A lab-grown diamond is prepared in the lab in contrast to mined diamonds. They are grown from tiny seeds of carbon with extreme pressure and heat in a controlled environment.

Lab-grown diamonds are both cost-effective and have a positive impact on the environment in comparison to naturally mined diamonds. Lab diamonds undergo the same processing as mined diamonds do and are graded against the same 4Cs of diamond certification.

As these diamonds are grown in a controlled environment, the processes used for lab-created diamonds are extremely safe and pose no threat to the people working on them. As a result, these diamonds are not only sustainable but are also safe for miners.

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Lab-grown diamonds are almost 50-60% cheaper than mined diamonds, with absolutely no difference in quality and purity. Just imagine a bright, sparkling diamond at practically half the cost!

Below we have mentioned wholesale vendors that offer the highest quality lab-grown diamonds at reasonable rates.

List of wholesale lab-grown diamonds vendors & suppliers:

  • Loose Grown Diamond
  • Classic Grown Diamonds
  • Shira Diamonds
  • 25karats.com
  • Diavo
  • United Gem Ltd.
  • WD Lab Grown Diamonds
  • Hana Diamonds
  • LabGems
  • Stone Lab Diamonds

1. Loose Grown Diamond

Loose Grown Diamond is a subsidiary of RRP Diamond. For over 38 years, they have been trying to save the earth. They believe that diamonds should not cost our planet. Therefore, they proudly manufacture lab-grown diamonds.

Their lab-grown diamonds are 100% conflict-free and are ethically made which makes them recyclable.

Their diamonds are 100% Customizable to size, color, shape, cut, clarity, and carat as per your likings.

Every lab-grown diamond they manufacture is sent to be inspected by institutions like GIA, IGI, and AGS.

Their lab-grown diamonds include solitaire diamonds, melee diamonds, calibrated diamonds, and fancy diamonds.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 646-288-0810

Email: info@loosegrowndiamond.com

Website: https://www.loosegrowndiamond.com/

Address: 15W 47th St., Suite#801, New York, NY-10036, United States.

2. Classic Grown Diamonds

Classic Grown Diamonds specializes in lab-grown diamonds. They create the highest quality, cost-effective, pure, and conflict-free lab-grown diamonds.

Their lab-grown diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes. So whether you are looking for small loose diamonds or large solitaire diamonds, they have the technology and skill for every requirement.

Their lab-grown diamonds are almost 50-60% cheaper than mined ones, with absolutely no difference in purity and quality.

These diamonds are grown in a controlled environment because of which the processes used for lab-created diamonds are extremely safe and pose no threat to the people working on them.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 212 221 3667

Email: sales@classicgrowndiamonds.com

Website: https://www.classicgrowndiamonds.com/

Address: 10West 46th Street, Suite 1703, New York, NY-10036, United States.

3. Shira Diamonds

Shira Diamonds is a lab-grown diamond manufacturer and loose diamond importer. They carry a vast selection of loose diamonds that are certified by GIA and EGL.

All of their diamonds are conflict-free, are ethically made, and cost approximately 40% less than mined diamonds.

They can also customize their lab-grown diamonds in cut, clarity, color, and size based on the needs of their customers.

Contact info:

Tel: 214-466-1776

Website: https://shira-diamonds.com/

Address: 18333 Preston Rd #215, Dallas, TX 75252, United States.

4. 25karats.com

25karats.com takes pride in delivering high-quality lab-grown diamonds at great prices to their customers.

Their extensive selection of lab-grown diamonds is produced by utilizing high pressure, high temperature, and chemical vapor deposition processes. With the minimal carbon footprint, they are the eco-conscious choice without any compromise.

They offer type IIa diamonds that are extremely rare and valuable, and completely free of impurities. Their lab-grown colorless and pink diamonds are all classified as type IIa.

Their lab-grown diamonds are not only certified by an independent grading lab showing 4Cs but are also identical to mined diamonds.

Contact info:

Tel: 1 212-671-1204

Email: service@25karats.com

Website: https://www.25karats.com/

Address: 22 West 48th St. Suite 401, New York, NY 10036, United States.

5. Diavo

Diavo is committed to innovating the diamond industry by creating their lab-grown diamonds, providing their consumers with a sustainable, ethical and affordable alternative.

