Underwear can be categorized as inner wear. It is specifically described as the clothing layer worn inside the outer layer. People invest blindly in innerwear items or underwear especially women, as it has to be the most comfortable clothing of all.

The underwear industry is diverse for men and women. However, there are more accessories available to offer to women. There are numerous brands all around the globe producing underwear, Victoria’s Secret, Women’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and Bluebella are some of them.

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If you are looking for wholesale suppliers of underwear, you have come across the right article. The article has mentioned some of the top suppliers of wholesale underwear in Los Angeles. Read through to find out more.

Top 5 suppliers and vendors of wholesale underwear in Los Angeles:

  • Bravo Wholesale
  • Smile Intimates
  • Constant Lingerie
  • Intimate underwear 4 you
  • UniHosiery


1.             Bravo Wholesale

Bravo Wholesale was founded in 1989, the company has been serving the nation with the most comfortable and exquisite underwear at wholesale rates. They have expanded their services to online buying as well to make bulk buying easier for their customers.

Bravo Wholesale has a diverse range of underwear for women. They have created the true meaning of feeling sensual in your own skin through their tantalizing lingerie. They have a whole variety of bras, underpants, panties, sports bras, push-up bras, bodysuits, and a lot more.

They maintain their quality and durability by monitoring every item closely to ensure that their customers are always satisfied with their products and services. Bravo Wholesale is one of the most trusted suppliers of wholesale underwear in Los Angeles.

Contact Details

Call: 212 747 0539

Email: bravolingerie@gmail.com

Address: 1500 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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2.             Smile Intimates

Smile Intimates is a mass wholesaler of women’s lingerie and undergarments. They are based in the US and have been operating in the market for a long time. They specialize in intimate Underwear for women.

They have a vast variety of lingerie stocked in their inventory, from bras, bodysuits, thongs, panties and body stockings. They keep a good quality check and control over their production process and packaging, to maintain their brand image.

Smile Intimates is a family-owned business best known for their wholesale intimate underwear, their underwear is sold and loved all around America

Contact Details

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3.             Constant Lingerie

Constant lingerie was established in 1985. The brand is well known all around the USA for its exceptional underwear. They deal in women’s lingerie, socks, and nightwear. The brand keeps up with the changing fashion trend by updating its inventory with new products every day.

They have a huge collection of underwear ranging from bras, bralettes, panties, baby dolls, shapers, and much more. All their products are guaranteed to be made with top-quality materials and sold at the most reasonable and friendly prices.

Constant lingerie is trusted by retailers and shop owners all around the United States. They have maintained their good name in the market through their product quality and customer care.

Contact Details

Call: 323 314 7568

Email: vickie@constantlingerie.com

Address: 1125 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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4.             Intimate Underwear 4 You

Intimate Underwear 4 You is a wholesale seller of underwear, they specialize in women’s underwear of all ranges, but also have stock for men and kids. They are well known among retailers and shop owners for their top quality and affordable items.

Intimate apparel has a range of underwear items from bras, panties, babydolls, boxers, socks, and body warmers. All their products are made under strict checks and closely monitored during the packaging process.

Intimate Underwear 4 You, is an affordable wholesaler of underwear in Los Angeles, they supply their products all around America at very comfortable rates. They are well known for their exceptional quality and customer care.

Contact Details

Call: 1 323 509 7584

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5.             Uni Hosiery

The brand Uo Hosiery was established in 1982 it began the brand has been manufacturing and importing underwear from around the world. They specialize in underwear, socks, bras, panties, and fashion accessories.

They have been supplying their top-quality supplies to brands like Power Club, Sofra, Knocker, and Mamia.

Uni Hosiery’s prices are extremely friendly and competitive, allowing them to serve the best quality at the best prices possible. With over 30 years of experience, they have gained the trust of the market through their cooperative consumer policies.

Contact Details

Call: 800 433 9991

Address: 1911 Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

Find the link to their page here.



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