Jewelry is a highly commercial business commodity thanks to its perpetual allure and huge consumer demand.

Wearing jewelry is a non-duplicating way to express your individuality, showcase personal style, and enhance your overall appearance.

It is also not limited by gender or age.

All of these factors, including the status symbol associated with it, make the mass appeal of jewelry an understandable phenomenon.

As a retailer, you can capitalize on this demand for jewelry and ensure sizable profits for your business.

Lucky for you, we have enlisted a few vendors from which you can buy gold-plated jewelry at wholesale rates.

1. Joacii

Michael Woo founded Joacii in 1998. It has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and exporting jewelry for over two decades.

They deal in all different kinds of jewelry, including gold, gold-plated, sterling silver, diamond, metal, gemstone, etc.

Joacii is committed to producing only the finest quality products that can be sold to jewelry brands and retail stores at competitive prices.

Hence, all their products offer excellent value for money.

The brand’s vision is to design jewelry that is a pinnacle of modern technology and absolute craftsmanship.

To get high-end gold-plated jewelry at wholesale prices, head over to their website now:

2. We Silver Jewels

At We Silver Jewels, quality is of the utmost priority.

They believe in paying attention to the finest of details to produce jewelry that is guaranteed to make a statement.

Their 14K gold-plated collection is completely made of 925 sterling silver and complies with all international safety standards.

By producing jewelry that is lightweight and elegant, WSJ consolidates designs that are high in utility as well as fashion.

They seek to provide their clients with the latest trends in jewelry without charging them a lot.

At WSJ, you can take your pick from earrings, charms, bracelets, rings, pendants, etc., without agonizing over bad quality or high prices.

For more details, visit

3. Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry

Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry is a fashion jewelry purveyor based in Rhode Island, which is known as the jewelry capital of the United States.

They pride themselves on providing the latest trends in jewelry at highly affordable prices to their customers.

MWJ has an extensive collection of 14K gold and rose gold-plated jewelry, including pendants, necklaces, earrings, chains, and more.

Their collection consists of bold, statement pieces as well as simple, delicate designs.

MWJ has extensive experience expanding over several years, allowing it to provide exceptional quality products at below-wholesale prices.

To place an order today, head over to:

4. Kaásh

Kaásh is a wholesale jewelry manufacturing company based in the USA.

It specializes in making exquisite jewelry, keeping in mind the latest fashion trends around the world.

Kaash only uses the finest materials for their jewelry designs.

All of the natural stones, cubic zirconia, crystals, 14K gold, rhodium, and 925 sterling silver in their jewelry are 100% authentic.

They are also mindful of their customer’s health concerns and hence produce jewelry that is nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

The minimum purchase order for the website is $100, and free shipping is offered on orders above $150.

For more information, contact them at:

5. Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd

Maroth Jewels is a manufacturer and purveyor of gold-plated jewelry.

Based in Jaipur, India, it is a premier online jewelry store that offers all different kinds of jewelry at reasonable prices.

Their gold-plated jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver that has been coated in a layer of 25K gold.

MJ has a staff of highly experienced artisans that work diligently to create stunning pieces of jewelry for their customers.

They have a comprehensive collection of jewelry comprising gold-plated bracelets, rings, bangles, necklaces, pendants, and more.

If you want to acquire gold-plated jewelry at wholesale prices, visit their website now:

6. Lisa Angel

Lisa Angel provides the latest fashion jewelry at wholesale prices. The company is based in Norwich, UK but delivers its products worldwide.

The brand takes inspiration from bloggers, street fashion, and vintage jewelry to curate pieces that are unique and stylish.

With their jewelry, they seek to create wearable and fashionable items that will not break the bank for their customers.

Lisa Angel’s website offers a vast selection of high-quality jewelry plated in 18K gold or rose gold as well as pure silver.

They offer a minimum order limit of £100 and minimum order quantity of 3 pieces.

Visit them at:

7. Lio Jewelry

Lio Jewelry is a manufacturer and supplier of fine quality jewelry based in Istanbul, Turkey.

They sell jewelry made from 925 sterling silver, brass, gold, and diamonds.

LJ has a keen eye for the latest fashion trends and makes an effort to keep up with them.

As a consequence of its advanced manufacturing procedures and ingenuity, it can create pieces that are both attractive and fashionable.

They feature a large selection of gold-plated jewelry available at wholesale prices.

If you are looking to buy products par excellence, it is one place you should definitely check out.

8. ELF925

ELF925 is a leading wholesale jewelry brand based in Thailand.

With over two decades of experience, ELF925 is now a premier manufacturer and supplier of jewelry as well as a household name.

It has achieved the ideal balance of quality and affordability without compromising on either value.

At Elf925, they create high-quality gold-plated jewelry that is light but impactful, with an elegance that can captivate anyone.

The company is supported by a team of skilled artisans who are dedicated to producing high-grade jewelry.

Perfection is ensured at every step of the process to bring you a flawless product.

Click on the following link to visit their website:

9. Nagosa

Nagosa is a Chinese company that was established in 2010.

It is involved in manufacturing and distributing jewelry at wholesale prices.

The design team at Nagosa follows the latest trends in Europe and America and creates jewelry in line with them.

They offer fashionable gold-plated jewelry at unbeatable prices, as well as exceptional customer service.

The best part, however, is that there is no minimum order quantity, and products are offered at prices second to none.

At Nagosa, you can choose items available in stock as well as order custom designs.

To explore their vast range of products, visit:






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