Lucky Brand Jeans is a denim company that, apart from their titular jeans, also deals in other apparel, such as professional clothing, t-shirts, outerwear, and innerwear as well.

When Barry Perlman and Gene Montesano founded Lucky Brand Jeans in 1990 in Vernon, California, little did they know their passion project would go on to be acquired for a whopping $225 million in 2013!

But this is the culmination of colorful history, and it all started by crafting jeans with a vintage spin.

Washing, sanding, patching, and ripping their jeans gave them an all-American flair, and hand-crafting all these designs ensured that each and every pair of jeans was imbued with its own personality and flavor.

Add to that the high-quality denim used, the personalized customizations, and subtle details adding to the authenticity, and you have got an iconic American jeans company on your hands.

Are Lucky Brand Jeans a Good Brand?

Lucky Brand prides itself on the quality of its customers, which also reflects on the quality of its products.

Lucky Brand markets itself as the go-to brand for the entrepreneurs, the ones with vision and ambition, and the ones who believe in writing their own destiny.

They view their world with their own special lens, finding inspiration for their products in even the most mundane parts of everyday life.

Whether it be pop culture, music, or even the cultural history from their Southern California days, you will find that everything influences the design of their products.

They encourage out-of-the-box thinking, with their craftsmen enjoying a liberating sense of creative freedom seldom found in a corporate environment.

This provides a seamless blend of fashion that allows you to express yourself, try out bohemian styles, all while being comfortable with your public image, and stand out in a crowd simultaneously.

Are Lucky Jeans Comfortable?

Every single product found on a Lucky Brand storefront embodies a bohemian style. No single Lucky Jeans product is comparable with others found in the market.

The most comfortable and by far their best-selling products are denim jeans, making up 60% of their annual product sales.

An iconic and unique feature of this denim line is the two four-leafed clovers printed on the outside of the fly shield, with the words “Lucky You” stitched between them.

This reflects on the company’s philosophy towards their customers, creating a product of such high grade and comfort that the consumer feels lucky to have bought it.

Each and every Lucky Jeans product is manufactured in the USA, and it is all hand-stitched, from the designing and crafting to the finishing and detailing.

The levels of finesse attained by this attention to detail are almost unmatchable and so promise the ultimate level of comfort for the wearer.

Another defining aspect of Lucky is the wide variety of fits and sizes available. That means that there is a Lucky Jeans out there for every age, body size, and gender, and they will fit comfortably no matter what.

How do Lucky Brand Jeans Run?

On January 28, 2019, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Lucky Jeans, Carlos Alberini, tendered his resignation from the posts he occupied.

Carlos had held office since 31 January 2014, replacing his predecessor, David DeMattei. The incumbent CEO of Lucky Jeans is Matthew A. Kaness.

In 2012, Lucky Jeans shifted base from Vernon to the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, with the new headquarters located in 540 S. Santa Fe, overlooking the 4th and 6th Street Bridges.

The company was part of a landmark acquisition by a private equity firm based in Los Angeles, Leonard Green, and Partners, who paid $225 million for Lucky Brand.

This shifted ownership of the Lucky Jeans Brand from Fifth and Pacific Co’s, who expressed a desire to focus all their efforts on their Kate Spade Label.

Unfortunately, after a long period of financial instability and corporate troubles, Lucky Jeans filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

The basis upon which Lucky Jeans operated and carried out their day-to-day operations was customer satisfaction. They strived for perfection, which is affordable and accessible to the masses, and this reflects on their products as well.

So, Will Lucky Jeans Prove to be The Rabbit’s Foot in Your Fashion Pursuits?

Touting itself as the original premium denim brand, Lucky Jeans has strived towards providing the highest quality jeans at the lowest rates.

And this promise of being wallet-friendly doesn’t mean that they sacrifice what Lucky Jeans personifies; vintage touches, one-of-a-kind washes, and classic fits.

Due to their hailing of expressionism and respect for personal choices, Lucky Jeans stands toe-to-toe with the modern giants of premium denim.

Trail-blazing in its quality and groundbreaking in its innovation, Lucky Jeans has etched its name in the pages of history as a leading force in fashion design.



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