In this article, we will be covering 7 wholesale diamond suppliers in the UK. If you are looking for wholesale diamonds. This article would be a great guide.

1. Henig diamonds

Henig diamonds has been operating within the diamond industry for over 30 years and has built popularity due to their knowledge and records of ethical sourcing.

Henig diamonds has placed its customers at the heart of its business. They supply a very expansive collection of GIA licensed and ethically sourced diamonds.

They employ a team of experts to ensure that they always provide the best customer service, support, and products. Henig diamonds strive for perfection in everything they do and they do not plan to stop anywhere.

Their UK office is based in Hatton Garden in London is made up of professionals who work closely with reputable gemological centers and laboratories throughout Europe and America, allowing the most unique and diverse products to be discovered.

+44 (0) 207 404 0146 |


Address: Henig Diamonds, Suite Two First Floor, 63-66 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8LE

2. Celsteel Diamonds

Celsteel is a third-generation company founded in 1952 and has been operating as a family business ever since.

They have traded diamonds all over the world. They are proud to say that there are very few countries in the world that they have not worked in, either as a supplier or as a buyer.

Celsteel diamonds strive to give all of their customers a personal touch that can only be given by a family company.

No matter what your needs are and how impossible it may be for other companies to provide them, their global network will find what their customers want.

They would like to invite everyone to contact them and be a part of their network, as they believe that their businesses can only thrive if they have the right mix of good customers and good suppliers.

020 7831 8504


Address: Suite 212, 100 Hatton Garden, London. EC1N 8NX

3. Diamond Direct Wholesalers

Michael Bakerman is the founder of the famous diamond wholesale shop UK Diamonds Direct Wholesalers. He has an experience of 36 years in the diamond business.

He left school at the age of 15 because he had to take part in the family business and opened his first shop at 21 in the Wayfarers arcade in the Southport town of England.

Michael then made his move to the famous Lord street in 2007 to become a trader at Diamonds Direct Wholesalers.

01704 531048


Address: Diamonds Direct Wholesalers, 435-437 Lord Street, Southport, England.

4. Garrard Jewelers

Garrard Jewelers was founded in 1735 by a silversmith named George Wicks. They are the epitome of modern fashion.

Garrard has a big contribution to the history of the UK and the royal family. They were the first official jewellery maker in the UK.

Understanding the concept and likings of modern women and how Garrard’s value can be seamlessly embedded in their lives is a guiding force in their team of all-women designers.

In the quest for the best, their geologists traveled to every corner of the globe, always honouring Garrard’s commitment to finding the best materials.

Each of Garrard’s creations is made by hand artisans who have learned their craft from their elders and who will pass on these unique skills to the next generation, continuing the legacy of this fine art that has long separated Garrard from the rest.

+44 (0) 20 7529 7605


Address: 24 Albemarle St, London W1S 4HT, United Kingdom

5. Reve Diamonds

Rêve Diamonds is proud to offer an unparalleled level of service.

They eliminate the middle man to give the customer the best prices in the industry, and their professional staff is always there to help with the procurement process.

For premium quality diamonds, amazing design, and bespoke services, no one is better.

In their workshop in downtown London, they create diamond wedding rings, diamond pendants and necklaces, diamond earrings, and bespoke diamond jewellery.

In 2014, Reve diamonds expanded its trading business only so that non-trading customers can take advantage of its services through an online platform.

They stand behind the quality of their products with guarantees. All of their items are covered by a lifetime production warranty, which covers any production issues or problems.

+44 20 7016 9878 |


Address: Reve Diamonds, Berkeley Square House, Mayfair, London.

6. 77 Diamonds

From an online retailer to an established international brand. 77 diamonds’ story is inspired by the shared love of their team for creating the best quality jewellery, providing irrevocable customer care.

At 77 Diamonds, they understand better than anyone how diamond jewellery can hold more significance than any other luxury item.

+44 203 540 1477 |


Address: 77 Diamonds, 2nd Floor, 3 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HD United Kingdom

7. Diamond Dealer Direct

Diamond Dealer Direct established itself as a wholesale diamond dealer in 1972. As a former supplier of polished diamonds in the Birmingham Jewelry Quarter, they grew rapidly and began to offer their services in the international market.

0121 236 1907 |


Address: 43 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.



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