Looking for elegant, beautiful pieces of jewelry for your business? Check out our List of Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in Atlanta.

List of Wholesale Jewelry Vendors & suppliers in Atlanta

  • Robert WAN
  • We Silver Jewelry
  • GND
  • Atlanta Jewelers Supply

1. Robert WAN

Their work would be impossible without regard for nature, and it is without a doubt this love of nature that drew Robert WAN to this profession in the first place.

The farms of Robert WAN are located 5,000 kilometers from the nearest industrial activity, making them unique and protected biodiversities with completely pristine, unpolluted streams.

His lagoons are known for being among the world’s clearest and cleanest. For more than four decades, this is how Robert WAN has been able to manufacture the greatest quality Tahitian pearls.

Robert WAN’s Tahitian pearls are of the highest quality, size, shape, and color, and have never been treated artificially.

Some pearl manufacturers or dealers polish pearls, utilize chemical solutions, change their hue, and heat them in order to boost their market worth, according to Robert WAN.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.robertwan.com/


Yeajewel’s product categories and number of products are growing on a daily basis to stay up with market trends, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the hottest items.

Perhaps your location or consumer base has a distinct requirement. You can browse all of the websites to discover the best product for your requirements.

You could try notifying them about your requirements at that point. They have a distinct supply advantage that can assist you in swiftly locating the perfect product for you.

The cost of a product on a wholesale website is commonly known to include the following factors: product production cost + shipping cost + advertising cost + firm operational amortization cost + profit, with advertising expenditures accounting for more than 30% of the entire cost.

It is expensive to show your products in front of your target client base due to the rise of sponsored advertising.

Yeajewel.com relies on word-of-mouth to gradually build up its customer base rather than competitive advertising bidding.

As a result, they spend very little on advertising, giving them a significant price edge over their competitors.

Contact Info:

E-mail: service@yeajewel.com

Website: https://www.yeajewel.com/

3. We Silver Jewelry

We Silver Jewelry is a well-known brand in the wholesale 925 silver jewelry market. They stay up with the current trends and always supply high-quality jewelry at reasonable costs, all while respecting their consumers and keeping an eye on the market’s expanding demand.

Their company is based in the United States, their factory is in Thailand, and the entire manufacturing chain is well-managed so that you will only receive silver jewelry wholesale products that are not only beautiful but also safe.

They offer the finest sterling silver jewelry, with collections ranging from stud earrings to pendants, rings, and special collections.

Their jewelry is light and exquisite, and it mixes purpose and flair.

All of the things come in a variety of patterns for both adults and youngsters. And, while their site has an endless amount of products that are updated on a daily basis to keep up with current trends, they also accept personalized orders.

They exclusively employ the highest-quality materials, such as 925 sterling silver and Swarovski crystals, as well as pearls and surgical stainless steel, all of which are sourced from conflict-free areas.

This demonstrates their commitment to ethical sourcing. They deliver 925 stamped jewelry to their consumers to ensure the safety of their items.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1-844-277-2712

Email: info@we-silver-jewels.com

Website: https://www.we-silver-jewels.com/

4. GND

GND Gold N Diamonds was started in 1995 with one goal in mind: to provide jewelry shops with a wide range of the finest traditional and on-trend styles at the most competitive pricing.

They’ve had the good fortune of growing their company with the help of partners to become a top producer and wholesaler.

They’ve been a valued provider to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses since the beginning, but as eCommerce has evolved, so have their services. For their online retail partners and brick-and-mortar businesses wishing to start selling online, they provide a world-class dropship program.

Contact Info:

Address: 75 John Portman Blvd NW, Suite #6N315, Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel : 888-577-8117 / 404-577-8117

Website: https://www.gndatlanta.com/

5. Atlanta Jewelers Supply

Since 1998, Atlanta Jewelers Supply has been one of the leading suppliers of Sterling Silver jewelry. They provide Onsite Engraving for all of your special occasions to ensure that they are remembered by you and your loved ones.

Their objective is to deliver the greatest customer service as well as the largest selection and highest quality of jewelry at the most affordable price.

Atlanta Jewelers Supply guarantees the quality of the jewelry they sell and the service they deliver.

Contact Info:

Address: 75 John Portman Blvd. NW, Suite 6-W-373-375A, Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone Number: 404-524-2532

Website: https://atlantajewelerssupply.com/


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