This most recent cold front has officially catapulted us into the beautiful, magical time of year otherwise known as sweater weather. With visions of cashmere and fleece dancing in everyone’s heads, let’s take a moment to go over some of the best Wholesale Sweaters Suppliers.

List Of Wholesale Sweaters Suppliers:

  • Erika W Knitwear
  • Cottonprint
  • Nova of London
  • Bulk Vintage Wholesale
  • Vintage Wholesale Company

1.      Erika W Knitwear

ErikaW is a mature woman with a basic and elegant sense of style. The brand strives to provide high-quality items and designs for everyday wear.

ErikaW is based in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and offers a varied choice of contemporary clothes that are smart, casual, and on trend. This provides their clients with products that are influenced by the current market “simplicity” and “minimalism” trends.

The ErikaW collection is created in Italy and features 3D technology, which adds a new depth to knitwear. Explore ErikaW’s cutting-edge collection, which was made using whole-garment knitting.

From start to end, each of their 3D parts is sewn with a single thread, resulting in a flawless finish and unrivaled feel. Stitching eliminates any unneeded interference with knit materials’ natural suppleness. Knitwear that fits you is the result of this.

Customers are invited to contact them regarding “MANUFACTURE TO ORDER,” which means you may have your preferred style, patterns, colors, and even your own logo knitwear from them, in addition to the existing products shown on their website.

Contact Info:

Address: 42 Broughton Street, Manchester, M8 8NN

TEL: +44 (0)161 211 0101

Customer Service: +44 (0)161 509 4188



2.      Cottonprint

Cottonprint has a number of policies in place at its suppliers’ plants, including no child labor. There will be no forced labor or disciplinary measures. There are no migrant workers. There will be no prejudice of any kind.

In conformity with local legislation, fair living wages, acceptable working hours, and overtime compensation are provided.

Associational freedom and collective bargaining rights.

Environmental protection in the area. Careful trash management and consideration for limited resources. Wherever practicable, the policy is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

A working atmosphere that is clean, healthy, and secure.

A social accountability policy as well as an anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy are in place.

Whether you choose to buy your things simple or have them printed or embroidered, you can be confident that you will receive excellent service.

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They are dedicated to conducting business in an ethical manner, adhering to all laws, and behaving in a transparent and socially responsible manner, with the greatest professional standards in mind.

Contact Info:

Address: Stanley House, 15-17 Ladybridge Road, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, SK8 5BL, UK


TEL: 01614941465


3.      Nova of London

Nova of London has been the UK’s leading and importer of ladies’ fashion in the up-and-coming neighborhoods of East London and Manchester since 1981.

They take satisfaction in knowing that, with over 40 years of experience, they can provide you with a one-stop-shop solution; their service, range, and reliability are unrivaled.

Here at Nova, they are skilled in offering outstanding quality, delivered fast to your door or for pickup from their show rooms, and are trusted by a number of high street and independent stores.

They’re the ideal solution for those last-minute trend gaps or range updates to get you through the season, with new lines dropping every day.

The London-based design team creates creative, on-trend, and economical designs in-house. From lovely dresses, skirts, and patterned tops to co-ord sets, sporty clothing, and fashionable knitwear, they provide a wide choice of well created products.

Nova aspires to provide a distinctive style, merging new and wearable designs for all commercial clients, with their design led labels such as QED London, Wild Flower, and Misumi.

Nova of London hopes you have a pleasant online experience exploring their website, and please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Info:

Address: 191-193 Commercial Road London E1 2BT

TEL: +44 (0)20 7790 0811



4.      Bulk Vintage Wholesale

Bulk Vintage Wholesale is the UK’s first vintage clothing wholesaler; our workforce has been selecting vintage clothing since 1997 and works exclusively with some of the world’s largest secondhand clothing factories and charities.

They’ve expanded three distinct warehouses in Hull, where they’re continually importing stock, grading it to guarantee only the best used apparel goes into their sacks, and then dumping it to you.

They can satisfy all of your needs when it comes to sorting your goods, whether you need to buy garments in bulk or you want to handpick apparel for yourself.

If you’re looking to supply your consumers with the best stuff for your fashion store, go no further than BULK. They supply a variety of smaller wholesale organizations as well as some of the industry’s largest retailers as Europe’s largest retro apparel supplier.

You must purchase from the largest if you want the best stock. They’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for wholesale t-shirts or some of the higher-end designer classics like Burberry.

Contact Info:

Address: Unit 2 & 3, 43 Strickland Street, Unit 2, Hull, HU3 4AD

TEL: 01482 458900



5.      Vintage Wholesale Company

The vintage wholesale company takes pride in sourcing and grading the highest quality vintage clothing from all over the world. Vintage wholesale company, located in the north east of England, is the UK’s premier location for quality, used clothing.

All of the vintage clothes in their warehouse were graded to the highest standards, without major holes, tears, or stains. Rather, they all have those unique, vintage characteristics that we all know, love, and desire.

Come pick your own goods and only take what you want. They always offer a huge selection of things to choose from. VINTAGE WHOLESALE COMPANY caters to a wide range of customers. They keep tabs on current events and get bulk delivery every 4 to 6 weeks.

Make an appointment right now. Their minimum purchase amount is £300 including VAT. You can also schedule an appointment for the weekend. Weekend minimum spends are £400 plus VAT (Weekends).

You can explore their buy per kilo sections online or request a full up-to-date kilo list using their “Buy per kilo” option.

Contact Info:



TEL: 01482 216862




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