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List Of Wholesale Tie Dye Shirts Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Sundrenched
  • Elanora
  • Siam Summer
  • Island Style Clothing
  • Ghanda


Sundrenched Australia is a resort, casual wear, and accessories company based in Australia. Sundrenched Australia has been in business for over 15 years, offering a variety of products that are both unique and useful.

It’s an Australian brand that specializes in vacation, casual, and accessory wear. They’ve been in business for almost a decade, providing high-quality products at unbeatable pricing.

The head office, showroom, and warehouse of Sundrenched Australia are all located in Miami, on the lovely Gold Coast. They welcome the opportunity to speak with you about any of their goods.

Please keep in mind that they only have a retail website and that all wholesale inquiries should be made by phone or email.

Please use the “Wholesale Enquiries” link at the bottom of the Home Page if you are a legitimate Reseller. You will be asked to answer a few questions, and if you are authorized, they will provide you with a login and password to access the wholesale section of the site.

Contact Info:

Address: P.O. BOX 105 Miami, QLD, 4220

TEL: (07) 5575 1388

E-mail: info@sundrenched.com.au

Website: https://sundrenched.com.au/pages/about


Elanora is happy to present you a varied choice of ethically sourced new age products from their warehouse on the beautiful NSW mid north coast. The first Elanora store opened in 1993, and it swiftly grew to serve a network of shops in Australia and New Zealand.

The business changed hands in January 2019, and it is now owned by a couple who are not only passionate about anything metaphysical, but who are also working relentlessly to make Elanora a sustainable business.

They’ve drastically decreased the use of plastic packaging and are now exclusively buying products that are as natural and environmentally friendly as possible.

Both Elanora’s proprietors have worked in the corporate world as well as the New Age world, where they are considerably more at ease.

Izabella, one of the owners, has a background in Life Coaching and is a featured author in the recently published book “Unfolding Journeys- Ways to Connect,” a project initiated by the International Energetic Healing Association. Ben, one of the owners, has a background in Massage therapy, having obtained his qualifications at the Nature Care College in Sydney and the Ayurvedic Institute in Nepal (IEHA).

They are both creative people who are significantly responsible for the invention of some of Elanora’s distinctive items when they work together. Izabella is also a photographer who shoots the majority of the product images on this website herself.

Ben and Izabella are frequent travelers who like engaging with Elanora’s extensive network of vendors, many of whom are artists, crafters, or small-business owners.

They have taken on the responsibility of ensuring that these suppliers are looked after and supported in the future, particularly during this difficult time for us all. They are both personally dedicated to Elanora’s continued innovation and expansion into the New Age market.

When you buy from Elanora, you may rest assured that you’ll get:

  • Products that are sourced and manufactured in a sustainable and ethical manner.
  • Packaging that is environmentally friendly
  • Products made from natural ingredients
  • A small business’s attention and individualized care combined with a major supplier’s capacity
  • Customer service that is prompt and caring, as well as competent guidance
  • The highest quality control standards
  • A diverse assortment of one-of-a-kind things to choose from
  • Deliveries are made quickly and reliably throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.elanorawholesale.com.au/

Siam Summer

Welcome to Australia’s Siam Summer. Siam Summer is a resort and casual clothing importer and wholesaler based in Queensland. Their overall motif is tropical, colorful, and all about staying comfy and cool. They hand-select all of their merchandise to provide a varied range of color and quality.

Siam Summer’s clothing is fashionable, easy to wear, enjoyable, and reasonably priced. Siam Summer is a stock service that is constantly maintained for quality. Children’s apparel, purses, accessories, reggae, and point of sale are all part of their collection. They ship throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. And we endeavor to provide high-quality, fashionable products at reasonable costs, as well as rapid service and delivery.

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Siam Summer would like to hear from you if you have any recommendations about how they can improve. They welcome feedback on their current goods as well as suggestions for new additions to the line.

Due to excessive expenses, they have stopped manufacturing glossy product catalogues; however, you can examine their whole range at any time on your IPad, tablet, or smart phone, with the website automatically changing to size.

