Bangladesh – particularly Dhaka – has recently emerged as the new fashion hub in the Asian continent.

A lot of small business owners from all over the world are now looking to establish ties with a reliable clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh since they provide premium quality material at unbeatable prices.

List of Wholesale Clothing Vendors in Bangladesh:

  • BD Wear
  • Holland Fashion
  • Minmax
  • Stareon Group
  • Westics Limited
  • Garments Stocklots
  • Single Line
  • Siatex
  • 1 and 9 Apparel

1.      BD Wear

BD Wear specializes in men’s and women’s clothes, as well as children’s clothing. T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Jackets, Trousers, and other garment accessories are available.

For their clientele, they assign at least 1000 pieces in every style.

They are one of Bangladesh’s leading export-quality clothes manufacturers and suppliers.

They ensure that the buyer receives the goods requested, which are of excellent quality and at a reasonable price.

Their workforce is putting up a concerted effort to meet their target apparel production.

A team of merchandisers is hard at work, acting as a solid link between the plant and the customers.

T-shirts, plain tees, solid tees, Polo Shirts, Pants, team uniforms, organization or work uniforms, Sweatshirts, school dress, Tank tops, cardigans, pullovers, skirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans pants, gabardine pants, briefs, boxers, Inner Wear & lingerie, swimming suits, jogging suits, nightwears, school dress uniform & undergarments are all available at BD Wear.

BD Wear requests that all potential clients furnish them with as much information as possible, including full specifics, specs sheets, and other details, or the shipment may be delayed.

Contact Info:

Address: Dhaka, BD (Head Office), 1737 Janatabag Rayerbag Dania, Kadumtoly, Dhaka – 1236. Bangladesh
Phone: +88 01914-621630


2.      Holland Fashion

Holland Fashion is a Bangladeshi clothes and garments manufacturer, distributor, trader, and exporter.

They have their own factory and have formed partnerships with other compliance factories that can provide all of the necessary certifications.

If you own a brand or want to start one, and you require customized production, please contact us right away.

Denim pants, twill pants, T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Shirt, Sweat Shirt/Hoodie, Jersey, Leggings, Jennings, Sexy Shorts, Inner Vest, Baby Romper, Jacket, Jumper/Pullover, and so on are all manufactured there.

They promise to offer top-notch quality at unbeatable prices!

Contact Info:


TEL: +4794721392


3.      Minmax

Minmaxst Textile is a Dhaka-based wholesaler and manufacturer with over 9 years of expertise in producing and exporting woven and knitted clothing for men, women, children, and infants all over the world.

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Their talented designers understand the importance of customer happiness and how each design plays a unique function in the market, which is why they pay close attention to detail and strive to meet each client’s needs.

Contact Info:

TEL: +88-01813282105


4.      Stareon Group

Stareon Group is a fast-growing reputable buying house with the ability to give its international customers cost-effective, value-added packages as well as high-quality products delivered on time.

Stareon is dedicated to providing their clients with a new level of quality, delivery, and dependability. They see themselves as collaborators in bringing their customers’ visions of the future to life.

Contact Info:

Address: Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

TEL: +88 01914 161931

Skype: stareongroup



5.      Westics Limited

Westics Limited, based in Bangladesh, is a prominent 100% export-oriented T-shirt manufacturer and wholesale t-shirt supplier.

They offer a complete solution for Bangladesh’s T-shirt sector. T-shirts, graphics t-shirts, plain bulk t-shirts, polo shirts, rugby polo shirts, and more are among their custom-made clothes in the knitwear area.

They are quite popular for men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel.

Contact Info:

Address: 1737 Janatabag Rayerbag Dania, Kadumtoly, Dhaka – 1236. Bangladesh

Phone: +88 01914-621630


6.      Garments Stocklots

Garments Stocklots puts their business philosophy first and never does anything that could have negative implications.

They have highly qualified employees overseeing the entire production process, as well as business class merchandisers.

They guarantee a fair bargain and will dispatch the things before the specified delivery date.

They make certain that their consumers have access to high-quality clothes regardless of the season.

Garments Stocklots maintains the safety and health of its employees by enforcing a uniform code of conduct.

Contact Info:

Address: House # 20&22 (1st floor) Road – 11 Sector # 9, Uttara Dhaka # 1230 Bangladesh

TEL: +880 1977976779



7.      Single Line

Single Line is a high-end clothing brand in Bangladesh that caters to the wholesale market.

They make clothing at their own factory with the goal of maintaining quality and providing products at a reasonable cost.

Recently, they’ve begun collaborating on private labels with a number of international brands.

Contact Info:

Address: House # 25 (6th Floor), Sonargaon Janapath Road, Sector # 12, Uttara Sonargaon Janapath Road Dhaka, Dhaka 1230 Bangladesh


TEL: (880) 01535167867


8.      SIATEX

Siatex is a renowned garment maker, supplier, exporter, and T-shirt manufacturer in Bangladesh, with sales networks in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, and other countries.

They specialize in men’s, women’s, children’s, and infant clothing OEM/ODM. Polo shirts, hoodies, T-shirts, casual clothes, sports uniforms, and much more are among their offerings.

Contact Info:



9. 1 and 9 Apparel

All the relevant authorities have approved 1 & 9 Apparel Creator Ltd as a certified Clothing Manufacturer and Purchasing Agent.

They are a 100% export-oriented readymade garments manufacturer specializing in all varieties of knit, woven, and sweater garments.

Furthermore, they have had an online presence at Alibaba for nearly 5 years, which has been trusted and verified by the Alibaba Group.

Contact Info:

TEL: +8801796643865



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