Diamonds, as we all know, are one of the most luxurious gemstones and have been treasured for their beauty since ancient times.

Diamonds are thought to represent eternal love and commitment. Therefore, they are most widely used in traditional wedding or engagement rings and other fine jewelry.

It costs a lot to source pure diamonds from the market for jewelry because the majority of the diamonds that are mined are not pure enough to be used as gemstones.

Only 20% of the mined diamonds end up as gemstones in high-end jewelry. The remaining 80%, mainly referred to as rough diamonds, are bought by manufacturers for industrial uses spanning different automotive, hardware, and glassware industries.

The demand for diamonds in the jewels industry is very high compared to its supply, making it even more expensive.

This makes it even more challenging for retailers and jewelry manufacturers to obtain high-quality diamonds from reliable wholesalers at a fraction of the cost of the market.

To make your life tough a tad bit easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of wholesale diamond suppliers and vendors who are not only known to provide the highest quality but also exceed expectations in all aspects of sustainability, ethicality, and exceptional customer service.

Bay Area Diamonds

Located at 26 O’Farrell Street, Ste 300, San Francisco, CA 94108, Bay Area Diamonds was founded in 1991 by Amnon Oshri.

They have now become the leading wholesale supplier of raw diamonds and finished diamond jewelry on the west coast.

They have gained a reputation of excellence by supplying the best quality diamonds over the years, and that’s why they are now the top suppliers of loose diamonds not only in San Francisco but all over America.

All diamonds by Bay Area Diamonds are certified by well-known diamond grading labs such as the GIA.

Their products come with a core guarantee of perfection, and all their orders are shipped free of cost, without any shipping charges.

Also, to provide the ultimate customer service, the brand allows you to return your order within 30 days without any questions asked.

What’s best about working with Bay Area Diamonds is that if you’re a supplier, too, you can sell your diamonds to the company at a market-competitive price.

You can book your appointment at their office and discuss their terms for wholesale business.

Contact: 1-415-392-6060


Union Street Jewelers

Union street jewelers is a family-owned business established in the late 90s in San Francisco.

Diamonds by Union Street Jewelers are sourced from their parent store in Los Altos.

They import the best quality diamonds from all around the world for their customers.

Since they source diamonds from a different location where diamonds are cheaper comparatively, their prices are unbeatable.

Therefore, they have one of the largest customer bases of wholesale diamonds in San Francisco.

Union Street Jewelers provide excellent customer services, including free repairs, appraisals, insurance, and financing.

Another great thing about them is that they own one of the most beautiful and unique showrooms of diamonds and jewelry in San Francisco, making dealing with Union Street Jewelers all the more aesthetic.

You can visit their showroom at 1931 Union Street in San Francisco.

You can also request an appointment through their website at

SFD Trading Inc.

SFD trading company is operated by the Raz family, who started this business in 1985 in San Francisco, California.

This company was started by a couple who worked together at the diamond exchange in Israel.

They learned about diamonds from the experts at Ramat Gan in Israel and then came to the US to start their own business.

They are now the leading importers and wholesalers of diamonds in San Francisco.

They aim to build a long-term, trusted relationship with diamond retailers in the city to develop a strong and loyal customer base.

They have a highly expert staff who ensure that attention is given to each detail, resulting in high grading accuracy and the best diamond quality available in town.

As members of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, they ensure that they meet the highest ethical standards in the jewelry industry, compensating fair workers’ wages and ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

To further highlight their authenticity and reliability, they are also in compliance with the US Patriot Act to avoid conflicts in trading stones.

Customers are dealt with in great warmth, and each customer is given personalized attention to satisfy their needs.

Their sales team is available 24/7 to answer any customer queries.

To learn more about diamonds and the types of diamonds they have, visit their website at

San Francisco Diamond Exchange

This company was started by Jesse James in 1972 as a jewelry shop.

Over time, SF Diamond Exchange earned its reputation as the most trusted diamond wholesaler in San Francisco.

They educate each client about everything they need to know throughout an appointment, providing an unmatched level of customer service and care.

They have a one-to-one consultancy approach that helps their clients learn about diamonds and the company’s dealings more closely than any other wholesaler would allow.

They have a solid customer base that is loyal to them due to the premium quality and the wide selection of diamonds available at the company.

Their regular customers are given the advantage of pricing as low as 75% below luxury retail, making them one of the most incentive-driven companies on this list!

Address: 868 Brannan Street #309 San Francisco, CA 94103





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