They ensure that all of their pieces are made with love and utmost care. They provide excellent services to their clients.

Whether you’re interested in buying loose lab-grown diamonds, ready-to-wear bridal and fashion lab-grown diamond jewelry, or designing and building your own jewelry, they got everything covered.

They specialize in manufacturing and supplying princess, emerald, cushion, pear, and oval certified type IIA lab-grown diamonds at wholesale prices, D-K and VVS-SI.

They can customize their production of lab-grown and fancy stone diamonds to suit your needs.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 917-423-5894

Email: info@diavo.us

Website: https://www.diavo.us/

Address: 6 East 45th Street, Suite 1107, New York, NY 10017, United States.

6. United Gem Ltd.

United Gem Ltd. offers wholesale lab-grown diamonds. They provide the diamonds you need because they take the time to know your needs.

They specialize in diamonds exhibiting ideal proportions that maximize the brilliance, light-play, and sparkle that these stones are uniquely capable of exhibiting. 

Their lab-grown diamond selection is as varied as natural diamonds, including the world-best 15-carat diamond. A truly rare offering for you and your customers.

Contact info:

Tel: 312-641-2743

Website: https://www.unitedgem.com/

Address: 29 East Madison Street, Suite 1405, Chicago, IL 60602, United States.

7. WD Lab Grown Diamonds

WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a wholesale lab-grown diamond manufacturer and global leader in high-quality lab-grown diamonds and solutions in advanced materials.

WD is proud to be the first diamond company worldwide to be third-party sustainability rated and to achieve 100% climate neutrality, an honor granted by global standards organization SCS Global Services.

They strive to supply high-quality lab-grown diamonds with integrity, setting a new standard for innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

They can also customize their lab-grown diamonds with targeted cut, color, and size based on your needs.

Contact info:

Tel: (240) 264-1883

Email: info@wdlabgrowndiamonds.com

Website: https://www.wdlabgrowndiamonds.com/

Address: Buckland hills shopping mall, 194 Buckland Hills Dr, Manchester, CT 06042, United States.

8. Hana Diamonds

Hana Diamonds offers wholesale CVD and HPHT lab-grown diamonds. They sell only B to B to retailers, distributors, and jewelry manufacturers all around the globe, who want the best lab-grown diamonds with the highest margins.

Their diamonds come in all shapes such as cushion, emerald, round, oval, princess, pear, radiant, and custom cuts that are hard-to-find, ranging from 1mm – 5 carats in size.

Their lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly, cost approximately 40% less than the mined diamonds, and are guaranteed conflict-free.

Contact info:

Tel: (800) 966-6615

Email: info@hanadiamonds.com

Website: https://www.hanadiamonds.com/

Address: 550 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States.

9. LabGems

LabGems sells timeless lab-grown diamonds and provides the industry a path to a sustainable future. Their craftsmanship introduces a new dimension to luxury goods while maintaining high standards of ethical sourcing.

Their diamonds are grown to perfection and shine brighter than any other. These diamonds are conflict-free, eco-friendly, and cost up to 70% less than mined diamonds.

They only sell type IIa diamonds. These diamonds have no boron or nitrogen impurities and are the purest kind. Their cutting-edge technology assures the stones of the highest quality.

You can select any detail of your diamond from cut to clarity, color, and carats, they are ready to create diamonds as per your requests.

Contact info:

Tel: +32 499 796 426

Email: info@labgems.com

Website: https://www.labgems.com/

Address: LabGems, Hoveniersstraat 2, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium, Eur.

10. Stone Lab Diamonds

Stone Lab Diamonds offers the highest quality lab-grown diamonds that are one of a kind. Their lab-grown diamonds come with exquisite fire and dazzle.

Their diamonds are skillfully cut into various fancy shapes which allow maximum dispersion of light thus making them sizzle with brilliance.

Their lab-grown diamonds are of superior quality, 100% pure, completely conflict-free, and IGI certified.

Their wide collection of lab-grown diamonds is chemically, physically, and optically identical to 100% mined diamonds. They also offer small loose diamonds at the cheapest prices.

Contact info:

Tel: +32 489 80 54 89

Email: sales@stonelabdiamonds.com

Website: https://www.stonelabdiamonds.com/

Address: Pelikaanstraat-62, Diamond Club office Number #415, Antwerp 2018, Belgium, Eur.



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