Buying swimwear wholesale and ending up with faulty, damaged articles is nothing less than a catastrophe. For other types of wholesale garments in LA, Check out this article.

So, if you too are looking to avoid that sort of a nightmare, don’t forget to check out this list.

List of Bulk & Wholesale Swimwear Vendors in Los Angeles:

  • ReeBees
  • StylishSwimwear
  • Marina West
  • For ENVY
  • Tasha Apparel

1.      ReeBees

ReeBees Swimwear is a women’s swimwear supplier in the United States with a registered TRADE MARK. They always pay close attention to the most recent trends and provide their shops with high-quality swimwear.

They supply swimwear to a number of well-known AMERICA fashion boutiques as well as MEXICO and SOUTH AMERICA retailers. They have been dedicated to offering their consumers with better service and merchandise.

ReeBees Swimwear works with a number of professional swim factories in China to provide swimwear that is of high quality, affordable, and attractive. They accept special orders and OEM orders with a minimum order quantity.

Contact Info:

Address: 782 E. 12TH STREET, LOS ANGELES, California 90021

TEL: 213-765-9765



2.      StylishSwimwear

Stylish Swimwear Inc. is pleased to welcome you. They are a quality women’s swimwear importer/wholesaler based in the heart of the Los Angeles Wholesale Fashion District.

They have the most up-to-date and fashionable styles in ladies swimwear, and their products are manufactured of high-quality fabrics at affordable costs.

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Stylish swimwear caters to internet businesses, tiny elegant boutiques, chain stores, and large department stores, all of which receive the same excellent customer care.

Contact Info:


TEL: (213) 765-0988


3.      Marina West

Liz Park, a mother of two turned designer, and her husband Kevin Park founded Marina West Swim in 1995. Marina West is sold at a variety of department stores and boutiques around the world, as well as online merchants.

All of their swimsuits are created in the heart of Los Angeles’ Fashion District, where they get the majority of their ideas.

At Marina West, you’ll discover everything from feminine styles in tropical floral prints to a more sporty look thanks to collaborations with the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and other professional sports leagues.

They are committed to offering various and unique styles to their lovely consumers as they continue to expand.

Contact Info:

Address: 810 E. Pico Blvd # 123 Los Angeles, CA 90021 (Stanford Plaza)

TEL: 213.746.1947



4.      For ENVY

ForENVY believes that when it comes to spectacular clothes, you can have the best of all worlds: high style AND reasonable pricing. That is why they offer you their exclusive discounts on high-end designer clothing!

ForENVY proudly features Gottex Swimwear, one of the most renowned names in swimwear history, respected for decades in star-studded Hollywood on movie screens in famous poolside moments, and proudly carries multiple designer lines each season.

You can now be the first to get new and discontinued Gottex styles, including the instantly recognizable, glamorous Gottex one-piece swimsuit, or sexy monokini, bikini, and tankini set, Swim separates in tops and bottoms, and the Gottex Beachwear line of elegantly-styled 100 percent silk cover-ups…all are here, and all at incredible prices.

So, add some glitz to your swimwear and beachwear, and make the entire world envious of you because they know how stunning you are!

Their curated swimwear and beachwear collections highlight your beauty, allure, charisma, individuality, and style.

Please don’t hesitate to contact them; they’ll make sure every envious detail is at your fingertips, leaving nothing out, for the best online experience you’ve ever had.

Contact Info:

Address: 210 E OLYMPIC BLVD. #217, LOS ANGELES, CA 90015



5.      Tasha Apparel

Leading department stores, high street chains, boutiques, and online fashion sites all stock Tasha Apparel’s collections. Since the launching of Tasha Apparel in 2005 and the introduction of in 2008, their ‘work smart’ ethic and marketing know-how has resulted in a quick expansion of their customer base globally.

Tasha Apparel’s in-house stylist, ZOJ, has a background in fashion design for some of the industry’s greatest names, and Uziel’s combined deep understanding of fashion trends and market demands has solidified Tasha Apparel’s place as one of the country’s leading fashion distributors.

Tasha Apparel prides itself on spotting important trends as soon as they appear on the runways – and delivering them just as quickly! Tasha Apparel is likewise focused on celebrity fashions, and they are pleased to be among the first to have fantastic “look-alikes” ready for the market practically as soon as they walk the Red Carpet.

Tasha Apparel has over 15 years of experience and can give you with the latest styles and current trends at a reasonable price. The in-house style team recognizes the importance of ladies looking their best at prices that are accessible to everybody.

Contact Info:

Address: 6901 McKinley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90001

TEL: +1 (213) 378-6774




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