When an item is out of stock, their website catalog normally keeps note of it and displays it as unavailable. However, if an item you ordered is out of stock, they will tell you and remove it from your purchase, modifying the payment. Items that are out of stock must be reordered by the customer.

The Australian goods and services tax (GST), which is now 10%, applies to all items sold in Australia. GST is also applied to freight charges. Their wholesale pricing do not include GST until the totals section at the bottom of the tax invoice, for the convenience of their customers. The website displays all figures in Australian dollars.

Contact Info:

Email: info@siamsummer.com.au

TEL: 07 3390 5961

Website: https://www.siamsummer.com.au/

Island Style Clothing

Island Style Clothing Pty Ltd is pleased to welcome you. They are an online, family-owned, female-led and operated company headquartered on Queensland’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast.

Debby, the Founder, a single Mama and Mumpreneur, began selling Hawaiian Shirts online in 2010 while undergoing breast cancer treatment and joining a local Ukulele group with some friends and her daughters for fun. It became apparent that bright colorful shirts were very popular in that group and there weren’t many around, so she researched and found the very first range imported directly from Hawaii.

They’ve gone a long way since then, through extensive product and stylistic testing. They’ve developed abroad and are now designing their own bespoke collections, allowing consumers entirely customized designs. ISC bought their first warehouse in Coolum Beach in 2019.

Emily, the older daughter, is the Custom and Corporate Sales Manager, and she is in charge of all large corporate orders, as well as design and production procedures for their Custom customers. If you are fortunate enough to deal with her, you will see that she is a true gem with a remarkable aptitude for problem-solving.

Grace, the younger daughter, is a Graphic Design student at USC who also works part-time for the family business on the design team, modeling, and warehouse dispatch. She’s working on some really unique designs that will be released in the coming year.

Siam Summer strives to provide the greatest customer service and to ‘under promise and over deliver,’ as evidenced by the large number of customers who return year after year for not only everyday shirts, but also Christmas shirts and now Custom apparel.

They’re proud of their excellent customer service and the long-term relationship we’ve developed. It’s been a wild trip, and they’re experiencing a lot of success in international markets, particularly with personalized shirts.

They are all about ‘Tropicana’ and have Australia’s greatest selection of ‘Hawaiian’ inspired clothes for Men, Women, and Children. Small and large groups are dressed in MATCHING HAWAIIAN CLOTHING, which is their expertise. Siam Summer carries Australia’s greatest selection of matching Hawaiian clothes, as well as personalized attire.

Contact Info:

Address: Shed 3, 38 Lysaght Street, Coolum Beach, QLD 4573, Australia

Phone: 0468 318 292

Website: https://www.islandstyleclothing.com.au/


Ghanda is a surf and streetwear company based in the Victorian coastal town of Torquay.

They’re a tiny brand with a limited number of locations across Australia, focusing on providing inexpensive necessities and trendy pieces for men, women, teens, and children of all ages.

Ghanda is known for its hand-printed fleece Trackies and fleece Hoodies & Crews (available in a variety of styles including Original, Tracksides, Track & Fields, and Sport & Skinny Joggers). T-Shirts are one of their best-selling items, and they feature the work of their exceptionally skilled in-house designers.

Dresses & Playsuits, Skirts, Shorts, Jackets, and Knits are among the styles available. Their Women’s and Men’s accessories (think Hats, Beanies, and Hair Clips, Sunglasses, and Belts) and Footwear collection will complete your outfit. Gift Cards to Ghanda’s online and in-store are a terrific idea for a present!

Ghanda’s in-house printers hand-print the bulk of the styles you find in their stores and on their website. They can print to order since they have access to printing rather than outsourcing to manufacturers in other countries. They don’t overproduce styles that won’t sell because their range is guided by what you want. Ghanda aspires to be a sustainable brand with minimal waste.

Contact Info:

Email: support@ghanda.com

Address: Wadawurrung Country, 80 Barwon Terrace, South Geelong VIC 3220

Website: https://ghanda.com/


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