In this article, we have summarized the best vendors to buy wholesale diamonds from in Toronto and given a summary of what makes each vendor special.

1. Randor jewelers

In 1988 Randy Moss moved from Montreal’s Thomas Jewelry where he had worked since he was 18 years old.

As a certified Gemological Institute of America Gemmologist with an excellent experience as a jeweler already under his belt, Randy looked at the Toronto market as an opportunity and founded Randor Jewelry.

At the time Randor Jewelry supplied gold and diamond jewelry to retailers in southern Ontario and Quebec.

Randy continued his involvement in the Canadian Jewelers Association and established important wholesale communications now resulting in Randor’s incredible value. To meet growing demand, Randy founded Randor Jewelry and opened its doors to the public in 1998.

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Address: 27 Queen St East, Suite 605, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2M6

2. Diamond Exchange. Ca

In 2002, a gold retailer and watchmaker launched the Diamond Exchange and built their first website because they could not find anyone who could build a diamond and engagement ring website for e-com.

Google was founded 4 years earlier, eCommerce was new and good webmasters were very rare. Also, the idea of ​​selling valuable assets (like diamonds) online was beyond the comprehension of web advertisers.

However, the goal of the Diamond Exchange since its inception has been to provide the valued customers with the best quality diamonds in the world, diamonds exactly like the ones anyone can find in high-end retailers like Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co.

Thanks to their online business model, some Canadian companies are unable to compete with their prices and preferences, and in a short time, Diamond Exchange became the largest and most respected online diamond and jewelry company in Canada.

Innovation and disruption in the Canadian Diamond industry has forced thousands of Canadian retailers to also go online to compete with Diamond

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Address: Diamond Exchange Toronto Inc. 161 Bay Street, 27th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5j 2S1.

3. Q Diamonds

Q Diamonds bring the benefits of over 40 years of diamond and wholesale service.

As a business, Q diamonds built long-term relationships based on the highest level of accountability, reliable delivery, forward-looking market demands, and fast and reliable service. It offers the best value of the most precious stones.

Q diamonds bring professional expertise and a personal approach to all clients and tailor each relationship to suit your specific and unique needs.

From being a jewelry store to being a diamond dealer, Q Diamonds takes business seriously. They value service and provide quality to happy customers.



Address: 55 Queen St, East. Suite 1003, Toronto, ON. Canada M5C 1R6

4. Canada Diamonds

In terms of understanding the needs of the customers, Canada Diamonds’ customer service representatives have a very long history of direct sales and can guide the customers in an informed decision.

From their downtown offices in Toronto, Canada Diamond is ready to offer the public diamonds at the best price one can ever get.

A comprehensive assortment of their loose diamonds comes from their suppliers’ centers in Canada, Israel, Belgium, and Russia. All of the diamonds come with a certified appraisal..

The clarity, color, cut and carat weight of each diamond is set by GIA, AGS, and Gem Scan. These certificates are accepted by all Canadian insurance companies

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Address: 55 Queen St. E Suite 504, Toronto Ontario, M5C 1R6

5. PT Diamonds

With over 20 years of industry experience, PTDiamonds places itself among the leaders of wholesale diamonds. They carefully choose diamonds to meet the expectations of conscientious customers.

For many years the standard consistency of the diamonds is maintained – one of the few in Canada specifically designed for small diamonds to achieve the highest grade accuracy. All of their CVD and HPHT diamonds have been tested on the premises.



Address: 55 Queen st. E., Suite 1305, Toronto, ON M5B 1R6

6. EC Diamonds

When it comes to quality, you do not need to look beyond EC Diamonds. Boasting a wide range of diamonds has been the secret to EC Diamonds’ success. This huge supply has ensured that EC Diamonds buys stones at reasonable prices to give them a competitive edge.

Adding access to high-quality diamonds has helped EC Diamonds eliminate the middleman and reduce the general costs associated with a retail store. In 1984, EC Diamonds opened its office in downtown Toronto and has been growing its trusted diamond list ever since.

EC Diamonds’ is a seller of diamonds and colored stones and specialises in custom jewelry.

Their established network of diamond manufacturers has provided EC diamonds with unparalleled access to some of the world’s leading diamonds, including Canadian diamonds with ethical certification.

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Address: 221 Victoria St., Suite 101, Toronto on, M5B 1V4

7. Jonathan Stein

Jonathan Stein is a highly regarded diamond dealer and custom jewelry designer. Diamonds have become a special part of Jonathan’s personal story.

It was at his family factory that Jonathan was trained by his father to participate in all the processes of the process, including cutting, producing, trading, and exporting.

Today, Jonathan Stein is very focused on personalising diamond jewelry and offers his clients a collaborative design process. Jonathan Stein is proud to offer the best quality, ethically available diamonds.

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Address: Jonathan Stein Custom Jewelry Design, 55 Queen St East, Suite #1506, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 1R6



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