The world of fashion is not limited to clothes only. Clothes are just the basic component. The things that make a fit more stylish or trendy are the accessories and pieces of jewelry worn with an outfit.

The increasing popularity of jewelry has led many people to dip their hands in the gold pot of the hand-made or custom jewelry business.

The industry might have been around for ages but in this day and age, the demands have increased quite significantly. This means that the crafters and jewelers should always be prepared with all the materials, findings, beads, stones, and tools. 

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The question now is, where can one find these materials at reasonable prices? You’ll find the answer in this article. We have done our research which has helped us in creating this list of the top wholesale suppliers of beads in New York. We are sure you will find a supplier that suits all your needs. 

List of the top wholesale suppliers of beads in New York

  • American Bead Corporation
  • Bead Kraft
  • Gems Resources
  • Bead And Trim
  • Quest beads
  • Elvee Beads
  • Mariyam Jewels
  • Garnet Impex Inc
  • MJ Trim
  • Aurora Beads

1. American Bead Corporation

American Bead Corporation is one of the most trusted and sought-after wholesalers of beads in the country. The company has been around for 20 years. They have established a business around a customer-centric approach. This guarantees satisfaction and helps them achieve more success. 

The store is famous for having all kinds of beads. No matter how unique or difficult to find it may be, it will be available here; or they will find it for you. They have a variety of more than 25000 items of gemstone beads to choose from. The beads and stones are fully polished to achieve a smooth finish and the colors never fade. In short, the quality of the beads is excellent. 

Apart from the best quality of their products, they also ensure that their services are best too. Their delivery time is minimal. Their customer representatives help people find the beads they are looking for. And they offer a two-year warranty on every product! In this day and age where no one takes a guarantee for anything, let alone small beads, the company tries its best to replace a product if it’s ever faulty. 

They also have a great system in place to ensure that every product is re-stocked even before it goes out of stock. Just go take a look at their website and you’d definitely choose them as your supplier. 

Contact details

Address: American Bead Corp, 79 Madison Ave 8th Floor, New York NY 10016

Phone: 800-279-8960


Text : 917-392-3876

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2. Bead Kraft

Established in 1971, bead Kraft has been the leading supplier of craft materials as well as beads for decades. The aim with which the store was launched was to supply every kind of craft material for the ever-growing jewelry industry. So far, they have achieved this aim with honor and integrity. 

They have a wide variety of all kinds of craft assortments. From plain beads to gold-filled and sterling silver beads, from crystal and plastic beads to gemstones, from studs to Swarovski rhinestones, the store has it all. Its shelves are filled with lines upon lines of the prettiest stones used to enhance the beauty of jewelry. 

The wholesale store provides the highest quality products. Their prices are reasonable too. Plus, they have a tremendous record for their services too. 

Contact details

Address: 146 W. 29th St, #2W, New York, NY 10001


Phone: 1-212-532-6820

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3. Gems Resources

Gems Resources is one of the chief importers, exporters, and wholesalers of semi-precious stones and beads. The company was founded in 1991 to provide affordable materials to retailers, manufacturers, and designers.

The store has a large inventory that includes beads, gemstones, rhinestones, design beads, faceted beads, crystals, pearls, and so much more. The best part is the low prices and high quality. They are also famous for trying their very best to find a particular stone on customers’ demands.

So, even if you can’t find what you are looking for in their store, they will surely help you get your hands on it. 

Contact details

Address: 144 W. 37th St.,2FL.,New York, NY 10018

Phone: 1-212-213-4466/1-800-992-8483

Fax: 1-212-213-2427


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4. Bead And Trim

The company is recognized throughout the country for its extensive collection of stones, beads, laces, and trims. They are one of the top wholesalers and have vast experience in the industry. They work directly with manufacturers and importers to supply the top-notch quality of products to their customers. 

Their bead collection includes round beads, Bellatrix beads, oval beads, pear-shaped beads, and bicones. They also have stones such as acrylic stones, sew-on stones, rhinestones, Loch Roses, and pendent stones. 

All their products are made of the highest quality. The stones and beads are guaranteed to stay the same and not lose their shine. They also have other accessories such as buttons, bracelets, chains, and tools. One could find all the jewelry-making supplies at this store easily. 

Contact details

Address: 357 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018

Phone: 212-725-9845


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5. Quest beads

Quest Beads & Cast, Inc., is a New York-based wholesaler and manufacturer of jewelry components. The store has been in the business since 19994 and has gained quite a huge number of clientele. The growth of the company is all because of their high moral values which enable them to satisfy their customers completely. 

