Shopping for clothing is a complex process that includes a wide range of variables. Aesthetics, Comfort, and Recognizability all go hand in hand.

Checking for high-quality apparel is something that many people overlook or are just unaware of. When buying apparel, quality is the most important element because, without it, the clothing is of little worth.

Despite the fact that high-quality clothing typically comes at a higher price, quality is a critical consideration when choosing what to wear.

List of Wholesale Clothing Thailand Vendors And Suppliers

  • Thai Wholesale Clothing
  • Thai Direct Supply
  • Thanulux
  • Thai TSHIRT Factory

1. Thai Wholesale Clothing

Located in the center of the wholesale garments market Pratuman in Bangkok. They are a ladies clothes provider and we custom design garments and clothing brands.

Besides clothes design and apparel manufacture, Thai Wholesale Clothing also may offer other services. 

Based in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok, they assist their customers in sourcing for other fashion products including shoes, packaging, buttons and other clothing accessories.

Often their customers may wish to source for their own textile fabrics so as to create ideas for their custom-produced projects. Thai Wholesale Clothing deals with numerous textile suppliers. Usually, they bring their customers to their textile suppliers to physically see and choose the material needed.

They offer different items sourcing, be it garment-related or other products in and around Bangkok. They are experienced with the textile market in Thailand.

Other services that they offer are garment photography, souring of fashion models for photograph taking, expert photographers, and booking of studios in Bangkok.

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2. Thai Direct Supply

They are an online wholesale clothing company. They provide women’s clothing to companies all around the world, but they specialize in small boutiques and online stores.

Their items are sourced from small manufacturers and factories outside of Bangkok; they are Thai-made, of high quality, fashionable, and unbeatable in terms of price and variety.

You can also contact them if you’d like to work with them to obtain clothes from Thailand or have them created to your specifications. They are able to ship internationally.

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Providing a wide variety of casual fashion attire for a variety of events. Featuring beachwear, tie-dye designs, hippie clothing, yoga apparel, alternative gear, boho fashion, lace, and festival clothing wholesale. 

For more than a decade, they’ve been serving retailers and company owners all over the world with wholesale apparel from Thailand.

A minimum purchase of $1,500 USD is required to place an order with their Wholesale Fashion Store (Excluding shipping). Customers benefit from lower product prices and transportation expenses when wholesale orders are placed at this level.

Your product will be delivered to you overseas by DHL Express/FedEx Express Courier within four to seven days on average. You will always be given a tracking number, allowing you to trace your package all the way to your front door. 

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4. Thanulux

Thailand is the world’s largest producer of clothing. Thanulux is Thailand’s leading ready-to-wear manufacturer, producing men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing.

In addition to designing, they collect raw materials, use cutting-edge technology in manufacturing, and use skilled weavers to transform them into high-quality clothing for domestic and international clientele.

All of Thanulux’s items, from shirts to slacks to suits to jackets to pajamas to handkerchiefs to scarves to swimming wear to athletics to maternity garments to socks are made in-house.

Thanulux has been entrusted with the production of clothing and leather goods for some of the most well-known names in the industry.

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The management of AUSTHAI Garment Company is Australian and Thai. They use a variety of locally and internationally sourced textiles to make their ethical garments. Contact them right now to discuss your unique wardrobe needs.

Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand, is home to their plant, which manufactures garments for the retail sector. In addition, they sell clothing in bulk at a discount.

As a result of their close collaboration with their clients, they are able to create and produce high-quality clothing at an affordable price. Because they are a custom garment maker, they have the ability to accommodate their customers’ unique needs.  

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Their long-term customers have come to appreciate their dedication to service, quality, and reliability. Other clothing manufacturers can’t compete with their ability to produce everything from t-shirts to trousers to skirts to coats for both adults and children.

There are 80 machines and 120 highly trained employees working in their facility. With a production capacity of 500,000 pieces per year, they sell their products to customers in the United States, Australia and Europe, as well as Thai consumers.

Their expatriate management ensures a high level of knowledge and comprehension of the present western fashion world at Come Prima Fashion Garments, which stresses the use of high-quality fabrics, accessories, and workmanship.

Customers can reach them in their native tongues of English, German, and Thai. No matter what their business partners throw at them, they’re ready to take it on.

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7. Thai TSHIRT Factory

Your one-stop shop for screen printing and personalized clothes is Thai Tshirt Factory (TTF). If you are looking for the best customer service and the ability to design your own outfit, go no further than their facilities.

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