A jumper is usually a warm piece of clothing worn as an outerwear item, it is usually long sleeves and covers the torso. The piece of clothing is fully closed and does not have an opening. Jumpers are diverse in colors, styles, and materials.

The season for wearing jumpers starts in the fall. However, many fashion fanatics like to wear them in the summer too just to follow the ongoing trends as sweatshirts never go out of fashion and are the most comfortable piece of clothing.

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People are becoming more focused on comfortable clothing and so the trend of wearing jumpers is on a high rise along with a simultaneously rising demand. Brands have introduced a variety of styles and designs including woven jumpers, crocheted jumpers, cotton jumpers, and jersey jumpers.

You have come across the most relatable article if you are looking around for suppliers of wholesale jumpers, the article has listed the top well-known suppliers of wholesale jumpers in Los Angeles, California.

List of manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors of jumpers in Los Angeles, California:

  • Doe and Rae
  • Miracle Sweaters
  • Los Angeles Apparel
  • LA Speedy
  • Wholesale Story
  • ODDI
  • Lane Seven


1.             Doe and Rae

Doe and Rae is a woman focuses brand situated in Los Angeles. They manufacture and wholesale their clothing which they specify as elegant, stylish, sophisticated, and edgy. They are mass clothing manufacturers, manufacturing all kinds of clothing for their precious customers.

Doe and Rae also have a variety of jumpers and sweaters ranging from different colors and styles, they also have a vast collection of hoodies too which are made with top-quality raw materials and go under strict check and control.

They have maintained a brand image in the market, through their exceptional quality products and great service. They supply their clothing to retailers and shop owners all around America at the most affordable, competitive rates.

Contact Details

Call: 323 374 6226

Email: info@doeandrae.com

Address: 2721 S Almeda St, Los Angeles, CA 90058.

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2.             Miracle Sweaters

Miracle sweaters were founded in 2008, and since then they have been manufacturing and wholesaling sweaters all around the United States. They produce a range of women’s sweaters and jumpers with new styles coming in every year.

Their sweaters are made with the perfect material which makes them so soft, comfy, and durable. Their designers pitch in the most trendy new designs which go with the new trends. They maintain the quality standards of their products through strict checks and control.

Miracle sweaters are always open for customer queries and requests, they cater for their customers with respect and gratitude to build a strong relationship with them. Miracle sweaters are a well-known supplier of jumpers in Los Angeles.

Contact Details

Call: (213) 688 1198

Address: 777 East, 10th Street #117, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

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3.             Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles apparel is an innovative brand bringing out new ideas, fashion styles and statements with every collection. They are a producer and wholesaler of clothing situated in Los Angeles. They manufacture a vast category of clothing ranging from men, women, kids and unisex apparel as well.

They have a large collection of jumpers available in all sizes, colours and materials including cotton, slim fit, loose fit and blank. They have a range of options for their customers to choose from. They are a well-known brand of apparel and clothing, which have grown to be known as the best in the market.

Their aesthetically pleasing clothing is loved by people a lot. To make sure their customers are always satisfied they offer fast delivery very and produce great quality products They are one of the largest wholesalers of jumpers and other clothing in Los Angeles.

Contact Details

Call: 213 275 3120

Email: orders@losangelesapparel.net

Address: 1020 E 59th St, Los Angeles, CA 90001.

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4.             LA speedy

LA Speedy is a well-known supplier of basic apparel in the USA. They have a variety of basic clothing including jumpers. They make clothing for men and women in a range of sizes and colours.

They get their products manufactured locally to supervise the manufacturing process, keep quality in check at all times and make sure their customers get the best of all. They also make sure that they are innovative with their designs and that their products are made ethically and fairly.

LA Speedy is a well-known wholesaler treated by a vast majority of American resellers and retailers, because of their outstanding service and quality of products. They can be trusted by small and new business owners for wholesale jumpers and other basic apparel.

Contact Details

Call: 323 233 8067

Email: contact@laspeedy.com

Address:4156 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90037.

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5.             Wholesale Story

Wholesale Story is an online fashion store based in America. The online store is a one-stop store having stock of all fashion goods for women and girls. They provide their wholesale products to retailers and shop owners in the United States.

They have a broad variety of accessories, jewellery, handbags, clothing and jumpers, which they guarantee to be made with top quality materials. Their products are durable and high-quality stuff which go under strict check and control policies of the company before being delivered to the customers.

Their inventory is updated every day with new and got products, they religiously follow the fashion trends to be able to keep up with the market. Wholesale Story is a well-known supplier of fashion goods and jumpers in LA.

Contact Details

Call: 213 819 2063

Address: 1013 S Los Angeles street, 3/F Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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6.             ODDI

ODDI is a women-focused fashion brand located in Los Angeles, California. They are a manufacturer and wholesaler of trendy, classy and colourful clothing. Their fashion is inspired by the bohemian spirit and nature’s freshness.

They proudly call out themselves for making one-of-a-kind fashion pieces for today’s women. Their products are quality maintained and guaranteed to be durable and evergreen. They support the women of today through their empowering fashion sense.

ODDI has a variety of clothing including jumpers for women in a range of colours, materials, and sizes available at the most competitive and friendly oriceanforntheie customers. They only deal with authentic business to keep up their brand image.

Contact Details

Call: (323) 985 6615

Address: 1745 E 42nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90058.

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7.             Good Stuff Apparel

Good Stuff Apparel was founded in 1985, the brand has emerged to be a women fashion clothing brand. The American brand is a wholesaler and manufacturer of top quality women’s clothing, supplying them all around the USA.

They have a variety of jumpers for women in different colours, sizes and materials. Which are sold at the most reasonable and friendly prices possible. Good Stuff Apparel is a customer-focused brand providing exceptional services to their customers

Good Stuff Apparel is a mass wholesaler of Women’s jumpers in Los Angeles, California. Providing exuberant and delicate clothing all around America.

Contact Details

Address: 1737 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

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