Kate Spade New York is a fashion house based in America. It was co-founded by Kate Spade and Andy Spade in January 1993. These two have two brand lines: Kate Spade for women and Jade Spade for men.

The company was purchased in 2017 by Tapestry Inc. The initial product line included Sam handbags that came in various colours. It was then that Jade Spade decided to fund Kate’s handbags production. He invested $35,000 in Kate’s bags.

The first product line had a combination of classic shapes, colours, and fabrics that were infused to manufacture a square bag that had a little black label sewn to the outside of the bag. The label was “Kate Spade New York” Their core target market was the upper-middle class or upper class.

Is Kate Spade a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Kate Spade is a luxury brand. It is a classic brand that sells a range of luxury goods designed for women along with expensive designer bags.

Kate Spade is ruling the global fashion industry and is joined by brands like Tory Burch, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

All of these are luxurious brands meant for the upper class. The handbags of Kate Spade are simple yet classy that have a Kate Spade logo on the front or back.

Kate Spade bags can be purchased within a range of $150-$300.

Several bags are priced below $150, making them affordable for young consumers. Hence, the brand screams luxury and sophistication.

Does Kate Spade Have Good Quality?

When it comes to quality, Kate Spade has very good reviews by most customers. They use high-quality materials along with experienced designers and craftsmanship to design And produce their bags.

Kate Spade bags are reliable bags that can be used for everyday purposes.

They are designed for fashionable women living a modern life. The production process uses high-quality leather and other materials like nylon, canvas, fabric, pebbled leather, and smooth Italian leather. Perhaps, working women in need of durable bags can surely rely on Kate Spade.

These bags are durable as well as reliable forever everyday use. All these durable bags have got a subtle logo sewed on the bag to give it a sophisticated look.

What Is So Special About Kate Spade?

Kate Spade’s bags are designed to fulfil the desire of customers to have stylish bags for daily use. The best part about these bags is their durability, reliability, and high-quality leather. These bags are secured and waterproof. Their tote bags are designed with zip tops that ensure the safety of your belongings.

Hence, they are perfect for commuting bags. They have a varied range that offers bags for different kinds of occasions. They have from secure totes to stylish top handle handbags, suiting each person’s personality. Their collection is infused with bold colours, patterns, and cool-girl energy.

Kate Spade bags and purses stand out because of their unique designs that have bold gingham print and inclusion of vibrant seasonal colours. The bag can easily fit in a laptop, notepad, charger, lunch, phone, purse.

Hence, the work bag looks cute and accommodating. The tote bags are made up of classic leather that fits in daily essentials and is well protected.

They have a range of simple to bold designs that fit in choices of young consumers. Their range of colours is also from dark to vibrant, which is for various occasions.

They are famous for their criss-cross bags made up of leather of high quality that protects the bag from all kinds of stains and watermarks.

If you are looking to have a bag to be water-resistant and whose colour doesn’t fade away then you will love the offerings of Kate Spade.

Does Kate Spade Use Real Leather?

Yes, Kate Spade does use real leather. Kate Spade is known for using Saffiano leather for its handbags production. This kind of leather has long durability so the handbags of Kate Spade are very durable.

Saffiano is scratch-resistant calf leather that has a criss-cross pattern. It helps in protecting the bag from stains and water. Hence, it is easy to clean the handbags made up of this leather. This leather does not get spoiled easily.

It is suggested to use water to clean these bags. Use wipes to clean them instead of using detergent to wash them. Not only Kate Spade but Micael Kors and Prada also use this leather for the production of the handbags.


If we are asked about our preference, then Kate Spade is surely the brand we would recommend. Why do we say so? Kate Spade has a variety of luxurious goods that include some fancy heavenly collection of handbags.

These are meant for young women looking to carry something fashionable yet classy. Kate Spade’s biggest win is the durability of its products. It has given the brand a leader in the market.

So if you need a classy yet durable handbag to last you for a long time, then Kate Spade is an ideal brand for good and fashionable bags.

Since it’s a global brand, one can find its product easily available on its website which can be delivered globally.

The brand ensures strict quality control to maintain its position. The use of saffiano leather makes it the best among all other brands.

Kate Spade believes in constant innovation and has been coming up with new products with aesthetic designs that are loved by customers.

Their new designs are aesthetically pleasing and are best for youngsters looking for new aspiring fashionable handbags for commuting or parties.

They have brought in products that are a combination of fashion and functionality. Their products are suitable for almost all occasions. Casual or formal, Kate Spade has got you covered.

Go and search for a nearby Kate Spade store to look for their upcoming collection of trendy bags and purchase what suits you the best. You will never leave unsatisfied.


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