What are hip dips?

They are a natural indentation, where the hip bone meets the top of the thigh, adjusting between your high and low hips.

They are a beautiful representation of curves in a woman’s body.

People often do not know how they feel about hip dips; however, they are a natural occurrence and are harmless regardless of whatever people find them beautiful.

Hip dips are, without any doubt, a very feminine part of the body that makes a woman look and feel harmonious and dainty.

Hips are also the most feminine part of the body; there should be no expectation of perfection from them.

Every part of our body deserves to be loved and cherished; whether it is curvy or flat, small or large, hip dips or not, our bodies deserve love and care.

Women with hip dips can rock all types of clothing with utmost confidence, but only if they know how to do it.

In this article, we will explore the types of jeans that are flattering for hip dips, how to minimize their effects of it, and does exercising help get rid of hip dips. Keep on reading.

Are hip dips anything to be ashamed of?

The need for women to change their bodies according to society’s trends has been a significant problem since the beginning of time.

Women are forced to unlove their bodies and work extra hard to stay relevant, just to be accepted and loved.

However, the world is evolving. The shift to body positivity and acceptance of all body types in the world has empowered women to accept all curves present in their bodies.

Nonetheless, insecurity is a menace. People are insecure about themselves and their bodies all the time. It is okay! We all have bad days on which we cannot love ourselves; we turn to cover the bits and pieces of ourselves that make us insecure.

Therefore, you can also cover your hip dips or dress them down to lessen their appearance if you do not like them. The section below explores how.

How to minimize the effect of hip dips?

While they can’t be completely eliminated, there are a few things you can do to minimize their appearance.

-Wear high-waisted pants and skirts. This will help to camouflage your hip dips and make them less noticeable.

-Avoid tight clothing. Tight clothing will only accentuate your hip dips, so it’s best to avoid it if you’re self-conscious about them.

-Choose darker colors. Wearing dark colors will also help to camouflage your hip dips and make them less noticeable.

-Try contouring. Contouring is a great way to minimize the appearance of any imperfections, including hip dips. Simply use a bronzer or contouring powder to create the illusion of shadows in the dips.

-Get a good body shaper. A body shaper can work wonders for minimizing the appearance of hip dips. It will help to smooth out your silhouette and give you a more flattering shape.

4 Best jeans to wear for hip dips

This is a broad question. The cohesive verdict favors high-rise jeans due to their ability to accentuate the waist, giving a more hourglass look than other jeans.

However, there are different types of pants/jeans that accentuate a particular body shape, significantly minimizing the effect of hip dips.

  1. High Rise Jeans from FashionNova and Pretty Little Thing are trending nowadays. FashionNova jeans that are high-waisted and designed to accentuate the waist are complimentary for women with hip dips.
  2. Mid Rise Jeans from Levis or Zara that tie right above the belly button takes the attention away from the hip dips.
  3. Flared or straight-leg jeans from Zara or Mango ensure that the whole bottom has composure with a cohesive front while having a casual look.
  4. Boyfriend and Balloon jeans from Shein, PLT, FashionNova, and Levis, specifically in dark colors, are currently trending. They add to the baggy yet chic look.

In simplest words– a woman looks beautiful in everything she wears but with confidence.

How do you hide hip dips in jeans?

Jeans are a staple in every woman’s closet. The best jeans to wear are the ones you love. But essentially, jeans that look flattering around hip dips are mid to high-rise jeans.

High-rise jeans sit above your waist, so they can take away the attention from the legs and present it to the core, which is a more attractive body part.

The worst type of jeans you can wear if you are trying to avoid accentuating your hip dips are distressed jeans, low-rise jeans, and/or jeans with large pockets.

There are different ways to minimize or hide hip dips; however, it is imperative to understand that these are temporary methods.

While baggy jeans are a great alternative, padded shapewear is also a relatively effective alternative measure. However, it is vital to ensure that the shapewear is not too tight.

Furthermore, if padded or heavy-duty shapewear is not your cup of tea, then often for Spanx, a shapewear line is designed to curb love handles and hip dips.

Through these ways, the outlook of hip dips can be minimized in jeans or dresses; however, they are temporary, and sometimes such shapewear are uncomfortable to carry.

Added tip (besides jeans): Wear straight pants or loose-fitting jeans such as boyfriend or mom jeans which are trendy and equally flattering. Try avoiding something fitted such as skinny jeans.

What can I wear to get rid of hip dips?

You cannot! Yes, that is a disappointing answer, but it is the truth. Hip dips are not due to fat accumulation; they are not linked with your body; instead, they are an indentation in your skeleton’s structure.

However, researchers claim that to minimize the appearance of hip dips, reducing body weight and regular exercising can help.

For instance, Rhea Sheedy (founder of Ballet Fusion) advises people to focus on moves that target the glute muscles with exercises such as Bulgarian split squats, weighted glute bridges, and lunges.

Moreover, she also mentions the importance of cardio activities such as walking or running that shape the legs.

At the same time, core engaging workouts that focus on abs and reducing love handles can help shape their waist.

Nevertheless, exercises are a way to help maintain a healthy cycle within the body. Nutrition is also an important component and should not be neglected.

In short, you cannot completely eradicate the outlook of hip dips; the best you can do is minimize them.


In a nutshell, hip dips are a natural course of the human body; therefore, they cannot be completely eradicated.

However, there are possible ways to minimize the outlook of it. High-waisted jeans from different brands are an excellent measure to minimize hip dips.



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