retail item, potential clients and customers are more likely to remember your brand?

Using printed promotional materials to take care of your branding can be a great way to promote your company. By encouraging your customers to wear your logo, you’ll be able to market your business for free!

This is Garment Embroidery, and they make companies, teams, and businesses appear good by providing high-quality, long-lasting customized and branded clothes.

They assist agencies, marketing specialists, and companies in achieving campaign objectives and maximizing brand guidelines and brand awareness.

Through their quick response account management staff, Garment Embroidery operates as an extension of your business or project team, ensuring that all requirements and demands are met.

They can achieve tight deadlines without stress and provide unmatched professional customer service, allowing clients to focus on other things while we focus on what we do best.

Their goal is to make companies and teams seem good by paying close attention to detail, quality, and pricing.

Garment Embroidery has over 40 years of combined managerial expertise in customization techniques like as printing, embroidery, bespoke cut and sew, and specific personalisation such as labeling, relabeling, bagging, and tagging.

Furthermore, they are experts in a variety of printing techniques, including all-over printing, DTG, screen printing, and vinyl printing.

Garment Embroidery provides a high-quality, multi-brand variety of varsity jackets, blank clothes, and items to fulfill the needs of a wide range of clients. They have promotional T-shirts and personalised sportswear, as well as printed uniforms and personalised workwear, to meet your specific needs.

They offer an amazing team that will follow you through the entire purchasing process, in addition to the greatest supplies and printing techniques. Garment Embroidery specializes in varsity jackets and advises clients on the best supplies and printing procedures to save time and money while ensuring that the project’s final result is as unique as your brand.

Contact Info:

Addresses: 96 Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, SS0 7LP

TEL: 0800 002 9585




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