Tired of combing through the stores for the perfect Wholesale Jewelry Supplier? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just take a look at our List of Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers & Vendors in the USA and make your life hassle-free. 

List of Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers & Vendors USA:

  • Element
  • DDFLimport
  • Pink Town
  • Faire
  • Wholesale Jewelry
  • JS World Trading
  • Top Trenz
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Blue Bell Wholesale
  • H&D Wholesale

1. Element

Element Body Jewelry wants your experience to be as one-of-a-kind and thrilling as you are. It’s tempting to accept the status quo in an industry plagued by long delivery delays, poor customer service, and unwelcoming stores that make ordering bespoke jewelry difficult.

Element Body Jewelry was founded with the goal of changing that. Element Body Jewelry refuses to settle for the industry norm, instead aiming to elevate the industry by delivering personalized jewelry faster, more reliably, with exceptional customer service, and the perfect edge. They’ve shortened the custom order turnaround time from eight to sixteen weeks to just two weeks.

They’ve created a space where you may feel free to be yourself and express your desires. They’ve staffed their business with skilled local artists: master artisans who will help you realize your vision.

Contact Info:

TEL: 833.944.2561

Email: contact@elementbodyjewelry.com

Website: https://elementbodyjewelry.com/

2. DDFLimport

DDFLimport.com is a retailer of wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories. They offer contemporary, trendy, and hot-selling items at wholesale pricing to their consumers.

Because of their high-quality items and excellent customer care before and after each transaction, many of their current customers are repeat customers.

They work hard to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible, and they are happy to address any questions or issues you may have.

Since 2005, they’ve been offering wholesale customers in the United States and abroad with fashion jewelry and accessories.

Contact Info:

Email: sales@ddflimport.com

TEL: 786-472-1888

Website: https://www.ddflimport.com/

3. Pink Town

In the heart of the NYC fashion district, Pinktownusa began serving businesses, stylists, and shops in 2012. Pinktownusa is now one of the nation’s major fashion accessory sellers.

Pinktown has a specific purpose in mind: to source and distribute cheap, unique jewelry and accessories. Colorful products in a variety of styles, including trendy, chunky, urban, tribal, and formal.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.pinktownusa.com/

TEL: (844) 765-8696

4. Faire

They inspire entrepreneurs all over the world to pursue their ambitions at Faire.

Faire was founded in 2017 with a clear goal in mind: to enable small businesses collaborate in order to compete on a more level playing field with Walmart and Amazon.

Faire is now an online platform where retailers may find their next best sellers from independent brands all over the world.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.faire.com/

5. Wholesale Jewelry

Costume jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, reading glasses, cosmetics, novelties, and closeout items are just a few of the items available at Wholesale Jewelry.

With over 10,000 items to meet your demands, their website is the world’s largest wholesale costume jewelry and accessory store.

Wholesale Jewelry values their consumers since they understand that the more money you make with them, the more you will buy. They seek to create long-term connections with clients and assist them in whatever manner they can with this in mind.

They provide a 100 percent guarantee so that you may shop with confidence on their website. If you are not totally pleased with your order after getting it, simply contact them within 7 days and return the unopened parcels within 14 days for a full refund.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-888-563-4411

Email: neworders@wholesalejewelry.net

Website: https://www.wholesalejewelry.net/

6. JS World Trading, Inc.

JS World Trading, Inc. is a wholesale fashion jewelry distributor dedicated to offering low wholesale prices on fashion jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, scarves, sandals, and other accessories.

Since 1988, they’ve been a family-owned business that continues to provide outstanding wholesale jewelry at reasonable pricing.

Contact Info:

Email: info@jsworldtrading.com

Website: https://www.jsworldtrading.com

7. Top Trenz, Inc

They keep up with the newest fashion trends and offer a whole variety of fashion accessories, hair accessories, fashion masks, fidget toys, OMG pop fidgety toys novelty items, garments, bags, and pillows.Corey and Jamie Glassberg, two brothers, own Top Trenz, Inc. In addition to Texas, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, Washington, New England, Atlanta, and Minneapolis, they have showrooms in Texas, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, Washington, New England, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

They can reassure their clients that they will continue to stay on top of what’s trending for the coming seasons and provide excellent customer service along with a high-quality product that can’t be found in the mass market, ensuring exclusivity for their product!

Contact Info:

Email: sales@toptrenz.com 

Website: https://www.toptrenz.com/

8. Designer Jewelry

They ship high-end exquisite fashion and costume jewelry all over the world, including stainless steel and.925 sterling silver.

Their excellent fashion jewelry is a higher-end, higher-quality product than that offered by many other brands.

They’ve been in business for almost 40 years and over 20 years on the internet. Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Austrian Crystal, International Designer Brands, and Designer Jewelry are their specialties.

Contact Info:

TEL: +1 (305) 278-7770

Website: https://www.designer-jewelry.com/

9. Blue Bell Wholesale

Bluebellwholesale.com was founded with the express objective of supplying the most up-to-date fashion products to retailers and resellers.

Their R&D department is continuously working to give the newest items at the most affordable pricing. They are based in the Metropolitan New York City area, where the latest fashion trends are born and spread across the world.

Contact Info:

Address: 815 Fairview Ave Unit 3, Fairview, NJ 07022

E-Mail : support@bluebellwholesale.com

Tel : (201) 804-0111

Website: https://www.bluebellwholesale.com/

10. H&D Wholesale

H&D Wholesale was founded with the sole objective of offering the most up-to-date fashion products to retailers and resellers.

They are a wholesale jewelry and accessories company that sells high-end boutique-style accessories. They specialize in import and export products and are based in Downtown Los Angeles.

Contact Info:

Address: 1111 Stanford Ave. #101, Los Angeles, CA 90021

TEL: 213-747-1271

Website: https://www.hndwholesale.com/


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