From millennial women just starting out in their careers to professional women with disposable income, women are buying everything from rough diamond stud earrings to ancient gemstone jewelry to trademark pieces by recognized brands like Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels for themselves.

The number of self-purchasers in the fine jewelry category has grown to incorporate new demographics in the previous ten years. These women’s willingness to spend money without consulting their spouses or significant others has also increased.

And, let’s face it, women know a lot more about their own styles than the men who buy jewelry for them. What is the most we can have in terms of pave hearts, diamond journey pieces, and other safe jewels?

If the magazine cutouts strewn about the house and helpful counsel from friends and relatives aren’t bringing us the spectacular unusual rose cut opaque diamond dangling earrings, Victorian rings, or serpent pendants we desire, it’s time to go out and buy them.

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List of Wholesale Jewelry Vendors & Suppliers in Chicago:

  • Rose Estate Jewelers
  • Rings by Pristine
  • New Dawn Lab
  • Golden Bell USA


Jqueen began as an offline jewelry manufacturer in 2014. We provided our merchants with a variety of options for personalizing jewelry and presents, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more. 

They planned to provide our fantastic items to more supporters around the world last year, and that’s how Jqueen came to be. Jqueen can make it for you, whether you’re seeking for the most up-to-date jewelry trends for yourself or the ideal personalized present.

They only provide you with the greatest quality jewelry and designs at a cheap price—-less than half the price of competitors.

Professional designers have created the products. Every piece is created using the most popular and up-to-date fashion components of the moment, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

Within 24 hours, orders will be dispatched. They provide both speedy and cost-effective shipping alternatives. Tracking is also available for standard shipment.

Contact Info:


TEL: +1-323-892-0858


2. Rose Estate Jewelers

For over 50 years, one of Chicago’s premier buyers and sellers of fine estate, antique, vintage, and signed jewelry. They’d be delighted to welcome you to the Rose Estate Jewelers family.

Selling your personal jewelry can be a stressful and emotional experience. To guide you through the selling process, you’ll need the help of a reliable jewelry buyer. Only a few jewelers can match their level of skill and financial resources.

There are a few basic actions you can take to ensure you get the most money for your belongings and make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Contact Info:

Address: Five South Wabash, Suite 808, Chicago, IL 60603

Office: (312) 759-1525


3. Rings by Pristine

Rings by Pristine’s founder’s love is designing nature-inspired wedding bands and making inexpensive, one-of-a-kind jewelry for you. “Rings by Pristine ” ring designs allow her, the founder, to express herself by combining two sources of inspiration: nature and jewelry.

Following new wedding band trends for men and women for the past five years. She is thrilled to be able to share these new designs, which were inspired by her passion, with you and your true love to cherish for a lifetime.

With over 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry, she is happy to be able to offer high-quality (ethically friendly) materials matched with the best craftsmanship, all at the best price! Favorite finishes include Whiskey Barrel Wood and Sandblasted Antler Gun Metal Grey.

Contact Info:



4. New Dawn Lab

New dawn diamonds are environmentally and socially beneficial, and can only be recognized in a contemporary gemology laboratory. New Dawn diamonds are cut and polished in the same way that genuine diamonds are.

A diamond may take billions of years to form beneath the soil layers, and extracting diamonds from the deep ground surface requires much too much energy and resources. Not only that, but numerous dangerous substances spill out into the open surface, polluting the environment even more.

The new dawn diamonds are created in a gemology lab, requiring no hazardous mining or vast amounts of energy to produce. The new dawn diamonds require very little energy to produce and do not pollute the environment in the same way that actual diamond mining does.

Furthermore, the new dawn diamonds are more socially advantageous than traditional diamonds.

Contact Info:

TEL: (312) 763-3974

Address: 68 E Madison St, CHICAGO, IL 60602, United States


5. Golden Bell USA

Golden Bell USA offers the most affordable fashion handbags and jewelry on the market. They also sell products to private customers at dealer prices. 

They may sell in big numbers to merchants and boutiques, civic clubs and organizations, and people for personal enjoyment at the same market pricing.

Contact Info:

Tel: 773-334-0982




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