Locating trustworthy and high-quality wholesale clothing manufacturers can be a tough nut to crack for most small business owners. Considering the fact that there are ample manufacturers currently operating in the industry.

But worry no more because Fashion Manufacturing brings to you a List of Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in Essex that will wash all your manufacturer-related troubles away!

  • One Direction Clothing LTD
  • Mint Vintage Wholesale
  • Syed Vintage
  • Top Down Trading

1.      CY LONDON

CY LONDON FASHION LTD is a Women’s Clothing Manufacturer and Wholesaler. They have developed wholesale showrooms, boutiques, and online fashion sites in London since its start in 2008. Their astute team collaborates with European designers to offer the most up-to-date fashion to London.

CY LONDON Fashion Company owns and operates a clothing factory in Guangzhou, China. They may custom-make or supply distinctive designs, either under their own brand or your own brand label, based on their more than 20 years of experience.

Always investigating their initial notion of prioritizing style over fashion, and based on their extensive experience, they are able to predict fashion trends and market demands. They put forth a lot of effort to design fashion pieces that are both classic and modern in appearance.

Every designer and team member keeps a close eye on the fabric and finishing quality. They hope you like the meticulous attention to detail seen in each garment, as well as the diverse range of inspiration that characterizes their collections.

CY FASHION COMPANY could process your order in China based on your own design. Good quality and the greatest price for delivery to your door in the United Kingdom. Less stress, greater efficiency, and a lower price. Bring your own design and samples to them, and they’ll handle the rest of the work.

Contact Info:

TEL: 020 3581 8082

Email: cyfashioncompany@gmail.com


Website: https://www.cylondonfashion.com/

2.      One Direction Clothing

One Direction Clothing is thriving in East London and Los Angeles, catering to alternative and retro wholesale customers looking to stand out. Jawbreaker and Voodoo Vixen are two unique brands, each with its own distinctive personality and passionate 200k+ social media following.

Classic Punk, Goth, Victorian, and Steampunk influences inform their creative drawings and edgy prints. Jawbreaker is your new alternative fashion hangout. Tattoo-inspired patterns rub shoulders with subculture-savvy streetwear – not for the faint of heart!

From Victorian Gothic to Punk to Nu-Rave, they’ve got you covered with their latest to-die-for collection. Whether you’re looking for Mens, Womens, or Unisex, add them to your closet to elevate your alternative style.

Their vintage-inspired fashion label specializes on stunning apparel from the 1920s through the 1970s. Voodoo Vixen takes inspiration from these glamorous eras and combines classic retro, pin-up, and rockabilly designs with subtle contemporary styling to create outfits that not only mirror historical elegance but also ooze modern-day glitz.

So whether you’re looking for a boardwalk-worthy jumpsuit, flaring dresses, coats and capes, or that stunning, show-stopping gown, One Direction Clothing is the place to go.

Contact Info:

Address: Silver Stop Inc. 12409 Slauson Ave. Suite D, Whittier, CA. United States – 90606

TEL: +1 562 907 6500

Email: info@onedirectionclothing.com

Website: https://www.onedirectionclothing.com/

3.      Mint Vintage Wholesale

Purchasing and selling antique clothing is better for the environment and minimizes the amount of mass-produced clothing on the market. Consumers and retailers should consider how their actions affect their fellow humans and Mother Earth. Mint Vintage Wholesale is working more than ever on keeping fashion circular.

Mint Vintage Wholesale gives everyone the chance to start their own vintage selling platform.

Buying and selling vintage and secondhand clothing is the morally correct thing to do.

Depending on the brief and budget, stylists, wardrobe, and costume designers can hire from Mint Vintage Wholesale for large productions, volume, and style. Mint Vintage Wholesale is here to support and guide you through your vintage journey.

Contact Info:

Address: Marks Hall Farm, White Roding, CM6 1RT

TEL: 07807 343861

Email: wholesale@mintvintage.co.uk

Website: https://mintvintagewholesale.co.uk/

4.      Syed Vintage

They are a Vintage Wholesale Company established in the United Kingdom. They are the leading provider in the United Kingdom and Europe, with warehouses in London and Manchester. Their adventure began with a passion for antique apparel.

Syed Vintage is a wholesale vintage clothes company that offers a large choice of branded and hand-picked, one-of-a-kind wholesale vintage apparel at affordable pricing. Working with antique fashion is their passion, and they excel at offering detailed customer care.

Syed Vintage Wholesale Clothing was started in London in 2014 by Syed Usman Ali, who has a keen eye for unique vintage clothing. He opened his first office in his garage.

Syed Usman Ali was the creative force behind Syed Vintage wholesale business, the epitome of all things beautiful and traditional with an air of urban divine, where nostalgia, fashion, inspiration, and passion fuse together to create Syed Vintage wholesale business.

Syed Vintage was founded in 2014 on the streets of London, when Syed Usman Ali would sell vintage items from his bags to retailers. From here, it has expanded into one of the greatest unique vintage wholesalers London has to offer at cheap wholesale pricing, stocking all of his products in his house Shed.

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SYED VINTAGE has become a LEADING FORCE GROUP IN THE VINTAGE CLOTHING INDUSTRY as a result of Syed Usman Ali’s devotion and vision.

SYED VINTAGE GROUP now has branches in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Thailand, with headquarters in London and a warehouse of around 40,000 square feet.

Contact Info:

Email: syedvintage@gmail.com

TEL: 01708858337

Website: https://syedvintage.co.uk/

5.      Top Down Trading

With the Great Recession, everything became obvious. Top Down Trading has a manufacturing heritage, but business became difficult in 2008 due to the recession. When the market is in a slump, the producers are usually the first to be hurt, as stores cancel orders and cut back on spending.

As a result of the chain reaction, a large number of stock-lots, over-makes, and cancellations begin to surface on the market. That’s how it all started for them!

They began purchasing large quantities of cancellations and excess fashion products at extremely low costs. Now all they had to do was sell them for a profit! Their approach has been a little different from that of the stock market. They couldn’t use the famed “Buy Low, Sell High” strategy since they had to shift massive amounts of stock.

When large volumes of merchandise arrive on a daily basis, it’s tough to concentrate on selling tiny quantities, which is why Top Down Trading devised their parcel, pallet, and container sale business model. It was unheard of back then, and they were tasked with explaining how it worked to each consumer. However, in recent years, it has become extremely popular on the internet.

Since then, it’s been two decades. They like sourcing and wholesaling high-street fashion/designer brands for affordable costs all around the world, and they will continue to do so! I hope you appreciate it as well.

Contact Info:

TEL: (+44) 0208 8048818

Email: sales@topdowntrading.co.uk

Address: 6 Peerglow Estate, Queensway, Enfield, London, United Kingdom – EN3 4SB

Website: https://www.topdowntrading.co.uk


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