Canada is known to be a cold climate zone where the summers are fairly mild and short, while winters are long and cool with temperatures lying below average, most of the time. 

If you are planning a trip to Toronto in November, you want to be prepared for the cold with a wardrobe to protect you from the cold as you explore the city in all its glory.

Here’s an overview of the weather that is to be expected in Toronto in November and all the wardrobe essentials you’ll need on your trip. 


Toronto’s Weather In November

Toronto is surprisingly warmer than its sister cities in Canada.

The temperatures are fairly milder than the rest of the country in the fall season, even in early November. 

The temperature ranges from an average low of 2°C and a high of 9°C. These temperatures can drop or rise to lows around these extremes.

However, temperatures will typically stay in these ranges without fluctuating too much.

The nights will generally be colder than the days where the lower range of temperatures will mostly be experienced.

The temperatures will continue to drop as the month of November progresses onwards.

November is also one of the months with high wind speed, revolving around 18 kph, so be prepared for powerful breezes hitting your way, as you roam around Toronto in November.

Rainfall is expected on 5-12 days in November, where the inches are reduced as the month passes by.

Along with rainfall, there’s also a chance of snow in the month so you might get to witness it in the beautiful city of Toronto.

On average, the weather in Toronto will remain on the cooler side in November, with temperatures that will remain below 10°C.

It would be best to pack your winter clothes for your trip to Toronto in November. 

Let’s have a closer look at the wardrobe essentials you will need for your day and nighttime activities in Toronto.

What To Wear During Your DayTime Activities In Toronto

Since the day will be cold and cloudy with occasional peaks of the sun and more chances of rain, your attire must be prepared so that the weather stands no chance against your day’s plan.

This calls for layers pieces that you can switch as the temperature undulates from high to low.

Incorporate outerwear that you can add to your daytime outfit to ward off the cold and battle the Toronto winds and rain. 

T-shirts and long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, turtle necks, or v-neck either would do, but if you are going for a v-neck then add a scarf on top to protect your neck from the cold. 

They will be your best friends in the Toronto weather in November, where you can dress them up or down according to the setting and occasion.

Add cardigans on top to create a nice trendy, daytime outfit.

It’s best to go for full-length denims when packing for your Toronto trip in November due to the lower temperatures.

You can go for skinnies as well as wide flare or straight pants as they seem to be in fashion right now. 

Wear them with water resistant boots, or any other viable, sturdy option to roam around the wet streets of Toronto.

Dresses and skirts would just be a liability at this point.

However if you are in the mood to play dress up, then wear your dresses with leggings and add a cardigan or something thicker to keep you from shivering. 

Ditch the heels and go for boots, to maintain your edge and comfort throughout the day. 

Don’t forget to pack legit outerwear for your trip to Toronto in November where you will need a variety to keep you warm, and switch up your day to day look. 

What To Wear During Your Night Time Activities In Toronto

Toronto’s nights are not something that you want to miss.

With a whole lot of activities to enjoy in the city, particularly during night time, you want your attire to be ready and set to spend the night in style.

If you’re planning on hitting a club, on a November night in Toronto, you can adhere to the usual dress code at clubs, showing all the skin you want provided you are wearing a coat on top. 

The clubs are usually indoors and have a central heating system so there won’t be much to worry about the cold, once you’re inside.

The dress code required for men is suits and slacks along with a long sleeve button-up shirt.

You can add a scarf to your neck when outside, to protect yourself from the cold. 

Tailored blazers and dark wash jeans are also acceptable, with a rich-colored sweater underneath.

The same attire will be acceptable if you’re visiting a high-end restaurant.

Women can go with cocktail attire, where a full-sleeve option is preferred to fit into the wintry vibe with thick materials.

Wear them along with leggings and closed-toe Mary Janes and heels to bring together your night time outfit for November in Toronto.

You can also go for dressy separates with a blazer on top. If you have an outdoor night time activity planned, then you can wear a dress, with leggings and coat on top. 

If you’re going for a more practical outfit, then keep it close to your daytime outfit, but incorporate the dark colors.

You can also ditch the coat for a leather jacket, along with a button up shirt and dark wash jeans and chunky boots to create a sassy, classy look.

Additional Things You Should Pack For Your Trip To Toronto

  • Raincoat
  • Umbrella
  • Moisturizer
  • Charger
  • Socks
  • Leggings
  • Waterproof shoes 
  • Dress
  • Suit
  • Scarves

Final Advice

November is a fairly good month to visit Toronto as compared to other Canadian cities, due to its comparatively mild weather.

The prices will also be lower during the month, because of the thinner tourist crowds.

The wardrobe for a Toronto trip in November can be as trendy as you want.

However, going with basics will help keep it flexible enough and be light on your luggage. Just don’t forget to pack a dress or two for emergency situations.