Retailers have been searching for ways to increase sales and attract more customers.

One way to do this is by offering jewelry charms, which can be a really effective way of attracting attention.

Wholesale jewelry charms are perfect for retailers who are looking for a way to add some extra pizzazz to their displays.

These charms can be customized to match the style of the store, and they can also be used to promote specific products or services.

When selling jewelry charms, it is crucial to think about what your customers are looking for.

The shops listed below in this article boast an assortment of the trendiest, most elegant jewelry charms that no retailer would want to miss out on this wedding season!


Halstead was launched in 1973 and has been a family-run business ever since.

Apart from manufacturing other kinds of jewelry, Halstead has a knack for making jewelry charms.

They provide twenty different charm collections including tassels, celestial designs, heart charms, pet and animal charms, and many more.

You can also find charms made up of silver and gold in Halstead’s catalog.

Their quality is something that can be trusted blindly, as they run specific lab tests on each of their products to ensure that they all are of the same high quality.

Check out their website:

Nina Designs

Nina Designs have been supplying jewelry charms at wholesale rates since 1983.

They are a women-led company designing an extensive range of charms in silver as well as in different metals and alloys.

Nina Designs is an American-based company, but the manufacturing of its products does not happen in the US.

Although designed in America, the charms are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Thailand and Bali.

They have a wide variety of charms from which you can choose.

The best part about Nina Designs is that they provide free shipping all over America. Isn’t that great!

Check out their website:


Panda Hall stocks its products from a collective association of different factories and businesses, from where they sell wholesale charms and beads.

They have a wide variety of pendants and charms available in every design, style, theme, and material that you may want.

They also have a large collection of resin pendants, the material which is quite “in” nowadays.

Panda Hall also offers free shipping in the USA, Denmark, Italy, and many more countries, only if the shipping is done through the sea route.

They also offer discounts on purchases made if they exceed a specific amount which could be referred to from their website.

Check out their website:

Hobby Hall Crafts

Hobby Hall Crafts is a merger of two brands supplying charms, beads, and findings at reasonable rates.

All of the collections found at Hobby Hall Crafts have been handpicked by the owners so that their customers can get the best quality at the best prices.

They have an extensive collection of charms available, like Tibetan, Christmas, geometric, flowers, and many more.

They also offer the service of customization to their customers.

Hobby Hall Crafts offers a special discount of 30% on their shipping fee for orders above $349.

Check out their website:

Jewelry Supply

Jewelry Supply has been in the wholesale business of charms, pendants, and other materials needed to make jewelry for over forty years.

They have an extensive catalog of charms with more than twenty-six collections available.

Jewelry Supply sells charms in any kind of metal that you may want, silver, gold, base metal, cast pewter, and many more.

They have a prompt delivery system based in the US, delivering your purchases to your doorstep in one or two business days. However, it may take up to two-four weeks for international orders.

They also offer free shipping for purchases above $49 if the order is from the United States.

Check out their website:

ECHT Schmuk & Design

ECHT offers stainless steel and silver charms and pendants in bulk at different rates according to the complexity of the design and quality.

Their catalog features the most distinctive charms available under categories worth remembering.

Find these charms under the four most popular categories available on their website: gothic deluxe, urban style, hard and heavy, and magic and mystery.

They are an ideal stop to purchase products from if you are a fan of the Goth and biker culture.

ECHT prices can be a bit on the high-end as most of their products are made from sterling silver.

However, they do offer various types of discounts on orders above certain values.

Check out their website:

Harper Crown

Harper Crown has been manufacturing and supplying handmade charms to its customers for more than a decade.

They are one of the leading suppliers of charms at wholesale as well as retail rates.

Harper Crown offers charms made in an assortment of metals ranging from silver, gold-plated, gold-filled, brass, and many more.

They also have a wide variety of different themes of charms available that are inspired by religion, sea life, plants and flowers, and many more.

Harper Crown claims that you can find any style that you want in its collection.

However, if you don’t, they also offer the service of customization and name-engravement to their customers.

Check out their website:

Tierra Cast

Tierra Cast has existed as a brand specializing in designing and manufacturing charms and other kinds of jewelry for more than forty years.

They offer a jaw-dropping variety of charms, covering every possible theme you can imagine.

Tierra Cast offers many incentives to bulk buyers like wholesale pricing, additional annual discounts, and more.

They also have a unique shipping system that delivers products in just twenty-four hours if the order is to be shipped in any region of the US.

Check out their website:

House Of Gems

House of Gems offers charms and other kinds of jewelry and findings at pocket-friendly prices.

As they source their products directly from the manufacturers, their prices tend to be very affordable.

They offer charms in 4 different collections: gemstone, basement, sterling silver, and gold-filled.

They have various charms available on their website, but the collections aren’t as extensive as many other wholesale sellers.

However, they do offer the service of customization to their customers.

House of Gems offers free shipping in the USA for orders above $50.

However, international orders can also get various discounts based on the value of their purchases.

Check out their website:



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