It is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the city and the country. They supply pewter charms, beads, stones, and other jewelry components to the biggest retailers and businesses all over the country. They also have skilled craftsmen and designers who design customized products for many private labels.

Their main aim is to offer services that can’t be found anywhere else. A group of dedicated staff and skilled workers combined with the highest quality of products that the company provides ensure that all the needs of customers are being met. This helps them achieve their aim and fulfill the demands of everyone. 

Contact details

Address: 49 West 37th Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018


Phone: 212-354-0979

Fax: 212-354-0978

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6. Elvee Beads

Since 1914, Elvee Beads has been supplying top-quality beads and other assortments. The company grew to be one of the best and most trusted suppliers because of their expertise and ability to prioritize their customers’ needs above all. 

Their collection is one of the most sought-after in the country. Retailers and jewelers prefer buying from them because the products are of the highest quality and available at the lowest possible prices. The products include vintage beads, glass, plastic, and paper mache galore. They also supply findings and stones of different kinds. 

The collection consists of the prettiest beads and findings. These jewelry components are mostly imported from Germany, Austria, and Japan. They also supply it to other parts of the country.

Their customers trust them to supply only the best. If you want to increase your customers and gain their trust, choosing Elvee Beads would be a wise decision. 

Contact details

Postal Mail: Elvee/Rosenberg Inc., PO Box 4583, New York, NY 10163-4583


Phone: 212-575-0767

Toll-Free: 877-575-0767

Fax: 212-575-0931

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7. Mariyam Jewels

Mariyam Jewels is one of the most exquisite suppliers of stones and beads. They have been around since 2007 and have done a great job of understanding their clientele and catering to their needs. The company is also one of the major suppliers and manufacturers of hand-made jewelry with exclusive designs and details. 

The quality of their products can be proven by the fact that they source directly from miners. The gemstones and beads are then professionally cut and crafted by their expert craftsmen. The results are jewelry pieces that catch attention even from afar! 

In addition to providing the most stylish pieces of jewelry, their collection includes gemstones, semi-precious stones, and beads. They also specialize in supplying the finest Opals and Emeralds. 

Contact details

Address: 38W 48th St Suite #901, New York


Phone: +1 212 382 3333

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8. Garnet Impex Inc

The story of Garnet Impex is a heart-touching tale. The store was founded in a small village with one small gemstone machine that could make round beads only. With time, the popularity of the business reached other areas and into cities too. Word of mouth and their excellent quality beads were proof enough for people to reach out and buy from them. 

Over the years, the business grow to be one of the largest suppliers of beads and gemstones. They now have a big store that caters to all the demands of customers. They also have a factory located in Jaipur, India. It manufactures beads and stones for customers in every part of the world. 

The company also has branches in other countries such as Hong Kong and India. They provide only the highest quality of beads to retailers, jewelers, and other artists. Their dedication and passion for the business have made them stand out among many other wholesalers. 

Contact details

Address: 55 W 47 ST Suite 1040, New York NY 10036

Phone: +1-201-920-6872

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9. MJ Trim

MJ Trim is one of the biggest wholesalers in the jewelry and craft industry. The store not only supplies beads and stones but other materials such as ribbons, trims, buttons, sewing kits, and tools. It is basically a one-stop-shop for all your crafting needs. 

Their collection of beads includes glass cube beads, round beads, oval beads, crystal beads, pearl beads, and faceted beads. All these are available in different sizes, colors, and designs too. The surprising part is the prices are extremely low. You can most probably find a set of beads at $5. And if you buy during one of their sales or promotions, the prices would be a steal! 

Contact details

Address: 1008 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10018 (btw 37th and 38th Streets)


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10. Aurora Beads

The owner of Aurora Beads has a beautiful story. Her love for gemstones since childhood fueled her passion to earn more about them. She learned goldsmithing and silversmithing under the supervision of many skilled artisans. She also traveled to different parts of the world to collect precious stones.

With time, her enthusiasm only grew. Her love and enthusiasm became the foundation of the store. Aurora beads have become one of the top wholesale suppliers of stones and related jewelry components. The store is filled with stones and beads. The collection includes Freshwater Pearls in all shades, Jade, Topaz, Agate, Tourmalines, Lapis Lazuli, Bamboo Coral, Turquoise, Amber, Garnets, Crystals, Rose Quartz, and Jasper.

The store’s specialty is providing silver stones and beads. They also provide jewlery repair services. You can also order custom pieces of jewelry designed by their professional team. 

Contact details

Address: 242 E 28TH ST FRNT B, New York, NY 10016 (Between 2nd & 3rd Ave)

Phone: (212) 779 -1729

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