Whether you’re a fashionista or just looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, you may have considered Express as a potential source for fashion.

But is Express a good fashion brand? And if it is, what makes it so appealing?

In this post, we’ll take a look at Express and explore what makes it stand out from other fashion brands. Plus, we’ll give you our thoughts on whether or not we think it’s worth shopping at Express. So read on to learn more!

About Express, Inc.

Express Inc is a clothing retailer that is the first choice of many men and women globally. They believe in making ready-to-go, trendy merch.

In addition to creating and selling attire, the manufacturers want to create a long-lasting buyer-seller experience. They want to make their consumers believe that they have their backs whenever they need the latest brands at an affordable range.

It is an American company that was launched in 1980. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Today the company has spread all over the globe, having over 550 retail and outlet stores.

Key locations include the United States, India, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala, and many more places.

What Kind of Brand is Express?

In summary, Express Inc. sells fashion. It sells lifestyle and inspires confidence. They make versatile clothes for all kinds and all ages of people.

One notable feature about Express is that it makes aesthetic clothes in a very affordable range. Their innovative designs just force you into coming back for more.

They make finely tailored clothes that feel good to touch. Moreover, the quality of the material looks good when you wear them. They offer shirts, shorts and chinos and even sweaters.

The other specialty of this manufacturer is that their fit always slays. They have different clothing fits such as tailored fits, modern fits, slim fits, and the 1MX- the stretchy type. All are carefully designed to detail to fit the needs of the consumer.

How Good is Express Brand?

The goodness of the brand highly depends on perspective. Overall, the quality is good, and the prices are affordable.

They offer a lot of different styles and fabrics to choose from. One type of clothing may be suited to one individual while the other type to a different person.

However, unlike high-end brands, Express lacks having consistently unique or standing out stores. It is a mix-match of outdated and new stores. Some are in a well-deserved need for renovation, while others look very pleasing and thus, are fun to shop in.

During flash sales, the stores are in a state of absolute panic. During times of this pandemic, this has been a significant issue.

To overcome the issue of crowding and even reaching out to remote areas, Express has developed an online store that facilitates you to shop in the comfort of your home.

These e-stores offer coupons and additional means of cutting the price tag to even half the price.

What Age Group is Express Clothing Meant For?

The target audience of the Express group is teenagers to adults. Express Inc. believes in providing in-vogue attire to its consumers. This age group includes primarily students, for whom planning a budget is of utmost importance.

Through social media, advertising is made very convenient. Nowadays, youngsters want to be in touch with the latest fashion. Their attire is majorly inspired by celebrities and social media influencers.

Is Fast-Fashion Eco-friendly?

As the name suggests, fast fashion refers to clothing that is quickly adapted from classy fashionistas and introduced into stores to take advantage of ongoing and recent trends before they die out.

The fast-fashion concept aims at designing, producing, and consuming goods rapidly. Ideally, the cost of manufacture has to be minimum- as low as it can be.

In the United States, most users prefer shopping in fast fashion stores. That is also the case for most of Europe, India, and China. The majority of the places mentioned have a very high population. This means mass production of clothing majorly takes place here.

Some famous brand names include- H&M, Zara, Primark, and Fashion Nova. Express is also a developing clothing label.

The major problem associated with fast fashion is the mass production of goods. It substantially impacts the environment and does no good for anyone.

The fashion industry is a prime producer of greenhouse gasses. It already accounts for more than the cumulative pollution caused by airplanes and cruise ships.

Climate change is already a growing concern in the modern world.

Growing raw material such as cotton at such a large scale requires the use of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and even insecticides that produce adverse effects on our soil and release toxic gasses into the environment.

Notably, usage of water is also immense.

Another very dire and often overlooked issue is textile wasting. On average, nearly 15% of the garment becomes useless during manufacture.

According to the BBC- globally, 92 million tonnes of textile is wasted per annum!

Mountains of unutilized and non-biodegradable fabric are found at multiple sites everywhere.

So, is Express Clothing a good brand?

In summary, yes! Express is a fast-fashion brand that produces affordable clothing. The quality of the products is generally very satisfactory.

They offer up-to-date designs for their products and their clothes fit very well. The company proposes multiple options of fabric and sizes to choose from.

The age group for Express products is 18-30 years.

So far, Express Inc. has not publicized efforts for sustainability.



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