Skinny jeans can give you the illusion of being long and lean, and the allure of a feminine silhouette if you pair them with the right tops and footwear for your shape and height.

Skinny jeans are the not-so-basic wardrobe essential that is on every women’s denim dream list. So, if you want to outshine others, you must enhance your store’s skinny jeans collection.

Let all the gorgeous ladies visiting your store flaunt their body shapes with the amazing fits of skinny jeans.

Also, check out our article on wholesale jeans suppliers in LA!

We have found wholesale vendors and suppliers that offer amazing quality skinny jeans available in many designs that you will love. 

List of wholesale skinny jeans vendors & suppliers:

  • LA Style Book
  • Blue Age Denim
  • Best Sellers Wholesale
  • Wholesale Sock Deals
  • Diamante Jeans
  • Jeans Gems Wholesale
  • J5Fashion

1.      LA Style Book

LA Style Book offers wholesale stylish and trendy skinny jeans that are very budget-friendly and extremely low priced.

Whether you are a fan of ripped jeans or distressed style, they provide a stunning collection of wholesale skinny jeans in a wide range of shades from icy blue to grey.

They are known for their quality material that offers stretch, comfort, and style to their customers with more curvy figures.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 213-627-9400


Address: 921 Crocker Street, Suite # 17, Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States.

2.      Blue Age Denim

Blue Age Denim is a fashion manufacturer and wholesale supplier that provides skinny jeans that are trendy yet very cost-effective without compromising comfort for style.

Their skinny jeans are so comfortable and have high rating customer reviews and feedback on their products.

Their denim jeans are amazing body shaping skinny jeans that have a nice stretch and real functional pockets. They also offer ripped and distressed denim styles.

Contact info:



Address: 1345 E 16th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States.

3.      Best Sellers Wholesale

Best Sellers Wholesale delivers the bestselling fashion apparel to its customers around the globe. Their products are all made of high-quality materials and sold at wholesale prices.

They offer a complete range of stylish apparel including skinny jeans, tops, jumpsuits, dresses, and much more.

They carry high-quality skinny jeans in an extensive range of sizes to fit women of all silhouettes using the finest fabrics, offering you an easy to wear and comfortable pair of jeans designed to withstand the wear and tear of time.

Contact info:

Tel: 305-944-1616



Address: 19501 NE 10th Ave, Suite 106 North Miami, FL 33160, United States.

4.      Wholesale Sock Deals

Wholesale Sock Deals provides the greatest range of top-quality skinny jeans, socks, hosiery, and apparel at affordable prices to its customers.

Their range of wholesale skinny jeans is of exceptional quality and available in all kinds of styles.

From skinny ripped jeans to high waisted distressed jeans, they got everything covered with the most comfortable fabrics and an amazing fit.

Contact info:

Tel: 855-457-6257



Address: 2240 East 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11229, United States.

5.      Diamante Jeans

Diamante Jeans is a manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler of quality apparel. Their ultimate goal is to import as well as manufacture jeans with the best quality and styles for their customers.

As a manufacturer of jeans, they work hard to bring better designs and quality. They invest aggressively in the designs and development of their products which made them quite well-known in the market as a company with the best designs.

Their skinny jeans are a must-have, giving you a feminine and chic look. These jeans are fashionable, sensual, have premium quality, and are made of super soft and flexible fabric.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 213 746 6505


Address: 926 Crocker St, Los Angeles, California, 90021, United States.

6.      Jeans Gems Wholesale

Jeans Gems Wholesale is known for its extensive wholesale range of skinny jeans available in many styles to compliment every woman’s body shape.

For their skinny jeans, they use high-quality materials and fabrics that are absolutely comfortable and flexible.

Their skinny jeans are also available in plus size and high waisted options as well as distressed and ripped denim.

Contact info:

Tel: 92 321-323



Address: Unit 1602 12 Southend Arterial Rd, Rumford, RM3 0BX, United Kingdom.

7.      J5Fashion

J5Fashion is a leading wholesale fashion supplier, selling both men’s and women’s clothing including plus size options at lowest wholesale prices

They offer high quality skinny jeans in classic and unique designs that are absolutely comfortable and slim fit.

Their skinny jeans are on-trend and fashionable to no end. Their jeans are also available in distressed and ripped denim.

Contact info:

Tel: +44-746-689-1552



Address: 132 Broughton Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8 8AN, United Kingdom.



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