Underwear has always been a clothing necessity. This cloth piece is a protective piece of clothing you wear under your outer clothing. The underwear protects your body from inches or scratches caused by wearing fancy or denim materials.

Moreover, they further protect your outer clothing from body excretion and fluids keep the body shape while tightening loose skin and providing concealment. In severe winters warmer undergarments are worn, as they keep the body extra warm.

Underwears are of two types, one that is worn on the upper body while the other is worn on the lower body. Underwear is further classified into men and women separately. Some of the undergarment pieces are; boxers, panties, bra, inner warmer, sleeves vest, and the list goes on.

If you are searching for a place to buy affordable, quality underwear, this article has the list of most trusted vendors and suppliers of undergarments in the UK, who are selling their quality guaranteed stuff at wholesale rates.

Top 7 suppliers and vendors of underwear in the Uk:

  • Wholesale Shopping
  • Lord Wholesale Co
  • SPN
  • New Temptations
  • A and K Hosiery
  • Dinshaw Wholesale
  • Stockover


1. Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale Shopping is an all-in-one wholesale store, serving a variety of men’s and women’s clothing including accessories, loungewear, and women’s underwear. They have been serving their valuable customers for quite some time, giving the best of what they desire.

They have a complete range of wholesale supplies, offering the best possible price ranges. They have one of the biggest collections of women’s underwear offering a variety of stuff from day-to-day wear to occasional wear. The lingerie is made with perfection to meet the quality standards.

They have everything from frill to strapless and sports bras. Along with offering a wide range of underwear they have a diverse size collection too.  Wholesale Shopping provides its quality products to retailers in bulk, at the most affordable wholesale rates.

Contact Details

Call (Whatsaap): +44 7482 071701

Email: sales@wholesaleshopping.co.uk

Address: 36C Broughton road, Manchester, M8 8NN, United Kingdom.

Find the link to their page here.


2. Lord Wholesale Co

The company, Lord Wholesale Co was established in 1974 by a husband and wife duo, and since then the business has flourished enough to be known all around the UK. They supply their wholesale underwear to retailers, group buyers, shop owners, and door-to-door sellers.

Lord Wholesale Co has a vast variety of men, women, and kids underwear. Their diverse range is available in all sizes, colors, designs, and types.  They have been known to sell the best brands such as Naturana, La Marquise, Marlon, and Lady Olga all around the UK.

With quality being guaranteed they offer the most competitive prices to their customers helping small businesses flourish. Lord Wholesale Co delivers their fine underwear all around the UK to small and large-scale buyers at wholesale prices.

Contact Details

Call: 44 1706 345 366

Email: contact@lordwholesale.co.uk

Address: units 3-4 Sherwood business park Queensway, Rochdale OL11 2NU.

Find the link to their page here.

3. SPN

SPN is a known wholesaler of socks, nightwear, underwear, and tights, supplying their fine quality products all around the UK. They supply known and trusted brand products at wholesale rates, some brands are; Billy, Man Basic, Tom Franks, and Kato Urbanwear.

They believe in customer satisfaction and thus take customer interest into consideration, being punctual and accurate in delivering the products. They have a diverse range of underwear from Men’s to Women’s and kids, everything up to date and quality assured. They have thermals, boxers, vests, bras, spencers, and panties.

SPN is widely known in the UK for delivering guaranteed products at the most affordable, wholesale prices. For 40 years the business has been helping retailers, shop owners, new and old businesses grow.

Contact Details

Call: +44 0161 834 6169

Email: info@spnayar.co.uk

Address: 9 Carnarvon street Manchester, M3 1EZ, United Kingdom.

Find the link to their page here.


4. New Temptations

New Temptations is a UK-based company, serving its customers for the longest time possible. They deal in underwear and associated products, supplying successfully to mail order catalog companies, online retailers, and retail outlets.

They have a variety of products available for their valued customers such as body stockings, bras, and panties. They guarantee the quality of their products and take pride in selling the best possible women’s underwear. They have a large collection of underwear ranging in different sizes, colors, materials, and types.

Moreover, they offer a 24 hrs delivery service and provide catalogs and brochures to aid the customers. They are one of the biggest wholesale suppliers of wholesale women’s underwear in the UK.

Contact Details

Call: 0161 480 6204

Email: info@newtemptations.co.uk

Address: Central House, 2-4 Wellington Grove, Stockport, SK2 6RH.

Find the link to their page here. 


5. A and K Hosiery

A and K Hosiery is an online wholesale supplier of a wide range of products, from clothing to bedding and home decor, they have been supplying everything around the UK.

With thousands of products available in their inventory, they guarantee quality and durability as well the price efficiency of their products.

Along with so many items they also offer wholesale underwear for men, women, and kids. They have a wide range of underwear from shorts, vests, boxers to bras, panties, and bodysuits. With quality assurance, they also guarantee to offer the best prices possible to their honorable customers.

A and K Hosiery has been serving the UK market for a long time now and has been successful enough to be known as one of the best wholesale suppliers in the UK, serving brands like Joanna Gray, Man Basic and Rjm.

Contact Details

Call: 0113 243 2121

Email: info@akhosiery.co.uk

Address: Valentine Trade Park, 104 Gelderd road, Leeds, LS12 6BY.

Find the link to their page here.


6. Dinshaw Wholesale

Dinshaw Wholesale was established in 1982 and is known to be one of the most trusted wholesale suppliers of clothing in the UK. They deal in a variety of apparel including men’s, women’s, and kids. They sell top-quality jackets, underwear, onesies, coats, T-shirts, and trousers.

They keep a strong inventory which makes them efficient in delivering the customer’s desired products on time.

Along with providing fast delivery service, they guarantee the quality and durability of their clothing. Dinshaw Wholesale is a leading wholesale supplier of underwear, they have a variety of designs, styles, materials, and sizes. They’ve been catering to a diverse range of audiences with their products.

With wholesale experience of 40 years, Dinshaw wholesale has become one of the topmost trusted wholesale suppliers of underwear in the UK, trusted many businesses including small scale businesses.

Contact Details

Call: 01543 432226

Email: dinshaw.wholesale@gmail.com

Address: Unit 1 green portal, Thatchmoor Farm broad lane, Huddlesford, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Find the link to their page here.


7. Stockover

Stockover has been known as one of the leading wholesale suppliers of underwear, socks, and nightwear. The company has been operational for 30 successful years and catering to the underwear needs of men, women, and kids all around the UK.

They have the biggest range of underwear available which includes boxers, vests, bras, panties, bodysuits, body warmers, and body shapers. Their underwear is available in a range of sizes, styles, designs, and materials, catering needs of everyone.

They guarantee the quality and durability of their products which makes them one of the leading wholesale suppliers of underwear in the UK. With being time-efficient they are price friendly too.

Contact Details

Call: (0116) 2743955

Email: info@stockover.co.uk

Find the link to their page here.




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