Dealing with diamonds can sure be a lot of hassle.

There are so many things to consider before you dive into the business, and any mistake down the road can cost you a whole lot of fortune that may be difficult to recover from.

The immense fluctuation in market prices is just one of the many things that you have to consider before getting into the business.

It starts with looking for the perfect vendor, one whose name is well-reputed and offers a wide range of products, then tracing the reliability of their sources, and at last, receiving the promised quality material.

Someone well-versed in their craft will undoubtedly contribute to elevating your business profile.

So, to ensure that you do not miss your chance at a successful business, we have compiled this list of the best diamond wholesalers in Tampa.

1. Golden Star Diamonds

When purchasing from Golden Star Diamonds, you will not have to worry about the diamond’s beauty and excellence.

A huge collection of loose diamonds ranging from 1 carat to 20+ carats in multiple shapes, sizes, clarities, and colors is among the list of several other things they offer.

Along with offering EGL and GIA-certified diamonds, they also pledge to prioritize their customer satisfaction the most.

Therefore, they will be very flexible in terms of meeting your needs.

Check out their website: Golden Star Diamonds | Wholesale Diamonds.

2. B&D Wholesale Jewelry

B&D Wholesale Jewelers, a thriving business and proud American manufacturer since 1971, aims to sell quality pieces at the best prices.

They boast an extensive range of colored diamonds, including cognac and blue round, certified diamonds, and melee diamonds.

They have something for everyone with intricate designs and cuts.

The store not only hosts beautiful diamonds but other precious gemstones as well, such as white sapphire, amethyst, zircon, aquamarine, emerald, etc.

Check out their website: B&D Wholesale Jewelry.

3. Mavilo

An experience of 26 years in the diamond industry is the reason why Mavilo’s name is at the top whenever there is a mention of diamond experts in Tampa.

They developed the DIAMONDFAX Certification to perform advanced-level screening evaluations not mentioned on GIA Certificates to ensure the premium quality of their end product.

They also have one of the largest GIA Diamond inventories, including natural and lab-grown diamonds, at rates well below the market prices.

Moreover, Mavilo has also transformed the in-store diamond inspection experience by incorporating a state-of-art In-store Virtual Diamond Search Option, which allows for total transparency in your search process.

Check out their website: Mavilo: Jewelry Store Tampa, FL, Diamonds ….

4. Summit Diamond Corporation

Summit diamond corporation, established in 1993, is a well-reputed, competitive force in the wholesale diamond market.

They specialize in large, unique diamonds and have some exquisite pieces resting in their ever-expanding inventory.

They are committed to exceptional client service. Therefore, you will never have to worry about your requirements not being met.

The corporation also works with international and US factories to create high-quality, attractive pieces of diamond jewelry at wholesale prices.

Check out their website: Summit Diamond Corporation – Tampa, Florida.

5. Agape Diamonds

Agape diamonds win in the race of range!

They have everything ranging from simulated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, and lab diamonds to natural diamonds.

Each of their pieces is ethically sourced and is available at an affordable price point.

They also offer fast and free shipping (applicable to the USA), a 30-day return policy on all their products, and absolutely no compromise on the quality.

From trained personnel to guide you through the process to a lifetime warranty on all their products, Agape Diamonds makes sure that your purchasing process is smooth sailing.

Check out their website: Agape Diamonds: Lab Grown Diamonds & Engagement Rings.

6. Kopelman Enterprises

Kopelman enterprises, established in 1985, is a family-owned and operated business.

Having been in the industry for this long, they possess all the necessary experience and contacts to make business fruitful.

High-end goods at reasonable rates along with a promise to serve only the best to their customers, Kopelman Enterprises offers a complete package that should not be missed.

They specialize in large diamonds (1 carat or larger) and large gemstones (precious or semi-precious).

Moreover, you can not only buy and trade but also sell your pieces at Kopelman Enterprises.

Check out their website: Kopelman Enterprises – Jewelry Sales and Buying | St. Petersburg, FL

7. Anthony Louis Limited

The diamond import company prides itself in its refined assortment of loose diamonds and jewelry sourced directly from its manufacturing partners.

To ensure that the end product is conflict-free, the sources are tracked back to their origins for maximum reliability, removing any what-ifs about the legality of the diamonds.

Anthony Louis Limited provides premium quality diamonds at wholesale prices to the general public as well as to manufacturers and retailers.

All the products in their inventory meet or exceed the highest standards and are GIA and EGL certified.

Check out their website: Anthony Louis Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Tampa

8. Arthur Yates and Son Jewelers

Tampa Bay area’s most trusted jeweler for over 75 years brings forth a wide variety to choose from.

Their specialty diamonds are a brilliant mixture of fancy colors and textures that gives the diamonds a unique appearance.

Large and melee diamonds, both lab-grown and natural, are also a part of their extensive inventory.

They also sell beautiful vintage and antique jewelry, as well as diamond and estate jewelry to other dealers and jewelers.

If your required order is not present in-store, they may order it directly from their supplier to fulfill your needs.

Check out their website: Arthur Yates and Son Jewelers – Top Buyers of Gold Jewelry, Silver

9. LC Rings

LC Rings are here to help you make the most out of your money as they pledge to keep the overhead costs to a minimum so that you get the maximum.

In addition to offering a fine collection of diamond rings, they also provide an opportunity to create your piece through their broker program.

Through that program, you can access the store’s supplier directly, who oversees the selection and creation of your design.

The whole process is very transparent with absolutely uncompromised quality of the end piece.

Check out their website: LC Rings



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