This exclusive piece on Wholesale Clothing Pallets Suppliers will help you get in touch with some of the most reliable sellers in town. So, without further ado, let’s get to it. Shall we?

List of Wholesale Clothing Pallets Suppliers:

  • Wholesale Scout
  • Wholesale Clearance UK
  • Marthill International 
  • Merkandi
  • Gem Wholesale

1. Wholesale Scout

Searching through hundreds of web pages for one specific product as a seller, whether online or offline, can be a tedious and sometimes pointless task. Because the greatest wholesale sellers don’t have websites that rank towards the top of search engines, finding the things you need is almost always a wild goose chase.

They have years of experience in the wholesale sourcing sector and a full-time research team dedicated to locating trade suppliers of wholesale products that are in high demand among their members. They will locate the goods for you if it is available at a wholesale price anywhere in the world.

Contact Info:


2. Wholesale Clearance UK

Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd is a British wholesaler that sells to both businesses and the general public. Karl Baxter created the company in 2005.

Individuals and businesses of all sizes can purchase bankrupt and surplus merchandise, as well as end-of-line clearances, at Wholesale Clearance UK. Pallets, homeware, electrical items, apparel, jewelry, shoes, wholesale pallets, and any other things sold in the UK are all examples of wholesale stock.

eBay and internet traders, car boot dealers, market vendors, business owners, and party planners are common customers.

The shortage of wholesalers who could offer lesser quantities of product to the general population inspired the creation of the company. Karl Baxter saw a need in the market for an eBay supplier with the advent of the online auction platform eBay, which allows users to exchange products online.

Contact Info:

Address: Unit N Waterside Estate, 25-27 Willis Way, Poole, Dorset, BH15 3TD 



3. Marthill International 

Marthill is one of the world’s major suppliers of high-street excess and returns. Ex-catalogue surplus and high street, clearance, and customer returned merchandise direct from major catalogues and high street stores are available from this long-established company.

Exporters, wholesalers, retailers, market dealers, auctioneers, car-booters, and eBayers from all over the world rely on them.

Their merchandise comes from high-street and catalog retailers who give them a range of pallets containing customer returns, surplus stock, and clearance lines.

Clothing, hardware, and white goods, audio, furniture, electrical, toys, floor covering, watches and jewelry, footwear, branded sportswear, designer apparel, domestic textiles, and exercise equipment are among the things available on Marthill’s pallets.

Their pallets are one-of-a-kind job lots, with no two pallets the same. Take a look at the whole spectrum to discover what we have to offer.

They can sell their pallets at a fraction of the retail price because of their years of experience and bulk buying power with the leading companies. This implies that their customers, who are successful market traders, car-booters, eBayers, party planners, wholesalers, and exporters, can profit handsomely from the things they sell.

Each pallet is shrink wrapped with care and has its own list detailing the contents of the pallet. The pallet list shows you the price you pay as well as the retail value of the item.

Contact Info:

Address: Marthill, Regent House, Lower Regent Street, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2DJ, United Kingdom


Phone: 0044 (0) 1159 259094


4. Merkandi

Merkandi is paving the way for wholesale trading in the future. Borders, language hurdles, and transaction security are all eliminated. Furthermore, they establish a single location where international wholesale trade becomes straightforward, accessible, and secure.

Merkandi realizes the concept of a single gateway that unites wholesalers and offers from all over the world, boosting market competitiveness and providing access to a greater selection of products while ensuring the capacity to expand into new markets and clients.

Contact Info:

TEL: +44 330 127 9628



5. Gem Wholesale

Gem Wholesale is ideally positioned to offer a wide choice of goods from some of the leading retail and mail order firms in the UK and overseas as one of Europe’s largest dealers in clearance, end of line, and return goods.

They have built up contacts all around the world and receive stock every day of the week after more than 30 years in the industry.

Gem Wholesale was founded in 1977 and became a limited business in 2003. They own all of their inventory, which can be viewed in their warehouse.

Gem Wholesale employees have extensive expertise in international shipping, allowing you to move merchandise quickly.

They take pleasure in offering stock from as many different sources as possible. On a daily basis, they sell a combination of customer return pallets, single line, and clearance goods.

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