Beads have become increasingly popular in the fashion and jewelry market. It is all the rage these days!

These beads are used to craft many different things, from necklaces and rings to bracelets and charms.

However, their increased popularity does not guarantee that you will get original and authentic beads from the local markets.

To lay your hands on only the best products, what you need is a reliable and trustful vendor, but scouting one is never easy.

Therefore, we have compiled this list of some of the best wholesale beads suppliers to make your search more convenient.

1. Wholesale Beads Prahran

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Wholesale Beads is here to solve all your jewelry problems.

They offer an extensive collection of beads and other semi-precious jewelry items.

Their glass beads collection includes faceted glass, enameled glass, glass cubes, Czech glass, bugle beads, matt glass beads, Indian glass beads strands, etc.

They also have a wide range of plastic and resin beads which come in many exciting shapes and colors. Their resin rose beads are an absolute specialty.

Additionally, they also provide threading supplies at their store, such as cord, elastic, leather, hemp, neoprene, etc.

Check out their website: Wholesale Beads Prahran.

2. Silicone Beads Australia

Silicone beads Australia is one of the largest suppliers of silicone beads in the country.

They aim to offer their customers the biggest and best range of silicone beads and other accessories of the highest quality.

The variety in silicone beads is huge with round, hexagon, alphabet, abacus, and other exclusive design silicone beads.

They also sell printed silicone beads in various designs that can also be customized with their commercial laser engraving machine.

Bulk discount and value bundles are readily available at Silicone Beads Australia to support business owners.

Check out their website: Silicone Beads Australia – Wholesale Silicone Beads and Teethers.

3. My Beads

Based in Brisbane, My Beads specializes in semi-precious gemstone beads as well as other natural beads.

They offer a fine assortment of freshwater pearls, wooden beads, mother of pearls, and coral beads.

In addition to that, they also provide special handmade glass lampwork beads and ceramic beads, all at wholesale prices.

Customer satisfaction is the store’s number one priority, and they pride themselves on the quality of the products that they offer.

Both their online store and retail store offer an amazing display of their inventory.

Check out their website: Gemstone Beads Specialists since 2003 | My Beads Australia.

4. Australia Beads

If you want to get your hands on some amazing, trendy, and latest beads collection, then Australia Beads is the right place.

Their beads are carefully selected from all around the world and certified to be cadmium, nickel, or lead.

With acrylic beads, wooden beads, glass beads, metal beads, and designer beads, the store caters to everyone’s needs.

Their European-style metal and lampwork beads are ideal for snake charm bracelets.

All of this is available at extremely reasonable rates, and they also go a long mile to ensure that the product reaches its destination safely.

Check out their website: Australia Beads.

5. Bead Supplies Australia

Beads Supplies Australia specializes in the retail of Bohemian Crystals and a large variety of other beading products at wholesale prices.

They deal in an assortment of beads, tools, components, stringing materials, and findings.

Their large selection of beads includes semi-precious gemstones, dichroic, glass crackle, Chinese crystal, lampwork, silver and gold foil, glass pearls, etc.

They also provide beading kits that come with all the relevant components and instructions. They are a complete package for beading projects.

Check out their website: Bead Supplies Australia – quality crystal and beading supplies.

6. Lavabeads Australia

Lava stones are usually in popular demand due to their healing and grounding properties.

Lavabeads Australia brings you a fine collection of high-quality lava beads. They are available in sizes ranging from 4mm to 10mm.

They are widely used in making jewelry, creating handcraft items, and even aromatherapy.

Not only do they offer original lava beads but also in different lovely colors.

They pledge to retail their products at reasonable wholesale prices, and you won’t find lava beads of this quality anywhere else.

Check out their website: Wholesale Lava Beads Australia.

7. All About Beads

All About Beads stocks a large variety of unique and stylish beads manufactured from different materials.

In addition to their fancy glass beads collection, their antique beads collection is especially unique and features amazing designs.

They also boast a wide range of shell beads, foil beads, large hole beads, natural pearls, etc.

Moreover, their ‘$1 clearance sale’ also features some amazing pieces that you can purchase and benefit from.

For personalized insight into their whole range of beads, it is best to visit the All About Beads retail store.

Check out their website: All About Beads – Online Bead Store | Quality Beads.

8. Beads N Crystals

Beads N Crystals should be your go-to store if you are planning to invest in the beads industry. They understand the business and the wholesale part of it down to its core.

They offer wholesale purchasing options to eligible Australian and New Zealand-based businesses.

They feature an extensive collection of several different types of beads, so you will not have to worry about a lack of variety.

They also offer a 12-month guarantee on all their products and free post service on orders above $50.

Check out their website: Beads N Crystals – Brisbane’s Favourite Bead Shop.

9. I Love You Beads Shop

I Love You Beads shop is one of the biggest bead shops in Sydney.

Their warehouse is members-only, so you would have to purchase a membership. The membership brings with it a lot of benefits.

After becoming a member, you can buy anything from their beads collection, which is one of its kind.

Their prices are up to 70% lower than normal retail prices, and their membership fee is also relatively low.

Check out their website: I Love You Bead – The biggest bead shop in Sydney.







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