Glass beads are made by molding silica, lime, potash, and other minerals into desired shapes and sizes at high temperatures.

They find many applications across different industries but are most commonly used in jewelry and industrial blasting.

Through advanced technology, different types of glass beads are produced, some of which are Ortiz, Rosetta, and Chevron beads.

Jewelers import glass beads from different parts of the world. The best quality glass beads are imported from the Czech Republic.

Jewelry manufacturers that make rings, earrings, pendants, etc., all use glass beads.

Some of the leading wholesalers in the USA are mentioned in this article.

Bead Master

Bead Master was founded in 1990 as a wholesaler and importer of beads in the USA.

They import the best quality glass beads from the Czech Republic, which make most of their inventory.

Along with importing themselves, they also stock beads from other importers to keep all varieties at their store. They ship orders all over the world with free shipping in the USA.

They do not have a selling point and operate from their warehouse in New Jersey.

The varieties of glass beads found at Bead Master are pearls, celebrity crystals, silver foiled, handpainted, and a few others.


Address: 248 E 17th St, Paterson, New Jersey, USA.


BeadWholesaler is an online wholesale selling platform set up by Eagle International Inc., which is a known wholesaler of jewelry-making items such as beads, chains, etc.

They promote products made in the USA, which gives a boost to the local manufacturers in making a strong customer base.

BeadWholesaler has an inventory of more than 10,000 products made from beads and findings.

They have almost 400 different designs made from different types of glass beads available on their online store.

Some of the glass beads available are Topaz, Amethyst, and Aqua AB.

They also offer free shipping in the USA for orders placed online.


Bead Kraft

Located in New York City, Bead Kraft has been one of the largest wholesale suppliers of crafts and jewelry items since 1971.

It provides an array of different beads, findings, and crafts at wholesale prices, directly to its customers.

It also sells tools and materials which are used in making/assembling jewelry.

There are two main categories of glass beads available at Bead Kraft. The fire-polished glass beads and the evil eye glass beads.

These beads are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can also place a customized order through their website.


Address: 146 W. 29th St, #2W NYC, New York, USA.

Beads Direct USA

Beads Direct USA is an online wholesaler of beads and beading accessories located at 5633 Creek Road, Blue Ash, Ohio, USA.

Beads Direct is a well-known supplier of wholesale beads that is trusted by many retailers and online resellers in America.

The collection of beads available at Beads Direct includes the Czech Glass Beads that are traditional designs.

These designs are etched, marbles, luster, and Ab.

Beads Direct offers the best qualities of glass beads from the Czech Republic at wholesale prices.

Discounts are also given on promo codes along with free shipping in the USA.


Beads Factory

Beads Factory is a wholesale jewelry supplier that was established in 1983 in the USA.

It is located at 2100 Northwest 42nd Avenue in Miami, Florida.

At Beads Factory, they have high-quality beads imported from different suppliers from around the world.

There are three types of beads in their collection: glass, crystal, and seed.

More than 30 different types of glass beads are available at the Beads Factory. Some of them are:

  • Matt glass beads
  • Painted glass beads
  • Pearl donuts
  • Color-shaded glass beads

Regular discounts are also held to attract more customers.


JBC Beads

JBC Beads is a famous jewelry brand that specializes in different varieties of beads.

JBC has a unique collection of beads for jewelry retailers, bead stores, and online sellers.

It offers gemstone, glass, pearl, and crystal beads at very affordable prices.

Glass beads at JBC come in different sizes and shapes. The most famous beads sold at JBC are:

  • Aqua Blue round and rectangular beads
  • Amber glass round beads
  • Opalite sea glass beads
  • Yellow Quartz beads
  • Strawberry quartz flat beads
  • Red-orange rectangular glass beads

Visit their online store at:

Address: 1530 Ogden Ave, Downers Grove, Illinois, USA.

Starman Beads

Starman is a wholesaler of beads and beads jewelry specializing in Czech glass beads, Japanese seed beads, and other types of beads in the USA.

Starman manufactures its beads in the Czech Republic and distributes them in the US market through their warehouse located at 96 E Idaho Street Eagle, Idaho, USA.

They do not take orders for small quantities and work solely as wholesalers in the US market.

They offer beads in different colors and shapes. You can also give your design for customized products.

They have a unique collection of glass beads; to view their collection, visit their website at

American Bead Corporation

The American Bead Corporation has been a wholesale supplier of beads and gemstones to US-based jewelry retailers for the last 20 years.

Their products are unique in design and are some of the best in the market.

They offer different colors and shapes in round glass beads. You can customize the thickness of beads while placing your order.

To see their products and order, visit

Address: 115 W 30th Street # 302, NYC, New York, USA.

Bead On Beads

Bead On Beads is one of the largest beads wholesalers in Dallas, Texas.

It is located at 11538 Harry Hines Blvd, STE C1, Dallas, Texas, USA.

It is home to a large collection of beads available at very low prices.

Varieties of glass beads available at Bead On Beads are:

  • Imitation Labradorite
  • Imitation Moonstone
  • Lampwork

To view these products and place an order, go to their website at



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