Wigs have been a staple of the beauty industry. Wigs are fantastic to wear since they allow you to experiment with a variety of hairstyles and hair colors without having to change your natural hair. 

Your hair can last a lifetime if you use wigs. You must take proper care of them if you want them to be of high quality for a long period.

Also, check out these wholesale hair vendors in Miami, Florida!

Here are a few vendors from where you can get access to top-notch wigs, laces, and several types of hair accessories.

List of Wholesale Hair Vendors In Chicago:

  • Indique Virgin Hair Extensions
  • Hair Infinity Co
  • LOXX
  • HairDreams

1. Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

They supply 100 percent virgin human hair that is fully natural and of the best quality, thanks to a winning mix of hair experts and stylists with over 30 years of business expertise. Their goal is to give you consistent access to a wide range of unique virgin hair products that are both versatile and long-lasting.

Their most popular line of virgin Indian remy hair, which is 100% natural and unprocessed. Hand-picked pieces of genuine human hair from India’s temples make up this valuable collection.

Indique knows more about the virgin hair industry than anyone else. While other hair extension companies will gladly private label hair, they prefer to source and process their hair ourselves, from root to tip.

They get all of their hair from India and Southeast Asia. When evaluating their virgin hair before using it in one of their top product lines, they adhere to the strictest quality standards.

Their virgin hair is never treated with harsh chemicals, heat, or color additives, ensuring that it remains curly virgin hair. 

You’re receiving the best virgin hair money can buy when you buy Indique Virgin Hair Extensions.

Contact Info:

TEL: 877.556.4247 


Website: https://www.indiquehair.com/

2. Hair Infinity Co

Hair Infinity Co has cutting-edge equipment, cutting-edge technology, and standardized management. It has departments for production, marketing, finance, human resources, research and development, and design.

Pure human hair, hair curtain, hair block, curled hair, headgear, and other products are the company’s major products. Variety of products, great craftsmanship, and high quality! Customers have always been unanimous in their praise. Professional management and technical management personnel are employed by the company. 

There is a scientific management system in place. It is continually emphasizing the importance of quality in one’s life. God’s corporate tenet is the client. It has received unequivocal commendation from the industry and the market based on consumer satisfaction.

Contact Info:

Address: 4403 W. Madison, Chicago, IL 60624


Email: hairinfinityco@gmail.com

Website: https://hairinfinityco.com/


Loxx Hair USA is a market leader in hair extensions, with three generations of experience in the field. They’ve built a name for ourselves by offering a wide range of pre-bonded 100 percent human hair extensions.

Their hair is responsibly obtained and of guaranteed origin. Their extensions can be utilized to give your clients the look they want by adding length, volume, color, or texture. 

They strive to match your salon’s demands and quality expectations with their own factories and flagship store in the heart of Chicago.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.loxxofhair.com/


Your first pick for top-quality human hair extensions at rock-bottom costs is a prominent wholesale online hair extensions factory. Hetto.net customers could get the same hair extensions for less money and get free shipping on all orders. 

Their goal is to make women feel and look beautiful every day.

Hetto.net is a direct-to-customer manufacturer website. Dedicated employees work with factory quality managers to supervise all manufacturing processes for compliance with stringent quality, environmental, and safety standards. 

They have years of experience in hair extension crafts.

Hetto.net offers the best hair products on the market, as well as skilled and knowledgeable expert advice for a relaxing online buying experience.

Hetto.net has years of expertise as a human hair extensions factory, developing and distributing salon-quality 100 percent virgin/Remy human hair extensions.

With years of handicraft experience, 200 employees work alongside quality supervisors to ensure that all production processes adhere to strict quality, environmental, and safety standards.

Contact Info:

Email: service@hetto.net

Website: https://www.hetto.net/

5. HairDreams

You can make all of your clients’ hair dreams come true with their unique QUIKKIES and SECRETS tape extensions.

Their tape extensions are regarded for not only having the highest hair quality, but also for having the most quantity.

They only utilize the highest-quality 100 percent Remy human hair, which they get from carefully selected locations throughout the world while adhering to strict ethical requirements.

The quality of their hair is guaranteed for the entire time it is worn. You may be confident that it will retain its luster and brightness from the first to the last day it is worn.

Contact Info:

Website: https://hairdreamstapes.com


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