Up until 1870, the diamond was a pretty rare gemstone that was only found in the riverbeds of India and Brazil.

It wasn’t too late until a mine was discovered in South Africa, which brought diamonds into the mainstream luxury market.

Even today, raw diamonds are sold for quite hefty sums as they hold not only industrial but luxury value too!

For the profitable sale of this famous gemstone, it is imperative that you source your supply from experienced and relatively cheap wholesale vendors.

This Article shall be compiling a list of the most trusted wholesale vendors in South Africa to get diamonds from.

1. First Lady Diamonds:

First Lady Diamonds is one of the top diamond vendors in South Africa, with a lot of customer satisfaction and market reputation in its arsenal.

They have been involved in the diamond business for a long time and have developed a strong source from which they get high-grade diamonds regularly.

Various shapes and diamonds of many origins are available. Especially the Tanzanite diamonds are quite popular.

The Brand deals in raw, rough, cut, and uncut diamonds and have a supply chain around the world which makes them the perfect wholesale vendor to order from.

For more information, check out their site www.firstladydiamonds.com/ to learn more.

2. Olga Jewelry

Olga Jewelry is based in Capetown and sells exquisite stones in various form factors, be it rings, necklaces, or any other piece of jewelry.

They have a comprehensive custom jewelry plan that allows customers to find and design jewelry according to their personal preferences.

Their pricing scheme also manages to get you quality diamonds with huge savings of up to about 40%.

Make sure to pay their page a visit at https://olgajewellery.co.za/ to place your orders.

3. Diamond Corporation South Africa

This company is yet another seasoned expert in the field.

The thing which sets them apart from others is the transparency they have towards their clients and even have a diamond price calculator built into the site so that customers can decide their product style based on their budget.

Diamonds of various clarity levels are available to be ordered.

All custom orders are entertained to the best of their abilities as the site itself lets you answer a series of questions to help you determine your exact order.

All their designs are available for preview at www.diamondcorporation.co.za/, so be sure to give them a look.

4. Daneel Diamond Manufacturers

If you are looking for a hassle-less diamond transaction from one of the finest mines in South Africa, you don’t need to look any longer.

Like other well-known brands, not only are their diamonds worth investing in, but they also have a string of positive customer reviews to aid their resume.

The diamonds and jewelry can be purchased directly by clients from the factory at a competitive price, without the need to involve any third party.

Foreign passport holders can get a Value Added Tax refund upon departure.

Daneel Diamonds can be contacted at their site daneeldiamonds.co.za/diamonds/ for orders and further queries.

5. Cape Diamonds

Cape Diamonds is basically a workshop for handcrafted jewelry that makes and supplies both loose diamonds and diamond-encrusted jewelry.

They advise their clients to read all their diamond info so as to be clear with the pricing and transaction procedures.

Their diamonds are approved by GIA and also by the Jewellery Council of South Africa.

Their site, www.capediamonds.co.za/, is well-developed and regularly updated and has the data of all their collections and pieces.

Give them a call to book an appointment or simply order online. Their customer service is great no matter which mode of communication and business you choose.

6. Diagem

Diagem is a highly environment-conscious brand that also provides a seal of authenticity that its diamonds have been mined in an environmentally and socially conscious manner.

They are even part of organizations like Diamond Dealers Club of SA, as well as the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, thus giving you the peace of mind you need to be working with huge transactions with a company.

To see their products yourself, just click on this link www.diagem.co.za/, and you’ll find yourself appreciating their products and ordering a consignment for your brand in no time!

7. Highland Diamonds (pty) Ltd

Our last pick of the day has to be Highland Diamonds ltd due to their proven record of excellence.

Despite being a relatively new launch in the market, they are making waves every day with their smooth business model.

They are a company of highly intelligent diamond brokers that sell world-standard diamonds at a very affordable rate that is much lower than the normal market price.

However, it needs to be noted that not all their diamonds are from South Africa as they import from other countries too.

They are always available to serve you at www.highlanddiamond.com/ and in-store, whichever you prefer.





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