Soccer is also known as football in many countries, the game has been known for centuries and is immensely loved and appreciated by people all over the world. The soccer uniform is a jersey made shirt and shorts, which are the most appropriate while playing the game.

Soccer uniforms are supplied all around the globe to schools, colleges, private teams and also to official players and clubs. The demand is always there for these uniforms.

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If you are looking hard to find an appropriate trustworthy supplier of soccer uniforms, then this article can help you out. The article has listed a few suppliers of soccer uniforms who supply them wholesale.

List of manufacturers,suppliers and vendors of wholesale soccer uniforms:

  • MTH Sports
  • Gag wears
  • The Soccer Factory
  • Good worth Sports


1.             MTH Sports

MTH was founded 20 years ago by a former CA Sports employee Basharat Ali. The company has been manufacturing jerseys, uniforms, on and off-field wear, and much more. They are known all around the world for their great quality uniforms.

They manufacture soccer uniforms as well which are supplied all around the world, they use top quality mesh fabric and polyester for the manufacturing process. MTH also provide customisation facilities, allowing their customers to choose colours and get their names and logos printed on the jersey.

MTH has maintained quality and punctuality and has been known for its great service and affordable price ranges.

Contact Details

Call: 92 333 545 1245



2.             Gag wears

Gag Wears was founded in 1990, in India. The company manufactures quality sportswear and equipment for customers around the world including customers in the UK, Australia, Canada and Italy. Their major concern is maintaining the quality of their supplies.

Gag wear has a whole team of inspectors who closely monitor the manufacturing and packaging process to avoid mistakes and defects.

Gag Wear is known for its exceptional quality and services. They offer the most friendly rates along with customisation facilities for their customers to get their desired logos and names printed on the jerseys.

Contact Details

Call: 91 987 221 8555

Address: 41 Ram Sharnam Colony, Basti Danishmandar, Jalandar, 144002, Panjab, India.

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3.             The Soccer Factory

The soccer Factory was established in 2007, the company deals in all kinds of soccer items, from uniforms to shoes they make it all using top-quality materials ensuring that only the best products reach their customers.

They deal in a variety of soccer uniforms from jerseys, shoes, shirts, bags and outerwear. Soccer Factory uses the latest equipment to manufacture their uniforms while they keep struct check and control to ensure no uniform defects go unnoticed.

They are a well-known supplier of wholesale soccer uniforms based in San Antonio, Texas. They give true meaning to uniforms with their perfect stitch and quality.

Contact Details

Address: 12066 Starcrest Bldg 2, San Antonio, Texas.

Find the link to their page here.


4.             Good Worth Sports

Good Worth Sports is a sportswear manufacturer based in South Africa. They manufacture a range of sportswear from different uniforms, outerwear and jerseys including soccer uniforms.

Good Worth Sports maintain the quality and durability of the uniforms through strict checks and quality control. They use top-quality raw materials comprising mesh fabric and polyester.

Good Worth Sports has been providing its quality uniforms all around the world to teams, schools and colleges. They are trusted by their customers for their high-quality sportswear and outstanding customer service.

Contact Details

Call: 92 310 725 2654


Find the link to their page here.


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