Using a high-performance vegan hair care line has a number of advantages.

Regardless of your hair type, there is a vegan shampoo out there for you. And you’ll always find anything acceptable if you have any concerns.

Vegan hair care is also free of animal testing. As a result, no animals were hurt in the production of the product.

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In the ingredients list of vegan hair care, there are no harsh, synthetic chemicals. This is crucial for everyone; our bodies should not be exposed to so many ingredients in the hair products we use.

List of Wholesale Organic & Vegan Hair Products Vendors and Suppliers

  • Aveda
  • Pretty Melanin
  • DE ProHair
  • Organic Hair Care
  • EdgyBeauty Store

1. Aveda

Aveda has always been guided by a planet-first purpose of care since its beginning in 1978. They reached a great milestone a year ago: they became 100 percent vegan for the rest of their lives.

Their revolutionary 100 percent vegan vow underscores their founding belief that their well-being is intrinsically linked to the planet’s, from plant-based hair care to thoughtfully created body care. Creating 100 percent vegan products is a tiny but significant step toward environmental stewardship.

Help them commemorate this milestone by making a resolve to take care of yourself and the planet around you in the new year. They encourage you to join them in supporting #Veganuary*, a global movement promoting veganism, and to be amazed by the positive impact of your choices.

Progress and creativity have characterized their100 percent vegan journey. Aveda chemists have long been charged with creating high-performance hair, body, and beauty products utilizing plant-based components while avoiding a growing list of toxic chemicals.

However, going vegan was a huge step forward in their long history of compassion and inventiveness. 

They’ve never tested on animals and avoided using animal components whenever possible as a cruelty-free brand. Even so, beeswax remained in a tiny number of goods, posing a formulation problem that was skilfully overcome. 

Finding a high-performance substitute was a labor of love, but they are delighted to say that they no longer use beeswax in their products, bringing them closer to their objective of a 100 percent vegan formulation.

Contact Info:

CALL: + (800) 644 4831


2. Pretty Melanin

They are committed to providing you with the highest-quality natural skin care available. Their skin remedy includes organic oils such as lavender oil, olive oil, and others. They’re strong in Vitamin E, and they also include aloe, pure honey, Rosemary extract, and other healthy nutrients.

You get precisely what you pay for because there is no additional water. Everything that is used on this globe was originally placed on it by God. Plants and plant oils were used by our forebears even before soap bars and acne creams were invented.

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3. DE ProHair

So how do they combine this motto to their way of life and more crucially their approach “to hair”? By getting rid of hazardous and undesirable substances. 

DE professional hair care is dedicated to bringing out the healthiest version of your hair with the use of only organic, back-to-nature ingredients.

Giving your hair the life it deserves is the core of their firm, which was created by a professional hairdresser and colorist (not some chemist in a lab coat).

They’re “so delicate you could use it on your face,” as David Ezra, the founder of DE ProHair, would say, and not only as a last choice when there’s no body wash left in the shower; they’re genuinely excellent for your skin!

Contact Info:


Phone: +1.9736287803


4. Organic Hair Care

People pay a lot of attention to what goes ‘into’ their bodies, but for some reason, they don’t pay nearly as much attention to what goes ‘onto’ their bodies. 

By providing safe, effective, and green beauty care, Organic Hair Care creates a harmony between science and nature. They make certain that no dangerous ingredients are used in their products.

Organic Hair Care was designed to help families find safe, natural options for their daily cosmetic needs. By manufacturing and distributing their products in the United States, they are delighted to contribute to the American economy. 

Contact Info:

TEL: 630-701-5064



5. Edgy Beauty Store

What began as a basic notion of selling beauty and makeup items online swiftly grew into a diverse range of products for the face, eyes, lips, makeup kits, and makeup brushes, as well as skincare, haircare, and oral care. 

As they bring more high quality and trusted brands of various cosmetics, they continue to grow.

It is currently their objective to deliver high-quality cosmetics, skincare, and hair care goods in one convenient location on the internet. For cosmetics beginners and pros alike, they have a comprehensive selection of beauty care items.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking a wide range of high-quality products at reasonable costs with quick delivery. 

Edgy Beauty Products is your one-stop shop for all your cosmetics and skincare requirements! Premium brands delivered to you when you need them at great pricing.

Contact Info:

Address: 11923 NE Sumner St STE 853384, Portland, Oregon, United States


TEL: 503-568-1586



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