Sunglasses appear to be so simple: two pieces of tinted glass or plastic held together by a plastic or metal frame.

Is there any way to make something more straightforward?

It turns out that two pieces of glass can do a lot of different things, and these things can have a major impact on you when you wear the lenses.

List of Wholesale Sunglasses Vendors And Suppliers in Australia:

  • Valleywear
  • Bupa Optical
  • Just Sunnies
  • Sunnies
  • Trio Trading

1. Valleywear

Valley Eyewear is a high-end designer eyewear company that focuses on making an impact and empowering women. They push the boundaries when it comes to intricate, contrasting designs that allow you to wear sunglasses with pride and power as one of Australia’s leading designer merchants of Australian sunglasses. 

When it comes to wearing designer clothing, confidence is vital, and their collection of Australian sunglasses is all about selecting the right frames for your style and personality.

Anyone who lives in Australia is aware of the sun’s harsh UV radiation and its impact on bodies, particularly on the eyes. 

Sunglasses aren’t simply a fashion statement; they’re also necessary for eye protection, as UV rays can harm not only your eyelids, but also your cornea, lens, and other components of your eyes. 

Valley Eyewear recognizes the importance of high-quality sunglasses, and they place a premium on premium sunglasses that are well-made and well-designed, not just for their perfect style, but also for their utility and long-term eye protection.

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Email: (

TEL: (+61 755 344 404)


2. Bupa Optical

For both Bupa members and non-members, Bupa Optical strives to provide the best in eye care and eyewear. They are well-positioned to fulfill your optical needs, thanks to their expanding network of outlets spanning a wide section of Australia.

To visit one of our stores, you do not need to be a Bupa member; they accept members of all Australian health funds, as well as consumers who do not have health fund coverage.

The condition of your eyes and your overall health are frequently linked. Their skilled optometrists will provide you with excellent eye treatment, as well as advice, information, and ideas on how to maintain your vision and eyes. 

Their Optical Dispensers are experts in the field of lenses and frames and will provide you advice and recommendations to ensure you have the ideal spectacle lenses and frames for your needs and lifestyle.

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They are pleased to inform you that all Earthshades Sunglasses are environmentally friendly and designed with the environment in mind. They endeavor to give the cleanest products possible by using toxin-free components in this way.

Mazzucchelli Bio-Acetate (produced from organic compounds of wood and cotton pulp fibres), nickle-free white copper, and biodegradable, 100 percent renewable non-toxic Resin are used to make their sunglass frames.

Earthshades frames were designed to allow prescription or blue light filtering lenses to be simply swapped out.

Contact Info:


TEL: 0428 759 853


4. Just Sunnies

Their philosophy at Just Sunnies is simple: deliver the greatest possible products at the best possible pricing while providing the best possible service. It is because of this mindset that their consumers keep coming back.

Their goal has always been to provide a shopping experience that is focused on the consumer. They take pleasure in providing a level of service that sets them apart from their competition, as well as carrying high-quality original items from well-known sunglass companies.

They’ve been proudly owned and operated by Australians since 2007, and they’re headquartered on the Gold Coast in tropical Queensland. 

Just Sunnies has the expertise and information you need to frame your face in style, thanks to a small, close-knit team with over 10 years of experience in the sunglass industry.

Their brand’s DNA is firmly embedded in eye health and protection. Their goal is to not only supply high-quality sunglasses to their consumers, but also to educate Australians about the harmful long-term effects of UV on their eyes and the importance of wearing sunglasses all year.

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5. Sunnies

If you’re a trader looking to buy sunglasses in bulk for a retail store, shop, or stall, they provide wholesale sunglasses in Australia and New Zealand with no minimum order, making it cost-effective and efficient for small businesses.

They only sell non-branded or low-cost branded sunglasses; designer sunglasses are not available.

They also have greater quantities available for businesses wishing to buy in bulk and save even more money.

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6. Trio Trading

They endeavor to give their customers the finest level of customer service possible. That’s why they provide their Platinum Service Guarantee to everyone — a guarantee that if you can’t sell something, you can return it for credit.

They also ensure that you get the greatest customer service and assistance possible when you need it. Your local agent will provide you with personalized product guidance, as well as assistance from their pleasant office personnel and quick online support.

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